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Κυριακή, 29 Ιανουαρίου 2017

Starbynary - Divina Commedia Inferno (2017)

Release date: 03 February 2017

"Starbynary" is a project born in September 2012 from an idea by Joe Caggianelli:
after leaving his band (Derdian) he decided to enroll his friend Leo Giraldi, great Guitar Player and composer (from Trieste) and start together a new great musical project!
After few months Luigi Accardo (from Cagliari), talented composer and fantastic keyboard player became part of the family, so the band was almost complete and ready to produce great music!
For the production of the first full lenght (2014), Dark Passenger, the band has collaborated with an appreciated musician: as bass player, the great Mike Lepond, from Symphony X!
The band is very proud of this work and for this collaboration.
In 2015 they start to work on "DIVINA COMMEDIA - Inferno" and during the composition process began working with
Andrea Janko on drums (from Trieste) and Sebastiano Zanotto on bass.
Progressive Power Metal, with varied influences, will be the flag style of Starbynary.

Joe Caggianelli – Vocals
Leo Giraldi – Guitars
Luigi Accardo- Keyboards and Piano
Sebastiano Zanotto – Bass
Andrea Janko – Drums


01 - The Dark Forest (Canto I)
02 - Gate of Hell (Canto III)
03 - In Limbo (Canto IV)
04 - Paolo e Francesca (Canto V)
05 - Medusa and the Angel (Canto IX)
06 - Seventh Circle (Canto XII-XIII-XIV)
07 - Malebolge (Canto XVIII)
08 - Soothsayers (Canto XX)
09 - Ulysse's Journey (Canto XXVI)
10 - The Tower of Hunger (Canto XXXII-XXXIII)
11 - Stars (Canto XXXIV: I Lucifero, II Cosmo, III Finally Ascendant)

Release Date:
FEB 03 rd , 2017
Fall and rise from hell.
Allegory of life where drama and theatricality emphasize the passage of human existence, declaiming defects and sins, pointing up the precariousness but also highlighting the divine greatness and the noble majesty.
Is the Dante's Journey through which you can peer inside the human soul until it was lost into a vortex of emotions!


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