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Σάββατο, 23 Μαΐου 2015



The “lieVeil” band was founded in 2010 at the Bulgarian sea-side capital – Varna. In the beginning it was only a musical experiment conducted by two friends – Temelko Temelkov - Tomy (lead guitar) and Alexander Vasilev (drums). These two had met some years ago as a part of a famous Bulgarian band - "Akaga".

When they left this group, Tomy and Alexander had some other ideas of developing their careers but finally their paths crossed and once again discovered that working together is the best way to move forward.

Creating music became serious matter for the group at the middle of the same year when “lieVeil” gradually acquired more definite appearance. This is close to the time when Temelko and Alexander start searching for the best choice for a vocal of the band and this is how they met Georgi Dimov.

Although he was then signing only as an amateur, the unique vocals of Georgi brought the metal sound into the tracks and the solidity of the songs was accomplished also by Konstantin Dobrev (bass).

The music of the band is a complex mixture and a kind of experiment. The songs of lieVeil combine in themselves the feel of trash metal mixed with death vocals but different in meaning and message. The whole idea of lieVeil's music lies at the groundings of hard progressive metal riffs. 

Discography - Instigator LP 2014


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