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Σάββατο, 7 Ιανουαρίου 2017

BLACK OAK COUNTY - Black Oak County (2017)

Release: 13 January 2017

The long anticipated self-titled debut album from Black Oak County, featuring an array of songs from the band’s explosive career. Spanning from rock & roll anthems, to hard rock heavy hitters such as the debut single “Mad Dog” - which already has more than 10.000 plays on Spotify, has received massive airplay on the Danish rock radio station MyROCK, and was featured as one of Classic Rock Magazine’s Tracks Of The Week.

Recorded at Hansen Studios, owned by renown producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Pretty Maids), the band teamed up with producer, & engineer, Jonas Haagensen, in order to capture their tour-tested songs and the energy of their energetic live performance onto an album.

They could be the next big thing”- Flick Of The Finger Magazine

Based out of the coastal town of Esbjerg, the Danish hard rock quartet has come far since they started out in the summer of 2012. Within the first couple of years, the band had already played and headlined major festivals throughout Denmark, been the supporting act for the Danish rock-legends D-A-D and gotten their first endorsement through the highly acclaimed guitar and bass effects company, T-Rex Effects.

With full back-up from Mighty Music, the band is finally prepared to share their musical vision with the world. By drawing inspiration from their musical heroes, while combining big, catchy choruses and supermassive, heavy riffs, with plenty of guitar solos, the band combine all these ingredients to brew their very own hard rocking moonshine, that’ll leave any listener with an insatiable thirst for more!

"The guitar work is chunky and Beier’s gruff vocals bring up the bass levels to balance out all that distortion". Fireworks Mag (UK)

1. Someone Else
2. Enough On My Plate
3. The Bogeyman
4. Mad Dog
5. Save Me
6. Rated R For Redneck
7. Laughing With The Crows
8. If You Only Knew
9. Nothing To Say
10. Never Cared

Niels Beier - Guitar & Vocals
Jack Svendsen - Guitar
René Hjelm - Bass
Mike Svendsen – Drums


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