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Παρασκευή, 15 Δεκεμβρίου 2017

MANIGANCE - Machine Nation (2018)

RELEASE 2 February 2018

MANIGANCE was founded in 2002 and released the album "Angel or demon" the same year. Afterwards six studio albums and a live album have seen the light of day.

On top of that, MANIGANCE has shared live scenes with bands like ADAGIO, FREEDOM CALL, STRATOVARIUS, DRAGONFORCE, ADX, and even THE SCORPIONS at the Olympia (Paris).

MANIGANCE has also participated in numerous festivals in France and abroad (Hellfest, Raismes Fest, PPM Fest, Rockalies, ...).

Rewarded with two "Hard Rock" trophies as the best French band within the melodic power metal genre, MANIGANCE are today considered one of the heavy weights on the French metal scene.

After the release of "Récidive" (2011) which was album of the month in Rock Hard France and received 87/100 from Burnn in Japan, the band released the equally praised album "Volte Face" in 2014 and toured a lot.

MANIGANCE will release their new Album “Machine Nation” worldwide (ex. France) through Mighty Music in February 2018 and will again be on the road in March 2018 for an European tour of 18 dates with MYRATH.

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