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Πέμπτη, 21 Μαΐου 2015

Robots And Monsters

Bill Bergmann - bass/backing vocals
Derek Gadino - guitar
Dylan Gadino - vocals
Kevin Powers - drums

Formed in the fall of 2013, North Jersey-based Robots And Monsters have made the most of its relatively new existence, being a featured "Pick of the Week" on VH1's That Metal Show, releasing a powerful album Down to Ash and scoring opening slots for the likes of legendary crossover thrashers DRI and hard rockers Warrior Soul. Formed by childhood friends – former Mucky Pup bassist Bill Bergmann, Derek Gadino (guitar) and his younger brother Dylan Gadino (vocals) – the hardcore-meets-metal trio snagged former Mucky Pup utility player Kevin Powers to pound the drums for live shows shortly after releasing their album.
“We toyed with the idea of me playing and singing at the same time,” Dylan, who played drums on Down to Ash,” says. “But screaming into a mic behind a kit makes for a lame hardcore show. Thankfully Kevin’s a full-fledged member now.”
Since its inception, Robots And Monsters became one of WSOU’s Street Patrol bands, were featured on 95.9 WRAT and their song “Gravel Pusher” was played on That Metal Show star Jim Florentine’s radio show on SiriusXM. “We’re happy with what we’ve accomplished,” Dylan says. “But, really, this is just the start of something great.”

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