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Τετάρτη, 2 Μαΐου 2018

INFINITAS - SKYLLA (Single 2018)

Mountains, cows, wild streams and melodic Thrash Metal with female vocals and
violin? More likely a rare combination!
The band INFINITAS, founded by Piri Betschart and Selv Martone in 2009, manages to
reconcile all this skillfully. Mystic-melodies and hard thunder rushes through the Muota
Valley mountains, which already made it onto the same stage as Bloodbound in 2015
and Alestorm and on the stage of the Z7 in Pratteln in 2017. With violin and female
vocals in their luggage, the band breaks up the typical thrash pattern and generates a
completely new image of metal.
For example, the German LEGACY writes:
"With a mixture of heavy metal and folk parts, enriched with a slight thrash and progressive elements... it
becomes clear that INFINITAS attach great importance to variety with their compositions..."

Not only the sound is extraordinary, but also the story. INFINITAS main theme is a self-
invented medieval world in which demons play a central role. Frontwoman Andrea Böll
tells stories about the dark beings of different mythologies in the songs. She skilfully
uses her large, varied vocal range to give the demons their very personal character. This
can be seen, among other things, on the EP "Self-Destruction". But the even more
obvious proof of this extraordinary concept of the Muotathaler Band is the debut album
"CIVITAS INTERITUS". It combines sound and story, creates a deep insight into the
mystical, self-conceived world and involves the listener in the history of the city of
Lunatris, which is completely destroyed by the demons during one night.
The Swiss METAL FACTORY describes the album as follows:
"'CIVITAS INTERITUS' offers ten pieces that invite you to indulge... INFINITAS prove that a clear concept and
the consequent pursuit of one's own musical visions can produce good."
That INFINITAS can not only convince with hard riffs is shown by their first single.

Besides the catchy song "Skylla" the Muotathalers present themselves with an acoustic
version of "Samael" and the pure instrumental song "Leprechaun" also from a gentler,
quite sweeping and multifaceted side. The song "Skylla" tells of the processing of death
and severe depression, which leaves the feeling of being drawn into the depths by a
monster. "Samael" is about the destructive rage and disappointment of the Angel of
Death, who is tempted to take revenge by his suffering. "Leprechaun", however, with its
slightly Irish rhythms and melodies, is about a small, Irish mythical creature - a goblin.
The band is open, creative and varied. Maybe it's the fresh Muotathal mountain air?

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