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Κυριακή, 24 Δεκεμβρίου 2017


Aerodyne is what happens when two of the leading local bands in Gothenburg, Sweden, collide head first. Formed back in January 2016, the Scandinavian combo is
now finally ready to bring their powerful hard rock to the world. With heavy riffs and memorable choruses, it's hard to not bang your head and sing along.
Their first EP and music video "Old Flames Die Hard" ( https://youtu.be/mXajKcYa7zA ) was released in June 2016, receiving great feedbacks from rock fans all over
the world. Although the rock scene of Gothenburg is fairly dormant, Aerodyne is in no need for a rest: in early 2017, the band entered the studios to record their full
length album "Breaking Free", while singer Daniel Almqvist took the time to provide some backing vocals in "Kiss Of Judas", song taken from Crazy Lixx latest
acclaimed album "Ruff Justice" (released by Frontiers Records).
Aerodyne are masters in sharing a powerful and dangerous mix of Scandi Glam and Sleaze Rock, driven by a big and unquestionable attitude. "Breaking Free" is
scheduled for release on December 15, 2017 via Street Symphonies Records / Burning Minds Music Group, and features the welcome guest appearance of Danny
Rexon from Crazy Lixx, who provides anthemic backing vocals on the track “Run Away”.
Singer Daniel Almqvist says: "With Breaking Free, we wanted to do something honest. Most new albums I come across tend to be very well produced and slick as
though with no heart in it, so we wanted our album to be the opposite - raw and genuine, as we think rock n’ roll should be all about - and I think we did a pretty good
With visions of world tours and to spread their music to every last rock fan in the world, Aerodyne is here to stay.

Daniel Almqvist: Vocals, Guitar
Timmy Kan: Bass
Johan Bergman: Guitar
Christoffer Almqvist: Drums

01. As Above, So Below
02. Comin' For You
03. Breaking Free
04. Aerodynamic
05. Pedal To The Floor
06. We All Live A Lie
07. Until You're Gone
08. Setting Hell On Fire
09. Run Away
10. Back To Back

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