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The band SUNRISE was founded in Kiev (Ukraine) in 2003, by Konstantin Naumenko and Vitaliy Petrichenko.
   During the time of existence the band took part in a big number of different festivals and concert actions. Among them are Global East Rock Festival 2011 (Kiev, Ukraine; at the same stage with Helloween), Global East Open Air 2010 (Kiev, Ukraine; at the same stage with HammerFall, Moonspell, Sabaton, Sirenia, Haggard, Dark Tranquillity, Bonfire and many others), Chayka Festival 2009 (Kiev, Ukraine; together with Cinema Bizarre, Devildriver, Septicflesh and others), Music Bike Festival 2009 (Uzhgorod, Ukraine; at the same stage with legendary russian band - Aria); Cold Stage 2 Fest 2009 (Kiev, Ukraine), Music Fights Festival 2008 (Kiev, Ukraine. The band has won selection round), RockAutostrada Festival 2008 (Bochnia, Poland. The band has won a third place); Rock Lastivky Festival 2008 (Kiev, Ukraine. The band won a third place and also the vocalist of SUNRISE – Konstantin Naumenko was awarded by victory in a nomination "The best vocalist of evening"); Metal Summer Fest 2007 (Kiev, Ukraine); Metal Time Festival 2007 (Berezan, Ukraine); Chervona Ruta Festival 2006 (Kiev, Ukraine); ProRock Festival 2005(Krolevets, Ukraine); Premyera Festival 2005 (Kherson, Ukraine); RockArea Festival 2005 (Kiev, Ukraine); Music Fest in KPI 2005 (Kiev, Ukraine); Music Island Festival 2005 (Kharkov, Ukraine); Protyag Festival 2005 (Kiev, Ukraine). Also SUNRISE took part in a big number of different performances in Ukrainian clubs.
   On February, 2007, SUNRISE finished recording of its debut album, called "Liberty", which was released by Metalism Records.
   In the autumn, 2009, SUNRISE finished recording of its second album, called "Trust Your Soul". This album was released at 30th January 2010 by Italian label Heart Of Steel Records/Emmeciesse Music Publishing and took many good estimations from the world's musical critics.
   On November, 2009, was released the internet-single "Dreamer Online", which was downloaded by thousands fans all over the world.
   The songs of SUNRISE took rotation on the different radio stations of the world: WFHB (USA); Metallic Underground radio (Austria); Radio Almenara (Spain); Phoenix radio (United Kingdom); Metal Express Radio (Norway); Radio Rocks (Ukraine) and other.
   At present SUNRISE works on the material to the third album, wich becomes a following big step of musical development of the band.

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Bente Smaavik

Mid-Norwegian Rocks first lady releases new single!

        "STILL STRONG" 
          Coming  out may 22. May 2015

Rock singer Bente Smaavik got a new release coming up. There she shows new and exciting aspects of herself, while she further refines her vocal qualities and emerge as an even more complete and mature artist.
The title track from her upcoming album "Still Strong" is released on every digital media in 27 countries. This is a great ballad with melody in focus and major radio potential! She now returns to her roots in the seventies when her career started.
Bente Smaavik’s musical career stretches back to 1978 and the punk band Per Kleppe og Skattesnyterne. After this her career continued in bands like BS on the Rocks, Perfect Crime, Four Jets and Blonde on Blonde. In 1989 the latter band was named “The Artist of Rock in Central Norway” by the newspaper Arbeider-Avisa.
The Trondheim artist Bente has also been singing/working with prominent musicians and bands like Bernie Marsden (ex-Whitesnake), Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow and ex-Deep Purple), TNT and Jan Holberg Project.
Her first solo CD, “Mature” came out in 2004. One of the songs from this CD, “Leaves In The Wind,” was five weeks of the Norwegian musical hit list Norsktoppen.
A compilation CD, “1979-2011″, came in 2012, and clearly documents the range of Bente’s musical career, and also shows how well she masters many genres, although she in her musical soul is definitely a rocker.
The past two years she has been one of two backup singers for TNT where Tony Harnell was back on vocals on the Intuition tour 2014 .
Bente are now recording new songs for a new release. She does this in collaboration with her husband Victor Cito Borge, MasterofPopHits (known as the bass player from bands like TNT, Autopulver and Jack in the Box). Bente has now taken a new and exciting step in her career, because now she herself is writing most of the the lyrics to their songs, while Borge are composing the melodies.
The first single from Bente’s new release was titled “Sweet Summer Feeling” and the other “Meant to be”.The third single was released on her wedding day august 16. – 2014. The song is called “Samklang” (“Bells in harmony”) a duet together with her husband to be, Victor Cito Borge.
Published by H10 Productions and recorded in studio Masterof PopHits.
More about Bente Smaavik and her new release can be found on the website www.bentesmaavik.com.
Musicians on "Still Strong»:
Bass: Victor Borge
Guitar: Erik Hammerø
Keyboard: Espen Storø
Vocals: Bente Smaavik

Melody: Victor Borge / Text: Bente Smaavik

Studio: MasterOfPophits
Manufacturer: Victor Borge
Label: H-10 Production

On the road with a new band from autumn 2015
Autumn 2015 she is ready with new band where she performs songs  from Blonde on Blonde, Perfect Crème and from the upcoming release "Still Strong»

Band members are:
Victor Borge (ex. Jack in The Box, Auto Powder, TNT) - Bass
Willy Bendiksen (ex. Jorn / Blonde on Blonde, Autumn, flax, Road mm) - Percussion
Espen Storø (ex. Circus Maximus, develo. Ao with Jem Godfry Åge Steen Nilsen others) - Keyboard
Tor Talle (Northern Light project, Skyscraper) - develo. including with Joe Lynn Turner, Dennis Frederiksen (Toto), Rob Moratti (Saga), Bruce Gaitsch (Madonna, Chicago, Peter Cetera) - Guitar

Bente Smaavik is one of the headliners at this year's” OctoberRock 2015”


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Band formed in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2004 by three friends with the intention to make an authorial work. 
The band’s name came out from a “SMS” sent out by a friend, on cold Saturday afternoon, which said: “mas que friaca braba”- (Slang for freezing weather). 
Thus, the name Triaca Braba came out – Wagner Krüger (drums); Lincoln Ladeia (guitar) and Thadeu Castro (bass and vocals). 
At the end of 2005, Thadeu Castro left the band, but the two remaining musicians decided to carry the project, adapting Triaca Braba compositions to instrumental versions. 
With the new proposal, the band decided to change the name to just “TRIACA”. 
Combining Hard Rock, Progressive and Heavy Metal, Triaca launches in 2015 its first EP, recorded and produced in the John Armless Project Studio.


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Winter Haven

Mexican Band created by Ivan Rodgon (vocals) in 2009, in which performs Fernando Riccciardulli (from the Argentinian band Azeroth) on bass guitar.
 It has one E.P. called "Harbiger of Decay" which was its first material released in 2009.
 Its L.P. "Godslayer" which includes one song from the E.P., rerecorded "Gallery of decay" as a bonus track; and nine songs based on Brian Holguin´s story with the same name.
 An acoustic E.P. "Arcanes Long Forgotten". Which includes two songs from "Godslayer" album adapted, and one new song which is called "what Remains".


Lotta Lené

Lotta Lené is a singer from Finland. Lotta's musical influences have always been in rock music and hard rock especially. Her own material is AOR rock, where elements from hard rock has been brought to this day with a touch of southern rock and country.

Lotta's writing partner is guitarist Jake Mäkelä with whom she's been working since 2006.

Lotta's debut album "Smoke and Mirrors" was released in April 2015. All the music on the record is by Jake and Lotta. Mixing by Jake and mastering by Steve Corrao from Sage Audio, Nashville, Tennesee.

Live shows will be coming up in summer and august 2015!




The “lieVeil” band was founded in 2010 at the Bulgarian sea-side capital – Varna. In the beginning it was only a musical experiment conducted by two friends – Temelko Temelkov - Tomy (lead guitar) and Alexander Vasilev (drums). These two had met some years ago as a part of a famous Bulgarian band - "Akaga".

When they left this group, Tomy and Alexander had some other ideas of developing their careers but finally their paths crossed and once again discovered that working together is the best way to move forward.

Creating music became serious matter for the group at the middle of the same year when “lieVeil” gradually acquired more definite appearance. This is close to the time when Temelko and Alexander start searching for the best choice for a vocal of the band and this is how they met Georgi Dimov.

Although he was then signing only as an amateur, the unique vocals of Georgi brought the metal sound into the tracks and the solidity of the songs was accomplished also by Konstantin Dobrev (bass).

The music of the band is a complex mixture and a kind of experiment. The songs of lieVeil combine in themselves the feel of trash metal mixed with death vocals but different in meaning and message. The whole idea of lieVeil's music lies at the groundings of hard progressive metal riffs. 

Discography - Instigator LP 2014


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Progressive power-metal band formed in 2002, originally from Mexico City, with influences from bands like Symphony X, Evergrey, Stratovarius, and classical composers such as Niccolo Paganini, Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Liszt, Frederic Chopin, Antonio Vivaldi, among others.
The band name comes from the great master violin favorite of all time Niccolo Paganini: II Cannone Guarnerius violin built by Giuseppe Antonio Guarneri.
The band members have an academic background, come from professional schools of music such as the National Conservatory of Music, INBA and National School of Music, UNAM. In early 2003 they recorded their first demo of the song (Prisionero) and participate in Mordor Fest held at Circo Volador in Mexico City, in the same year involved opening concert Stratovarius in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and that same year they released their first production "Arcanos Abismos". This first production is widely accepted and gets all kinds of compliments on international and national magazines as one of the best power metal albums that year.
The band has had the opportunity to open concerts of bands like Kamelot, Cage, Stratovarius, among others, and has participated in the most important national festivals of the genre.


Amidst the Withering

There is a land where even the grim Norse gods dare not tread (nor anyone of northern heritage for that matter). It is a forsaken wasteland where the summer sun is merciless, and on a particularly humid day, swimming rather than walking becomes the primary mode of locomotion. Here in the mind-numbing doldrums of suburbia, south of Atlanta, Serge Farinas, John Hembree, Cliff Widener and Jason Cartee (rogues of the first order, and musicians of questionable order) decided the only thing better than one musician producing a terrible sound was a group of them doing it together. The brigands settled into this core group in the early 2000’s after much upheaval and rotations of itinerant musicians. The group’s “brilliant idea” was to create a sound incorporating elements from black and doom metal, and also experiment with rhythm and orchestration. About this time they settled on “Amidst the Withering” as their name because creativity was in short supply.
To understand how ridiculous and vain their efforts were, you have to put things in context. Here was a bunch of sweaty metal and goth kids trying to do dark-symphonic metal in the heart of Dixieland, where the top 40 radio has played the same Lynyrd Skynyrd songs for the past 40 years and the past-times of choice include Jim Beam, shooting TVs, and tire bonfires. The line-up at this time was John on drums (later vocals), Serge on guitars (who later tried and failed hard at vocals), Cliff on keyboards, and Jason on bass. Many songs were written and few of them could be described as listenable, yet the band began recording an album in 2004.
However and alas, the band didn’t survive the process. Due to stress, poverty, relationship problems, diverging life paths, and Serge generally being an asshole (stupidity and depression suck, kids. He got better though…) the band fell apart. Serge released the album “Ars Moriendi” in 2005 on the internet and acclaim shortly followed from a couple of people in Norway and maybe one Kenyan. The members went their separate ways to become (dis) functional members of society. Serge became involved with other music projects, but eventually after a long gap, came to work with John again in the late 2000’s (on a completely different project).
Serge and John began working once more on Amidst the Withering around 2010 or 2011. They decided to completely revamp the old material, while also setting aside new material for a follow-up. The re-titled release “The Dying of the Light” (2015) represents many hours of labor and love (and hatred?). Although it has changed much, the music still contains within it the spirit of Jason and Cliff. We are forever indebted for their contributions and for making times a little less miserable.
“Whenever a thing is done for the first time, it releases a little demon.” – Emily Dickinson


Symphonic Destiny

The band “Symphonic Destiny” was formed in 2014 based on the idea of Norbert and Attila, the two musician friend. They wanted to make music and in the process, create something new. Norbert also asked his good friend, Timea to join the group as a singer, and after that he wrote 3 demo songs. The three members decided to take the songs, which were written in the spirit of Symphonic Metal, into the studio. Attila asked his friend, Jozsef to participate in the band and during August and September in 2014, all of them went to the studio. That's how their debut album, "Midnight", was born which tells the story of a fantastic journey and was released in October 2014.

Stone The Martyr

Stone The Martyr is a Melodic Thrash Metal band from the Jersey shore. Formed in 2009, they have been heard thrashing the NJ/Tri-state area ever since. The band's sound can best be described as old school meets modern metal which lends them appeal to a wide range of audiences. Their self-titled EP is a gritty, high-energy work of art with themes of freedom and liberating oneself from various forms of oppression. “INTENSE is the key word here when listening to Stone The Martyr. [Their music] rips right through the core of the listener, yet it leaves us with a craving for more and more.”-Jim Noviello, Musician/ Radio DJ/ Recording and Mastering Engineer
The band's key influences (Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth, etc.) can be heard resonating in every note, yet nobody can deny their uniqueness. “Stone The Martyr takes Thrash Metal and turns it into a symphony.”-Patrick Keenan, Owner of Rat Promotions/ Host and DJ of The Ratclusive
Stone The Martyr kicks off their EP with Corrupting All You Are, a song about contempt for people with a duplicitous nature and transforming one's existence by shedding this negativity from your life. Immediately following is The Sky Will Cry which speaks of feeling trapped by a greater force and seeing death as the only liberation, ultimately finding your own salvation. Up next is Breaking The 7th Seal which paints a picture of what it might be like to traverse the world in an apocalyptic situation. All in all, Stone The Martyr's self-titled EP is a journey through unrelenting darkness with powerful undertones and an in your face look at humanity as a whole.
In a simple manner, we are what heavy metal used to be. Raw, aggressive and technical. We have our roots in classic thrash, but we put a modern spin on it. We think this brings a musicianship not seen in most bands. The members of Stone The Martyr play multiple instruments and many styles of music, but what it comes down to is this: metal is what we enjoy most. Especially because it transcends so many styles and genres. These are our baby steps toward something much bigger. Keep your eyes and ears open and be sure to SEE US LIVE!” - Stone The Martyr

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Gross Reality's inception began in 1991, when Daniel Powell and Jason Wheeler met and bonded over the love of thrash metal. After several line up changes, the classic GROSS REALITY gathering was formed: DANIEL POWELL, JASON WHEELER, ROLAND ARTHUR, and SHAWN McCOY. The band thrashed the Carolinas until 1996, sharing the stage with national acts such as Type 0 Negative, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Bolt Thrower, Unleashed and Confessor. Fast forward to 2009, the new Thrash invasion was starting to gear up. Once again, the fellas answered the call and GROSS REALITY was reborn! This time sharing the stage with National acts: Death Angel, Evile, and Bonded By Blood. In 2013 GROSS REALITY recorded a full length album entitled "OVERTHROW" which has been picked up by DIVEBOMB records and is scheduled for release in May of 2014! New shredder, Taylor Veraldi, has recently joined the mix, replacing classic guitarist Shawn McCoy. We are currently writing new material for the next album... stay tuned and THRASH HARD!!


Scottish Widows

All native Staten Islanders, original members Mikey Vee and Carl Rizzo set out in November of 2010 to form a Classic Rock/Progressive Blues Cover band. Through this endeavor, Mike and Carl brought vocalist Steve Visconti and bass player Al Russo into the mix giving Mikes hard charging percussion and Carls solid melodic riffs an even more progressive edge. But playing covers wasn't enough for the Widows as the creative connection between them was overflowing.

So the road to becoming an original band had begun. This was not surprising to fans of the band and was widely well received as the demand for original material was high.

In January of 2014, Eric Suky signed on as frontman of the Widows replacing Visconti on vocals. With the addition of Suky on vocals, the Scottish Widows have crossed their musical threshold adding Eric's hard rock / alternative and even country influences into the blend.

This union has created a rock sound best compared to the likes of Buckcherry, the Black Crowes, Stone Temple Pilot, and the Allman Brothers.This sound gives the Widows the versatility to play for and along side virtually any rock band in our vast music community making for a night of music and entertainment to truly remember.


Robots And Monsters

Bill Bergmann - bass/backing vocals
Derek Gadino - guitar
Dylan Gadino - vocals
Kevin Powers - drums

Formed in the fall of 2013, North Jersey-based Robots And Monsters have made the most of its relatively new existence, being a featured "Pick of the Week" on VH1's That Metal Show, releasing a powerful album Down to Ash and scoring opening slots for the likes of legendary crossover thrashers DRI and hard rockers Warrior Soul. Formed by childhood friends – former Mucky Pup bassist Bill Bergmann, Derek Gadino (guitar) and his younger brother Dylan Gadino (vocals) – the hardcore-meets-metal trio snagged former Mucky Pup utility player Kevin Powers to pound the drums for live shows shortly after releasing their album.
“We toyed with the idea of me playing and singing at the same time,” Dylan, who played drums on Down to Ash,” says. “But screaming into a mic behind a kit makes for a lame hardcore show. Thankfully Kevin’s a full-fledged member now.”
Since its inception, Robots And Monsters became one of WSOU’s Street Patrol bands, were featured on 95.9 WRAT and their song “Gravel Pusher” was played on That Metal Show star Jim Florentine’s radio show on SiriusXM. “We’re happy with what we’ve accomplished,” Dylan says. “But, really, this is just the start of something great.”

My Funeral

My Funeral is 90's influenced old school thrash metal band from Finland. 

Violence Academy (2015) 
Thrash Destruction (2013) 
Carnal Obduction (2010)



ATUMZ EVE combines the collective influences of it's founding members to create straight ahead  modern metal  that pushes, punches and kicks listeners into submission with groove and intensity!
Having written and performed music on and off together for many years, Scott Jeffery and Gord Johnson were brought out of a years long hiatus and found new inspiration when writing the song "Let the Devil Out" for a horror movie called "The Evil in Us", set to be released in summer of 2015.
More than ever, Gord and Scott are excited to pick up where they left off and continue writing the music they love.
Currently Atumz Eve is taking it one song at a time. Having adopted a new writing process and working with a variety of contributing artists has opened up the possibilities and the range of music the band can explore. Focusing primarily on the writing and recording process with a more mature and patient  outlook has helped Atumz Eve achieve a level it long strived for sonically.
Current Members:
Scott Jeffery - Drums/ Keys
Gord Johnson - Guitars/ Bass
Contributing Artists:
Wes Deleeuw - Vocals (Let The Devil Out)

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Iron Kingdom

A Traditional Heavy Metal band from Surrey, B.C. Canada bringing back the classic sounds of 70s and 80s Metal. Inspired by groups such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian, The Scorpions,and Rush. This group was re-formed in 2011 by Chris Osterman, along with Amanda Osterman and Leighton Holmes. Chris brings star power and is an exhilarating guitarist with a wide vocal range that leaves audiences wanting more. Amanda (Chris' sister) has been classically trained, laying the refined beat that sets the dynamic foundation for the group. Bass guitarist Leighton Holmes brings poetically dark lyrics and classic finger style playing that adds to the tight rhythm section. In the fall of 2011 Kenny Kroecher joined the group adding the excitement of duel lead guitars and intricate guitar rhythms that compliment Chris' guitar style. Their debut album 'Curse Of The Voodoo Queen' was released December 14, 2011. Iron Kingdom quickly went back into the studio to record their 2nd full length album titled 'Gates of Eternity' which was released on April 26th 2013. IK went on to tour Canada, USA, and Europe in support of their first two albums, and now are back in the studio recording their third full length album! (To be released July 30th / 2015)
IRON KINGDOM has electrifying stage presence, intricate musical melodies, and the ability to bring back the classic sounds of Traditional Heavy Metal.

Vertex of the Hybrid

Japanese melodic speed metal band Vertex of the Hybrid formed in 2008


First Ep [Coexistence] released

TAKA(Vo) leave the band
New Keyboardist AOI join in December

New vocalist join in December

Current members



It's september, 2010. Stela Atanasova has an idea of a project for band that would play symphonic and melodic metal with opera vocals. The idea combines sounds of female opera vocals, keyboards, electric viola and lots of power in the sound of drums, electric guitar and bass. Guitarist Velislav Uzunov join the band. Emo Arsov join as the drummer, Konstantin Uzunov join as the bass player and Angel Kitanov join the band as the keyboard player.In 2013 Velislav Uzunov is replaced by guitaris Boyan Boyadjiev. In 2014 Boyan Boiadjiev is replaced by Grigor Kostadinov.
The band become its real concert life in 2011 in lots of concerts and live shows in Bulgaria. The most important live concerts of the band are: Rock Fest in Slivniza 2011; The Fest Rock 2 Night in Route 80 2012; The Fest Rock Revival Cherven Briag  2012; International Motorfest „Night Wolves“  2012 and 2013; The Rock Fest  Berkstock 2012;  Live show in Kiustendil  - summer of 2013;  The Power of Rock 3  2013; Polinero Rock Fest 2014; Live show with the croatian band  AngelSeed - Sofia  2014 .
In the begining of 2015 Metalwings performs its first official video to the song "Crying of the Sun" with an awesome concert in the biggest club in Sofia - Joy Station.

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman, a stoner band from Rijeka/ Croatia, presented their instrumental outbursts at many stages with excellent critique of the audience. Their trippy flair, fierce stocks and noise requires more than just listening to music and calls for deep relaxation of the mind with the occasional explosion of emotion. A mixture of music they create can be compared to Tarantino films where Kyuss, Sabbath, Tool, and some old school blues soundtrack crushes small speakers. Their performance proves that they can skillfully squeeze into any genre of music and still continue to emerge as a distinct band with one identity willing to snag all stoner fans with snap desert storm named Uma Thurman. Hoping to reach the magic as Tarantinos movie muse does, guys expel their first album simply titled as the name of the band. Like fighting a silent movie with modern times, the band has tackled the criticism vocal loving fans and still fought for its place in the world of music without vocals.
Without any waiting Uma jumps on stage to present their cub and overwhelms the audience with the good old heavy stoner rock like Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Orange Goblin, and various stoner bands that are just starting to shine with its full vigor. Songs like Stoner Ride, Grassoline and Cactussscream create a special fervor among listeners sending them straight to escape from reality and into the imagination of desert nothingness under the strong sun, loud riffs and melodie breeze of stoner rock.
As in all Tarantino's movies Uma did not end with the action. She grabs for more with another album named „I am The High Fucking Priestess“.
In a fiercer tone album was acclaimed by listeners where songs Vagiant, I am the high fucking priestess, Curses! and Heavy Feet are already espoused as loud and greasy hits of the album. With this new album it is clear that the final fight is not yet on the horizon and that Uma has many aces up her sleeve in order to setisfy her beloved stoned fans


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The band was formed on 23rd September 2003 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria by Tsvetan Karabov and Pavel Alainov and it was named “Tiramisu”. Until the end of 2006 they played only covers, made club tours and presented the show “TRIBUTE TO WORLD POP/ROCK MUSIC”. At the beginning of 2007 they started making their own music and their first single “Dream” won the “Bulgarian talent of the month” contest on “BG – Radio”. Later that year their second single “My white love” was among the finalists at the international pop – rock contest “Sarandev” in Dobrich. In 2008 they took part in the Eurovision Song Contest with their song “Is It a Sign?” and reached number 5. In 2009 the band was offered a record deal by the American company “Renaissance records” but unfortunately at that time one of the most important band members – Pavel Alainov left the group. The band started a number of changes in the line-up searching for a new sound and style. At the end of 2010 the searching completed. They had a new image, new style – heavy rock and a brand new name – COFEIN. With a little nostalgic sense in 2010 they released the song “So Beautiful” which sounds softer than their new music. The song peaked at number 1 on the “Kamenitza Rock 40” chart on “Z – Rock” radio, and stayed there for six weeks. With the same song the band appeared in the international song competition in Nashville, USA - “ISC 2010”. “So Beautiful” was among the semifinalists.
Since 2011 the band has been working hard on their new songs and they have made their own studio, which helps them develop their new sound. Their first EP "SUPERDANGEROUS" was released on 9.06.2012. Now they're working over their first album.
The band has appeared in many clubs and festivals. 


Motor City Madness

Rock 'n' roll mthrfckr from Brazil, shredding since 2012!
New album available: Dead City Riot!
Check it out at https://motorcitymadness.bandcamp.com/


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Crimson Valley

Crimson ValleyCrimson Valley is a polish heavy-metal band from Wroc?aw. The band was formed in december 2008 in...
Posted by Eat This Hard Rock & Metal Webradio on Κυριακή, 19 Απριλίου 2015

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Shiva Stone

Shiva StoneShiva Stone is a hard rock band from Pittsburgh, PA with no affiliation with Great Lakes Brewery, except...
Posted by Eat This Hard Rock & Metal Webradio on Κυριακή, 19 Απριλίου 2015

Cult of Dionysis

Cult of DionysisThe Cult of Dionysis is a dedication to heavy music organized and operated by true metal superheroes....
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Sleep Signals

Sleep SignalsSleep Signals is a 5-piece rock/post-hardcore band from Minneapolis, Minnesota.Sleep Signals was formed...
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=Xanarial=The group was founded in June 2009. Soon after it the demo Behind Reflection was recorded and in February...
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MorrlahAs an introduction to the new album scheduled to be released in spring, the remixed English version of the 2012...
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The Romanian band INVICTUS was officially formed in the autumn on 2014, by Stefan Beres (Guitars ) and Costi...
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Long Lasting Train

Long Lasting Train first started in January 2014. Founded by vocalist René Bruvoll and bassist RuneNordheim. On...
Posted by Eat This Hard Rock & Metal Webradio on Τετάρτη, 8 Απριλίου 2015


Power/Thrash Metal band from Most (North of Czech Republic).Active in 1992 - 1997 year.Albums: Calm before...
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EldertaleThe concept for ELDERTALE comes from its founder, Evgeny Belozertsev, and consists to combine metal within...
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Crucify Me Gently

Crucify Me Gently Crucify Me Gently is a four man squad form Ukraine. They are young, but are trying to create their...
Posted by Eat This Hard Rock & Metal Webradio on Δευτέρα, 6 Απριλίου 2015


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