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Κυριακή, 28 Μαΐου 2017

Lör - In Forgotten Sleep (2017)

Release: 11 August 2017

Progressive power metal band Lör are pleased to announce that they will release their debut album In Forgotten Sleep on August 11th 2017. The band is highly recommended for fans of Amorphis, Eluveitie and Blind Guardian.

Philadelphia based Lör offers a unique blend of power, folk, and progressive metal.  They have been performing around the region for the last 5 years and are now unveiling their debut album, In Forgotten Sleep on August 11th.  Members of Lör are active in many other acts such as Ashen Waves, Top Hats and Effigies, and Botis. In Forgotten Sleep is just the beginning for Lör, as the band has begun working on their sophomore release.


Lör is:

Peter Hraur - Guitar, Orchestration, Harsh Vocals, Gang Vocals
Tyler Fedeli - Lead Vocals, Gang Vocals
Graham Noel - Bass
Matt Bartlett - Keyboards
Greg Bogart - Drums

Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Peter Hraur
Artwork By Greg Bogart

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