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Κυριακή, 21 Μαΐου 2017

Chigurh - The Struggle (2017)

Founded in late 2012, Bassist Marco vd Schans and lead guitarist Eddy Persijn joined up to form a band to play the music they always wanted to play!

They started recording songs in Eddy’s attic. In a  surge for a rhythm guitarist they found Rob Tabbers (who later left the band to become a singer in an other band, his spot is now filled by Berry de Klein). After a few monthts an old friend of Marco was asked to join the band, Drummer Arjan van Beurden. And a solid foundation was founded.

After a couple of auditions Friek de Beer raised her voice and the band was complete.
In late 2013 they started recording songs for there first demo. Mid 2014 they completed the mix.
If you are curious what 5 experienced metal musicians can do, than you better listen to this.

Influences of the band members are: Alter Bridge, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Sevendust.

Vocals: Friek de Beer vd Wielen
Lead Guitar: Eddy Persijn
Rhythm Guitar: Berry de Klein
Bass: Marco vd Schans
Drums: Arjan v Beurden

29 April 2017 - Release EP - The Struggle

The Struggle might only be 4 songs but these are four very strong compositions. The excellent musicians, a very strong singer and a tight production, makes this EP a must have. We can't wait for the full album :).

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