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Κυριακή, 3 Δεκεμβρίου 2017

Skycrater - Forests of Shadow (2017)

Skycrater is the artist name of Federico Lucchi. Although Lucchi previously worked with a few bands and eventually tried starting his own one, he ended up recording his compositions mostly alone for different reasons, the prevailing one being his moving to Guangxi, China, to study vocals.

Federico Lucchi was born in Cavalese, Italy, on March 14, 1990. At the age of 8, he moved to Canada with his parents and his two brothers, where he lived 17 years. Both his Italian father and his German mother were music lovers and amateur musicians. Lucchi thus rapidly picked up a passion for music, starting to learn guitar by himself while still a kid. Since the start, he showed a keen interest in composing songs. On his 17th birthday he got an electric guitar from his father and started practicing "garage-band" riffs and composing early rock songs. His "teen stars" like Van Morrison or Mark Knopfler had been passed on to him by his mother, who shared as well the passion for rock in her youth.

Aged 25, Lucchi was accepted at the Guangxi Arts University, located in Nanning, China. He moved there to further study vocal technics with an operatic tenor course. His spare time is shared between guitar practice and song composition.

During September 2016, using his spare time, Lucchi composed, recorded and mixed his first epic/power rock album, "Journey to the Other Land", in less than 3 weeks. The album, which had been rather planned as a "test" by Federico Lucchi who had never worked on metal compositions before, was surprising well received by the public, and got a review shortly after release by the Spanish metal website metalbrothers.es

The next month he started on a new project, putting more efforts into better and more powerful vocals, while keeping a similar guitars-drum-strings music line. He also upgraded his sound by playing a Spector 5-string bass, opposed to Journey to the Other Land's synth bass. The resulting album, Tale of the Frozen Valley, was released on January 1st, after three months of hard labour. Just like its predecessor, the album got a review on the Spanish metal website metalbrothers.es.

From January 2017 to June of the same year, Skycrater focused on a new album, The forges of Ingur, trying again a new recipe and new sound. The album was released on June 1st, featuring darker melodies than previous works, but with a generally slower pace. In its review of the album, the Spanish metal website metalbrothers.es gave a detailed and positive review, mentioning Skycrater's constant progress in vocals and general production quality.

From July 2017 to November of the same year, Skycrater relentlessly worked on his new project, "Forests of Shadow", finally released on November 30th. Using a different and harsher vocal technique, Federico Lucchi gave a more down-to-earth sound to this album, stepping back from complex orchestrations and long progressive intros. He also gave a more aggressive dynamic and quicker pace to the album compared to its predecessor, The Forges of Ingur.

Released November 30th, 2017. All music and lyrics composed by Federico Lucchi. Recorded and mixed at Dolfin Studios, Nanning, Guangxi, China.

A powerful blend of distorted guitars, drums and harsh vocals will lead you into the Forests of Shadow and through the tale of Adelmund and Dedrick the wolf.
The band's 4th metal album brings a fully new dynamic and sound to the band's curriculum.

1. Adelmund's Curse
2. The Black Wolf
3. Where is Your Hand
4. At the Silver Spring
5. The Tree and the Wolf
6. Dedrick's Wrath
7. One Day
8. Sun Will Rise Again
9. Song of Forgiveness
10. Banished into Night
11. Song of Remembrance

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