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Mrs. X - He plays Rock ‘n’ Roll (Single 2017)

Mrs. X rocks! “He plays Rock ‘n’ Roll” is officially released!
This lady sure keeps her promises. When singer-songwriter Mrs. X first announced her “pop à la carte“ project, she promised her fans something new from the “à la carte” menu every month throughout 2017. And, Mrs. X is a woman of her word.

One month after the successful release of her newest “pop à la carte” single, “80 Miles Away,” which is blasting its way onto the airwaves, gaining airplay and creating quite a stir in Europe, Africa and North America, her follow up single, “He Plays Rock ‘n’ Roll” is out.

“He plays rock 'n' Roll“ is now available for immediate downloading on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, iGroove and any other global download site. You can also stream it on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and all the other popular streaming platforms.

For “He Plays Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Mrs. X has put the band back together, Sefi Carmel, Jon Hockings, Felix Brüske and Christopher Langer for starters. In fact, over forty musicians from around the world are contributing to Mrs. X’s “pop à la carte” project, to help keep the music coming. Working with such an international team is business as usual for Mrs. X who is quickly becoming a new global symbol of pop music.

The result is a sultry, hard driving classic rock track. That’s right, for “He Plays Rock and Roll” Mrs. X takes a brief excursion beyond her signature “pop à la carte” style for some good ol rock ‘n’ roll. Call it “Rock à la carte” and stand back rock lovers, because this one lives up to its title.

“He Plays Rock ‘n’ Roll” is the heart rending story of a man striving for greatness at the one thing he loves, willing to face all obstacles, even if it means being ostracized by society. It could be the love of art, or science, or business, but in this case it is music, and in spite of all his faults and defects, when he picks up his guitar, all else is forgotten and forgiven, because he sure can play rock ‘n’ roll.

Mrs. X admires people who pursue their dreams. “This song has a special place in my heart,” she says. “I am attracted to people who are honest with themselves and are courageous enough to look inside themselves for encouragement. After all, I, too, am a dreamer in the midst of pursuing my own destiny by living my passion every day.

“But, passion and dedication aren’t enough. I have so many musical artists to thank for their help and unflagging support, beginning as always with Sefi Carmel, the wizard who puts the magic in all my tracks. He and his whole staff at Soundtracks Studio in London are the ones who make the music shine.” Sefi mixed and mastered “He Plays Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

This is an emotion packed song about a man, sung by a woman. Not an easy task. The wildly inventive guitar licks that London sensation Jon Hockings brings are an essential component to the explosive power this song exudes. His guitar riffs get your pulse pounding and your feet dancing.

Mrs. X is grateful to Keith George for meticulously going through every word of the song, helping her refine and polish her lyrics. Also, she sends a big thanks to Oliver Krato for his exquisite cover photography and to Felix Brüske and Cristopher Langer who helped her to record her vocals.

As of today, Mrs. X’s ‘Rock à la carte’ single “He Plays Rock ’n’ Roll” is available for immediate downloading on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, iGroove and any other global download site. You can also stream it on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and all the other popular streaming platforms.

“Come on,” says Mrs. X, “let´s ‘rock à la carte.’” Rock on!

 “Everywhere a stranger, everywhere at home.” No motto could better describe the cosmopolitan singer, songwriter, and producer Mrs. X. With familial roots stretching across the globe, she has ancestors from the Netherlands, the Dominican Republic, and Azerbaijan. However, that is the sum total of what we know of her private life. Her age, real name, and personal details are unknown to all save herself. Even the city she calls home remains an enigma.

 None of this would be possible without living the act 24 hours a day, and she has maintained this level of secrecy since the first days of her career. Ever elusive, she never goes on stage without her gorgeous and intricately designed mask, which you will find on all of her album covers and music videos.

 When she first felt inspired to begin recording music, she turned to “The Circus Princess,” an operetta by Emmerich Kalman. In a world dominated by celebrity, the talented acrobat Mr. X shuns personal fame for love of his act. After donning a black mask one day, he begins wearing the mask during all of his performances to hide his identity, and he never reveals his name or personal history. With his origins safe from the public, he is free to pursue his art.

 Just like her fictional inspiration, Mrs. X finds the mask and her secrecy key to her artistic liberation. Her secretive nature works both ways by allowing her audience to enjoy her music without that private noise.

 Over the years, she has shared a few morsels of her life growing up. We know that she has a solid musical education. She also studied law at a university though we don’t know the name of the university, and during those years, she pursued a second degree, but she has never specified in which field. While pursuing her studies, she discovered her deep love of writing music and performing, and although busy, she began her musical career. At first, she performed as a lead vocalist for several bands, but her career began to shine when she started composing her own songs.

 Mrs. X created her signature style „pop á la carte“ in 2012. Drawing inspiration from her family’s background across multiple continents, she describes pop á la carte as pop mixed with a strong guitar riffs, with a  touch of rock and then seasoned with a slight Caribbean influence, and after years of experimenting and perfecting, she has transformed her new style into a gourmet musical menu.

 Just as she draws inspiration from around the world, she knows no boundaries when choosing her musicians. She loves it, to collaborate with musicians from all over the world. She has worked with producers like Yashar Bakhish from Baku and Carlos Perón, best known as the grounder for the Swiss band Yello.
In her current team are professionals from UK, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Jamaica, USA, Brazil and Azerbaijan. Rounding out the team behind all of the new albums is Sefi Carmel, an award-winning London-based composer, mixing and mastering engineer, producer, and sound designer. Over his long career spanning decades, he has been fortunate enough to work with dozens of A-list musicians and film directors. Mixing music has been one of his life’s great passions for more than 20 years.
So far, he has had the honor and privilege to work with some of the world’s greatest musical icons such as David Bowie, Phil Collins, Michael Bublé, Bruno Mars, and countless others.

It will be hot next year:  three (!) newest albums set to be released in 2017, and all of them continue this tradition of international cooperation. Although she exclusively composed all of the songs featured, musicians from the US, Canada, Jamaica, Azerbaijan, the UK, Israel, Russia, Italy, and Germany all collaborated with her to create the album.
The first single „80 Miles Away“, which previews the first album „Pop á la carte“, was released in November 2016. And from now on Mrs. X will release her music (singles, EPs and albums) every month until 2018.
Stay with Mrs, X, stay tuned, enjoy pop á la carte by Mrs. X!

Social Media: Twitter @MrsXSongwriter
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mrs-X-184214691679084/
Instagram @mrs_x_singer
Website: www.mrs-x.tv
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/he-plays-rock-n-roll-single/id1181874957

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