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Πέμπτη, 21 Μαΐου 2015

Scottish Widows

All native Staten Islanders, original members Mikey Vee and Carl Rizzo set out in November of 2010 to form a Classic Rock/Progressive Blues Cover band. Through this endeavor, Mike and Carl brought vocalist Steve Visconti and bass player Al Russo into the mix giving Mikes hard charging percussion and Carls solid melodic riffs an even more progressive edge. But playing covers wasn't enough for the Widows as the creative connection between them was overflowing.

So the road to becoming an original band had begun. This was not surprising to fans of the band and was widely well received as the demand for original material was high.

In January of 2014, Eric Suky signed on as frontman of the Widows replacing Visconti on vocals. With the addition of Suky on vocals, the Scottish Widows have crossed their musical threshold adding Eric's hard rock / alternative and even country influences into the blend.

This union has created a rock sound best compared to the likes of Buckcherry, the Black Crowes, Stone Temple Pilot, and the Allman Brothers.This sound gives the Widows the versatility to play for and along side virtually any rock band in our vast music community making for a night of music and entertainment to truly remember.

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