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Σάββατο, 20 Μαΐου 2017

Perpetual Rage - Empress Of The Cold Stars (2017)

Release Date: June 16th 2017

Perpetual Rage is a versatile heavy metal band from Kuopio, Finland. The band is formed 2009 and since then they have released couple of demos, an EP
and a debut album "The New Kingdom" which was released in February 2015.

Now it´s time and place for new material, in the form of a new album "Empress Of The Cold Stars"! Their influences comes from 1980´s heavy rock and metal. They are not try to reinvent the wheel, but of course they want to sound like themselves and not their influences.

The band's songs are tales about sci-fi, fantasy, horror and also real life drama.

Perpetual Rage is a heavy metal band from Kuopio, Finland. They play music with energy and attitude because music is a lifestyle for them. Their songs are tales from scifi, fantasy, horror and also a real life melancholy.
The band was founded in Kuopio, Finland at summer 2009 by vocalist Tomi Viiltola (Ex-Dreamtale) , guitarist Petri Hallikainen and drummer Kari Hyvärinen. Bassist was Lauri Koslonen and 2nd guitarist was Oskari Kuokkanen.
With this quintet was released a first demo "Solar Gods" at autumn 2009 and second demo "Edge of Eternity" at summer 2010. In early summer 2010 drummer Kari quit the band for personal reasons and drummer Jake Kokkonen replaced him.

In late autumn 2010 bassist Lauri quit the band for personal reasons and Ari Helin repleced him.
With this quintet was released a demo "lady of steel" at spring 2011.

In september 2011 was the first gig in Kuopio, and since then the band has done gigs around Finland.
At summer 2012 the band released "Aeternus Memoria" EP,  where Pecu Cinnari (Tarot) played the drums as studio session musician.

Early in 2013 drummer Jake quit the band for different reasons and drummer Erkka Närhi replaced him. With this quintet was released first album "The New Kingdom" at spring 2015. Before that, at summer 2014 drummer Erkka quit the band due lack of his time table, and then original drummer Kari Hyvärinen made a great return to drums. Autumn 2014 guitarist Oskari quit the band for focusing on his pop-rock band.

So, the band was in its current shape as a quartet, although however there was a guitarist Henri Strömberg on five gigs at spring 2015 as gig guitarist but they decided to stay in quartet shape as they are nowadays.
"We like to listen and play every kind of music but heavy metal is that thing why we do this metal madness and friendship too. If it depends on us, we will do music in the future too, and also play gigs and tours as much as we can."

Perpetual Rage is:
Tomi Viiltola - Vocals
Ari Helin - Bass & backing vocals
Petri Hallikainen - Guitars
Kari Hyvärinen - Drums

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