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Πέμπτη, 24 Οκτωβρίου 2013

AC/DC - Back in Black (1980)

Back in Black is the second best-selling album worldwide, behind only Michael Jackson's Thriller. It was very successful around the world, and despite never reaching #1 on the US Billboard 200, it received the 22x multi-platinum distinction, denoting 22 million albums sold, an especially unique distinction. This currently places it sixth in the list of best-selling albums in the US (behind Thriller, Eagles' Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975), Led Zeppelin's Led Zeppelin IV, Pink Floyd's The Wall, and Billy Joel's Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II).
Back in Black stayed on the Billboard chart for 131 weeks, never reaching #1. However, it did reach #1 in Australia and the UK. In April 2010, it re-entered the Billboard charts at #181.
The album has also sold one million or more copies in Canada, Germany and France.The album has sold 50 million copies worldwide.


Side one

1.Hells Bells (Official Video)
2.Shoot to Thrill
3.What Do You Do for Money Honey (Official Video)
4.Given the Dog a Bone
5.Let Me Put My Love Into You (Official Video)

Side two

1.Back in Black (Official Video)
2.You Shook Me All Night Long (Official Video)
3.Have a Drink on Me
4.Shake a Leg
5.Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (Official Video)

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