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Παρασκευή, 24 Αυγούστου 2018

Corpus Delicti - Break Everything (2018)

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Corpus Delicti, formed in 2013 by drummer Simon Bommeli, guitarists Manuel and Jonas Ehrismann and vocalist Sileno Püntener, is a Swiss thrash metal band. Due to difficulties in finding a bass player, Sileno decided to play the bass guitar himself.

What started with jamming and covering songs led to a motivated band with self-composed songs. In winter 2015, there was a first line-up change: Tiziano Iannuzzo replaced Jonas Ehrismann, who had quit playing in the band. After that, first thoughts of publishing an album came to their minds.

First steps were made in 2016, when the band started recording their songs in the studio. Im summer 2017, the recording, mixing and mastering was done. Furthermore, in the same year, Corpus Delicti played their first live shows.

In spring 2018, the time had come: The debut album BREAK EVERYTHING was finally released. First only through the band, some months later also through the label Blood Rite Records, with which the band started working in the same year.


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