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Τρίτη, 19 Μαΐου 2015


The band was formed on 23rd September 2003 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria by Tsvetan Karabov and Pavel Alainov and it was named “Tiramisu”. Until the end of 2006 they played only covers, made club tours and presented the show “TRIBUTE TO WORLD POP/ROCK MUSIC”. At the beginning of 2007 they started making their own music and their first single “Dream” won the “Bulgarian talent of the month” contest on “BG – Radio”. Later that year their second single “My white love” was among the finalists at the international pop – rock contest “Sarandev” in Dobrich. In 2008 they took part in the Eurovision Song Contest with their song “Is It a Sign?” and reached number 5. In 2009 the band was offered a record deal by the American company “Renaissance records” but unfortunately at that time one of the most important band members – Pavel Alainov left the group. The band started a number of changes in the line-up searching for a new sound and style. At the end of 2010 the searching completed. They had a new image, new style – heavy rock and a brand new name – COFEIN. With a little nostalgic sense in 2010 they released the song “So Beautiful” which sounds softer than their new music. The song peaked at number 1 on the “Kamenitza Rock 40” chart on “Z – Rock” radio, and stayed there for six weeks. With the same song the band appeared in the international song competition in Nashville, USA - “ISC 2010”. “So Beautiful” was among the semifinalists.
Since 2011 the band has been working hard on their new songs and they have made their own studio, which helps them develop their new sound. Their first EP "SUPERDANGEROUS" was released on 9.06.2012. Now they're working over their first album.
The band has appeared in many clubs and festivals.

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