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Τρίτη, 14 Αυγούστου 2018

Motör Militia - World in Flames (2018)

The band's third studio album is a bold statement that reflects the revitalized line up's raging ambition!

'World in Flames' captures Motör Militia firing on all cylinders tearing through eight ferocious all new original Thrash Metal anthems!

The album tells the epic tale of evil and destruction through the ages approaching end times.  Leaning heavily on the writings of scripture, history and conspiracy theories as sources of influence and inspiration.

The tale begins with the epic "Zul" depicting the hero of old 'Dhul Qarnayn' waging war on the chaotic evil of Gog and Magog.  "Ascendancy" continues the tale illustrating the building and forging of the wall to separate the world of man from that of the forces of Gog and Magog. The victory users in times of peace and progress for man but it doesn’t last.

We continue the saga with "Illuminate" as sailors end up stranded on a desert island they notice a monastery located on the hill.  As the trees do not appear to bear any fruit in their search for food and shelter they approach the structure only to be lured by the beast they find changed and locked away. The beast known as the “Eye”, the false messiah.  Under its spell they aid in its release.  As the beast escapes it vows to reap havoc on man for locking it up for millennia.

With evil back in the world man has been corrupted and organized groups of agents of evil bind themselves in blood and ritual to their evil ends.  "Altar" envisions these societies’ inaugural rituals that look to serve the Eye in return for worldly fortune and pleasures.  As these secret societies being to reign supreme over worldly affairs of politics and finance "Supremacy" portrays the corrupt in positions of power and influence revealing themselves to the masses in a display of total domination as service to the Eye.

"Fallacy" shows the world falling into oblivion.  With the flood gates open evil is boundless and running amok.  These new heights of evil bring forth the “Heretic Eye” as it rises the False Messiah lays waste to the world of man, enslaving them to do his bidding.

Seemingly without hope of redemption what little is left of man untainted by evil await the resurrection of the true Messiah.  "Reckoning" brings the saga full circle setting up for the final epic battle between good and evil.  Exposing the treacherous devices of the corrupt bringing them to a swift end.


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