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AEREN - Breakthru (2018)

Breakthru is the perfect example of the combination of influences within Aeren. Many of the songs featured on the album have been a staple of their live shows for some time and now they are taking their rightful place in Aeren’s world. Breakthru is feisty and colorful, melodic and sharp. The main lyrical subjects are social difficulties, environmental issues and there are some “anthems” of freedom and exhortations to live life without worries.

The artwork has been created by Marcile Powers and it represents a Buddhist mandala, which is the symbolic representation of the universe. Based on the various and eclectic combination of music and colors, it is the perfect synthesis of the different sides of our lives which are all entwined together. The name of the album is inspired by the Queen’s song, Breakthru, the word is used in order to mean “a step forward” for the band and in their way of making music.

The Breakthru production started in March 2017 in the StudioGaudio and ended in September that year with the final mix made by Francesco Gaudio and Salvatore Buzzerio. The mastering process was handed to Giovanni Versari, grammy award winner for “Drones”, the latest MUSE album.

Breakthru | Released on March 6th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Time Flux | 02. Wrong Reactions | 03. Preachers (Redux) | 04. Shooting Stars | 05. [Prelude] | 06. Breath Of Air | 07. Our Flaws | 08. Lightheartedness | 09. Don’t Fall Apart | 10. In The Well (Redux) | 11. No Way For Crying | 12. Bad Weakness (Video Edit) | 13. Breath Of Air (Full Version)

Note: Track 13 is a bonus track only available with the digital version.

Aeren are:
Silvia Galetta – Vocals | Simone D’Andria – Guitar | Simone Solidoro – Bass/Piano/Keyboards | Cosimo De Marco – Drums


New Horizons - Inner Dislocation (2018)

New Horizons born in November 2013, after a period of studies and line-up instability. With the arrival of Federico Viviani (drums, Rusty Nails, Sulfur), then, the musical project turned on by Luca Guidi (keyboards, Fall of Darkness), Giacomo Froli (solo guitar), Nicola Giannini (rythmic guitar) and Claudio Froli, began to take shape and finding the right direction. In April 2014. was released the demo ‘The Trail of Shadows’ at Borderline (Pisa), and at the end of a period of meticulous recruiting, the band completed the line-up with the entrance of Oscar Nini (vocals). The following year, the band worked hard to perfect instrumental sheets and to define lyrics and vocal lines. in October 2015 New Horizons plyaed at the prestigious Blitz (Cascina, PI) in order to present a foretaste of the future album. In March 2016, the recordings of ‘Inner Dislocation’ took place at Magnitudo Studios of Ghezzano (Pisa). In 2017 the mixing was finished at Seven7Studio of Calenzano (Florence), and the work was definitively completed with the mastering at Domination Studio (San Marino) of Simone Mularoni (guitarist of DGM). Among the many concerts in Tuscany, it’s worth mentioning the concert at Cycle Club in Calenzano (FI) on 15 April 2015, opening to DGM (masters of italian prog-power metal).

Oscar Nini: Vocals & Backing Vocals
Nicola Giannini: Rhythm Guitars
Giacomo Froli: Lead Guitars
Luca Guidi:Keyboards & Synth
Claudio Froli:Bass Federico
Viviani:Drums & Backing Vocals


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We Have The Moon - Till The Morning Comes (2018)

ROCKSHOTS RECORDS is thrilled to announce the signing of Italian partycore misfits WE HAVE THE MOON for their upcoming debut album "Till The Morning Comes". Inspired by the fresh sound and attitude delivered by bands such as Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack! and Eskimo Callboy, WE HAVE THE MOON delivers tunes that experiments with metalcore, dance, pop and electronic music to arrive at their sound dubbed partycore.

Featuring 11 non-stop tracks, the concept of the debut album is to take listeners on the various stages of one long party night, from the entrance at the club to the time you get back home in the morning, stumbling on every step. The debut album is set for release on February 23, 2018via ROCKSHOTS RECORDS and follows their fan loved singles "Killer Party" (2017), "Unreasonable" (2016) (which appear on the album), "Blue (Eiffel65 cover)" (2016) and 2015 EP "Scream and Dance".

As vocalist Makku comments:

"We think our fans will love the upcoming album: the new sound delivered by first our first single Killer Party was really appreciated, so we felt confident in going that direction to writing our other songs. However, we did experiment during the composition of the new tunes, which we took a serious approach to, but also had lots of fun writing. We want fans to fill the energy, fun and engage it good times while listening to it."

Track Listing:
1. Y.D.S.U.Y.S (1:17)
2. Till the Morning Comes (2:57)
3. Killer Party (3:37)
4. Definitely Not A Serenade (3:46)
5. The Score 0-3 (3:22)
6. 02:00 AM Pasta Break (1:45)
7. Unreasonable (3:10)
8. This Is What We Love The Most (3:20)
9. Lovely Lights (3:38)
10. A Ghost Friend of Mine (3:29)
11. Bedtime (Outro) (1:10)
Album Length: 31:35

Makku – Screams, Cleans and Synth
Morse – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Corey – Bass and Backing Vocals
Gedd – Drums and Clean Vocals

For more info:

DENIED - Freedom Of Speech (2018)

The wait is over! Together with super producer Fredrik Folkare, who has also has done the mixing and mastering, Denied are now ready to present their new album Freedom Of Speech! The album consists of everything Denied are known for, their diversity in melody with speed and heaviness. The songs have matured during a long creative process which has added a sound with a strong personality and character.
All 11 tracks, including the bonus number Stay Hungry, show Denied’s great ability for memorable riffs and catchy hooks without losing any of the energy and hard edge that fans know them for. This is a worthy successor to their excellent debut album Let Them Burn, released via Sliptrick Records in 2013, so get your hands on Freedom Of Speech and give it a spin. You won’t be disappointing!

The album includes guest appearances by Johan Fahlberg (Jaded Heart) and Chris Laney (Pretty Maids) and the cover has once again been created by regular Denied contributor and master illustrator Alexander Lifbom.

Freedom Of Speech | Released February 13th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Alive | 02. Don’t You Know Me | 03. Scarred Soul | 04. Domestic War | 05. The Other Side | 06. The Ferryman | 07. The Devil In Me | 08. Three Degrees Of Evil | 09. False Truth | 10. Freedom Of Speech | 11. Stay Hungry [Bonus Track]

Vocals by Johan Fahlberg, except Don’t You Know Me by Chris Laney and The Ferryman by Andreas Carlsson

Denied are:
Andreas Carlsson – Guitar | Chris Vowden – Guitar | Pete Dolls – Drums | Tomas Holtinkoski – Bass

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Balls Out - Too Big To Handle (2018)

Release date: March 09, 2018

Balls Out is an unstoppable thirsty war machine full of creativity and ambition, driven by Yann, guitarist with killers riffs, Sonny at the second guitar as melodic as hard and Pierre, the wild child of drums, which supports with his nuclear strike the songs of the band leaded by Pat, bass player and singer with his voice from hell.

Balls Out, it's a demoniac energy on stage, a communion with the crowd.

Influenced by legends like AC/DC, Motörhead, Kiss or Led Zeppelin, Balls Out have a promise : Be the keepers of the keys of rock 'n' roll.


Greystone Canyon – While The Wheels Still Turn (2018)

Australia's GREYSTONE CANYON will be releasing their upcoming debut album "While The Wheels Still Turn" via ROCKSHOTS RECORDS on March 9th for Europe, U.S.A and Canada along with the Australian release on Hellfire Records on March 12th. Inspired by legends like Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth and King Diamond, “While The Wheels Still Turn” is an album devoted to the love for old western cowboy films and the images these films conjure, the vast plains, endless horizons and the freedom of the Wild West.
As vocalist/guitarist Darren Cherry proudly states.
“We really wanted to make an album similar to old Ozzy Osbourne record where songs like ‘I Don’t Know’ and ‘Goodbye To Romance’ can sit comfortably. This is music from the heart and soul!”

Teaming up with Heavy Mag, GREYSTONE CANYON are exclusively premiering their first single "Astral Plane" at the following link: https://heavymag.com.au/heavy-premiere-greystone-canyon-hit-astral-plane/

The band comments

"There are a number of different topics, which I believe will be interpreted by anyone digging the album.  Astral Plane is about staying connected to our friends and family after they have passed into the afterlife. I think it gives people comfort to think about those they have lost and that we are in some way still connected. Musically, this song crashes in with a Deep Purple meets Megadeth vibe. Huge drum rolls and ripping guitars. This is 70's rock meets speed metal. The riffs are HUGE, the drums are HUGE, shredding solos and a big chorus. We hope this track will leave the listener wanting to hear more."
“While The Wheels Still Turn” was tracked at the splendidly named Goatsound Studios in Melbourne, Australia, and then mixed in Canada, making the album a real rock n’ roll frequent flyer. Mixing duties were undertaken by none other than Grammy nominated producer and legend Glen Robinson, who had engineered, mixed and produced equally legendary acts like Annihilator, Queensryche and Voivod.
Album pre-order available on Amazon here and www.Rockshots.eu.

Track Listing:
1. Keeping Company With The Dead (0:45)
2. Astral Plane (4:13)
3. In These Shoes (4:54)
4. Cinco Cuerda Bandito (1:36)
5. Take Us All (5:11)
6. Sombrero Serenade (1:25)
7. River of Fire (4:35)
8. Path We Stray (4:41)
9. The Sun Sets (6:17)
Album Length: 33:41


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The fundaMentals

The fundaMentals: A Festival of whoopass

Rock and roll isn't dead.
Oh, it may have sat on it's cajones and is currently writhing in pain on the floor, but it's not dead. The garage /hard rock band The fundaMentals are loud, obnoxious, and fun. And that's what real rock and roll was meant to be, wasn't it? The 'Mentals bring enough volume, attitude, and humor to make you rock out with your mock out.

The 'Mentals were formed in 2008 by The Icon (guitar, lead vocals) and Danger Dan Goodnight (lead guitar), and with the able assistance along the way of drummer Dave Gravelin and a wide variety of personalities (or lack thereof), they've been pissing off the neighbors ever since.

The fundaMentals: Check out rock and roll's hottest burning dumpster fire today!

Dead City Blues is their latest single, from the upcoming EP "American Idle, Vol. 1"




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KANTICA - Reborn in Aesthetics (2018)

Kantica is an italian Symphonic Metal band, raised from the ashes of the previous band Keeper of Time.

The project was born around 2014, from the idea of Matteo‘Vevo’ Venzano, who searched for musicians to play start a band which could bind Heavy/Power Metal sounds to the orchestral parts of the classical music.

Mixed with the classic power of Metal, the symphonic style become evident in the orchestral arrangements, creating a mix of majesty and melody.

The goal of the new line up is to create and spread its new kind of music, born from the fusion of the different experiences of the old and new members, creating a list of their own songs.

In the years to follow many line-up were changed, to arrive, in 2017, to a stable line-up,

with that made possible the recording of the first LP, which will be out in the new year.

After the album’s recording, the drummer Daniele Barbarossa leave the band, and he is immediately replaced by the young and talented Titti.

Chiara Manese: Vocals
Matteo "Vevo" Venzano: Rhytm Guitar
Andy "K" Cappellari: Lead Guitars
Fulvio De Castelli: Bass
Enrico Borro: Keyboards
Tiziana "Titti" Cotella: Drums

Maverick - Cold Star Dancer (2018)

RELEASE 6 April 2018

Founded back in 2012 from the Balfour brothers Ryan and David, Maverick soon could establish themselves in the scene. With their first album „Quid Pro Quo“ they already could tour in Europe together with the Swedish Hard Rock stars THE POODLES. The from press and fans very well reviewed second album „Big Red“ saw the 5-piece from Belfast/Northern Ireland again on the road with Swedish superstars TREAT. They also played festivals like H.E.A.T FESTIVAL (Germany), ICEROCK and ROCKNACHT TENNWIL (Switzerland) and ROCKINGHAM in the UK, which helped them to grow their solid fan base to a massive one!

The new album „Cold Star Dancer“ marks a consequent follow-up to „Big Red“. Groovy and modern played Heavy Rock with killer hooklines and well produced by Neal Calderwood in the Manor Park Studios in Belfast. Singer David Balfour proves that he is one of the new heroes of the current Hard Rock generation and guitarist Ryan Balfour, who played almost all the guitars himself (second guitarist Terry McHugh left the band during the production), is without a doubt one of the upcoming shredders! Some songs saw guest performances from TREAT guitarist Anders Wikström („Ex Machina“ and „Cold Star Dancer“) and STORMZONE guitarist Steve Moore (Myrmidon“, „Viper“ and „Devil's Night“). Until they'll find a permanent new guitar player, Steve Moore will help the band out on live shows.

Line Up: David Balfour - vocals
              Ryan Balfour - guitar
              Richie Diver - bass
              Jonathan Millar - drums

Discography: 2013 Talk's Cheap EP
                      2014 Quid Pro Quo
                      2016 Big Red
                      2018 Cold Star Dancer

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaverickBelfastuk

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Last Days Of Eden - Chrysalis (2018)

RELEASE 23 March 2018

LAST DAYS OF EDEN is a stunning band from Spain performing symphonic folk metal. The band released their first album, “Ride The World”, in 2015, getting amazing reviews from all around the globe. In 2016 they played their first European tour, with more than 25 shows in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Spain.
Led by female singer Lady Ani, she puts the sweetest tones to the tunes. Their melodies not only include bagpipes, violins, and whistles, but also a full symphonic orchestra, all wrapped in a solid metal package in every song. The new album “Chrysalis” has been recorded and includes 11 amazing and encompassing tracks that will take your mind on an unforgettable journey. The record was produced by Dani G. and mastered by Mika Jussila (Nightwish, Stratovarius, Amorphis, etc.).

Line-up:Lady Ani – vocals, Dani G. – guitars & vocals, Adrián Huelga – bass, Juan Gómez – keyboards, Pindy Diaz – bagpipes & whistles, Sara Cabezas – violin, Leo Duarte - drums

Web: www.lastdaysofeden.es

METALWINGS - Fallen Angel in the Hell (2016)

Metalwings - a band from Bulgaria that managed to draw attention to over 12 million
musical fans on YouTube with their song "Crying of the Sun".

Metalwings is a Bulgarian symphonic/gothic metal band with Celtic influence, formed by the classically trained vocalist and songwriter Stela Atanasova in 2010.
Metalwings is an unqiue combination of powerful guitars, magical irish flutes, angelic vocals and the gentle sound of viola.

In 2015 the band showed the world that music that is highly appreciated by millions of
people all over the world can be produced in Bulgaria with their beautiful and epic official video of the song Crying of the Sun. The video of Crying of the Sun was filmed in Belogradchik – directed
by Peter Tomov and Velislava Gospodinova. Male vocals in Crying of the Sun were sung by the first guitarist of the band Velislav Uzunov who had left the band three months before making the video. In the video, male vocals are performed by Konstantin Uzunov (Bass).
On May 12, 2016 Metalwings released their first EP - "Fallen Angel in the Hell".
After that there were a series of interviews for several metal webzines and radios,
including Conexion Rock Radio which has thousands of listeners from Latin America.
In this EP the band presented four masterly composed songs - Fallen Angel in the Hell, Slaves of the Night, Ship of Shadows and Immortal Metal Wings.
The song Crying of the Sun which was released as a single in 2012 was featured in the EP as a bonus track.

On 27th April 2017 Metalwings released their second official video for the song "Fallen Angel in the Hell”.
On 19 th April 2018 Metalwings will release their full length album called “For All Beyond”.
In this album the band will present 9 masterly composed songs – End of the War; Secret
Town; Immortal Metal Wings; When We Pray; A Wish; Realm of Dreams; There’s no Time; For All Beyond and one song in Bulgarian called “Тъжни сърца“. The album will also include Fallen Angel in the Hell as a bonus track in a new arrangement; Fallen Angel in the Hell (Instrumental version) and For All Beyond (Orchestral version).
The Orchestral part of the lead song of the album “For All Beyond is performed by Sofia
Session Orchestra, conducted by Lyubomir Denev.
The male vocals parts in the album For All Beyond are performed by Max Morton.
The album For All Beyond is mixed and mastered by Max Morton at Morton Studio.

Current members of Metalwings:
Stela Atanasova - Operatic Vocals, Electric Viola, Keyboards
Grigor Kostadinov - Guitars
Krastyo Jordanov - Guitars, Backing Vocals, Irish Flute
Milen Mavrov - Bass
Angel Kitanov - Keyboards
Nikola "Blackie" Ivanov - Drums

Website: https://metalwings.eu/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metalwingsbg/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/METALWINGSBULGARIA/

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LifeOn_Repeat - Path's (EP 2017)

Here you can stream the recent work of Terrell Buchanan's LifeOn_Repeat

Jari Tiura - King Of Lions (2018)

RELEASE 23 March 2018

Jari Tiura, former Michael Schenker Group and current Stargazery and Century Lost singer, will release his debut solo album on 23rd March 2018. ‘King Of Lions’ is a bit different than his previous outputs. The solo debut album has a mark of AOR to it, but also genuine hard rock feeling at times.

Jari Tiura was born 1968 in Tampere, Finland. He began to sing around the age of 17 when he also formed his first real band Crommer. Two years later the band changed their name to Bourbon and started to play gigs in their hometown.

A big change in Jari Tiura’s musical careerhappened in the end of the 90´s, when he joined Snakegod, a Finnish power metal band. With Snakegod he released an album called “Invitation” in 2001.

In 2004 Michael Schenker contacted Jari Tiura and asked him if he would like to fly over to London for an audition gig. Everything went well and Jari even recorded most of his lead vocals for the upcoming MSG release “Tales Of Rock N Roll” during his stay in London. The first MSG concert featuring Jari Tiura on vocals took place in 2006. The show was broadcasted live from Underground, Cologne and aired on the show “Rockpalast” on German TV.

Between 2006 and 2007 Jari toured with MSG in Europe, Asia, the USA and Japan, and played big festivals like Wacken Open Air and Sweden Rock to name a few.

After leaving MSG, the singer joined Finnish band Stargazery. With Stargazery, he so far has released two albums, "Eye On The Sky" (2011) and "Stars Aligned" (2015). He is also a member of a new group called Century Lost which is currently working on a debut album to be released in 2018.
A few years ago Jari Tiura and his good friend and producer Sami Ala-lahti hooked up and started to write music together for his first solo album. “King Of Lions” is a release that, from the beginning, was meant to sound different from anything he had done in the past. Sami Ala-lahti handled the production and also played rhythm guitars, sang backing vocals and did some programming.

This release also features Yrjö Ella on lead guitars, Jaan Wessman on bass and drums. On keyboards you will find Jussi Kulomaa, Jani Kemppinen and Mikko Kangasjärvi. Jari Tiura is the executive producer. “King Of Lions”  was mixed by Antto Tuomainen and mastered by Esa Orjatsalo.


Universe Infinity - Rock Is Alive (2018)

RELEASE 13 April 2018

UNIVERSE started in 1982 in Upplands Väsby, Sweden, where hard rock ruled the
streets. The members hailed from several different local bands. After leaving the band
Moon, lead guitarist Michael Kling, who founded the band WC in the late 70's with John
Norum, became one of UNIVERSE’s founding members. Bassist Hasse Hagman, who
played in Joey Tempest's first band, along with drummer Anders Wetterström and guitarist
Per Nilsson, all came from the band Twilight. Once UNIVERSE got their hands on
keyboard player Fredrik Kriström and singer Kjell Wallen, the band was complete. They
played diligently for a couple of years all over Sweden, opening for Nazareth, among
many other gigs. In 1985, the band released its self-titled debut album with songs like
"Rollin’ On", "Stories from the Old Days", and "Strong Vibrations". In 1986, Kjell Wallen left
the band on good terms following creative differences and was subsequently replaced by
Janne Åström. With Janne as the new frontman, the band focused fully on a follow-up to
their debut album. Several demos were recorded but never ended up in the right hands.
The band dissolved in early 1988 and then had a short reunion for a final show in the ice
hall in Upplands Väsby later that year.
The band members went their separate ways, each showing up here and there in different
contexts with connections to music. Everyone maintained occasional contact and
eventually Per Nilsson reached out to the others to see if they were interested in playing
together again. In 2002, all the members met up together for the first time in 14 years.
They immediately knew they wanted to play again, and became convinced that the old
material still had potential. Everyone agreed that a new album had to be released, but also
that they were being pulled in different directions. For several years they kept continuous
contact, waiting for the time when recording an album became inevitable. At first,
UNIVERSE lacked a singer, but suddenly one day he was just there. Andreas Eklund (exHouse
Of Shakira) became the new front man, his narrative lyrics and tasteful melodies
opening the door to another dimension, so the band could take a bigger step into the
galaxy. Now, finally, UNIVERSE is back as UNIVERSE INFINITY with “Rock Is Alive”, a powerful
album that is a tribute to the music of the 70’s and 80's, and to their youth in Upplands
Väsby. “Rock Is Alive” was produced by Michael Kling and Per Nilsson at Kling Studios,
and mixed and mastered by Stefan Helleblad; drums were recorded in Standstraight
Studio One Scandinavia. The artwork was created by Sylvain Lucchina at Razor Images.

Tracklist: 1. Start Give All Your Love, 2. Catch Of My Life, 3. Company’s Coming, 4. She Can’t Get Enough, 5.
Red Submarines, 6. Born In Flames, 7. Rock Is Alive, 8. We Were Just Dancing, 9. Lady Luck, 10. Streets Of

Line-Up: Michael Kling – Lead Guitar; Andreas Eklund – Vocals; Hasse Hagman – Bass;
Freddy Kriström – Keyboard; Anders Wetterström – Drums; Per Nilsson - Guitar

Τετάρτη 21 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

Dead Of Night – The Evolving Science Of Self (2018)

Release Date: 23.03.2018

Dead Of Night are a five piece Symphonic Rock/Metal band with members from various
parts of the UK. Formed in 2013 by composer Carl Eden as a vehicle for an album that he
had in mind at the time, and with the release of 'The Dead Shall Rise' in 2014 they began
receiving much critical acclaim.
Following on from the success of this self-released debut album the band went on to rerecord
their first album under the title 'The Dead Shall Rise Again'. This was accompanied
by their first live performance at The Railway - Bolton, UK, which spurred them on to
continue gigging across the UK.
Their second release titled 'In Search of Ancient Magic' saw progression and them
reaching new heights in terms of what Dead Of Night are capable of. "The musicianship
is absolutely outstanding and this band is knocking on the door of the Premier League
indeed they may already be there.", says Dave Smith of Ravenheart Music.
The band have gigged throughout the UK enjoying festival slots at 'A Splendid Day Out'
(Morecambe's Victorian and Steampunk Festival 2016/2017), 'The Quinphonic Festival 4'
(Birmingham's Female Fronted Metal Festival 2017), as well as gigs in Lancaster,
Morecambe and Burnley for the '2017 Metal 2 The Masses - Battle of the bands'
competition. The band won the online 'Life You Choose Battle of the Bands' competition in
2016, proving that their dedicated fans are behind them all the way!
“The Evolving Science Of Self” is the name of their new album which was produced,
mixed and mastered by Carl Eden at The Creative Room in Manchester, UK. Carl
comments: “This is our fourth studio album and, I think, our strongest so far. The title
comes from that fact that we are really interested in consciousness and perception and the
way that science and spirituality are starting to overlap. Plus, if you read the lyrics, it all
sounds like a session on the psychiatrist's couch!” The artwork design was handled by

Track list: 1. Here Come The Metal Men, 2. Seraphim, 3. One For The Moon, 4. For I Am Music, 5. Set The
Night On Fire, 6. The Six Steps, 7. Someone’s Calling You, 8. Home, 9. Invasion, 10. When The Nightingale
Sings, 11. I Will, 12. Onward

Line-up: Briony Featon – vocals, Carl Eden – keys & arrangements, Dan Roberts – guitar,
Jason Peacock – bass, Mark Commons - drums


ASPHODELIA - Welcome Apoclypse (2018)

RELEASE 20 April 2018

Asphodelia is a dark symphonic metal act founded in 2016 in Foggia, Italy,
by Samuela “Samah” Fuiani (vocals and keyboards) and Ruggero “Lordian”
Doronzo (guitar), and currently including Davide Ricciardi (bass), Giuseppe
Centonza (drums) and Gianni Colonna (guitar). Their sound blends
symphonic and choral sonorities, electronics and Mediterranean echoes
into a solid metal frame with a strongly dark mood. Their lyrics are usually
centered on the theme of the afterlife, on the life and death dichotomy, the
fleetingness of time and the misery of the human condition.
The band is named after the asphodel, typical Mediterranean flower
connected to the ancient Greek Underworld: in the ancient Greek
mythology, the Asphodel Meadows is a place where the indifferent souls,
who lived a life of neither good or evil, are sent to live after death.
The band released a promo EP entitled ’Vengeance' on May 26, 2016,
receiving enthusiastic response from their fanbase. In May 2017 they
signed a management and booking deal with The Flaming Arts Agency,
leading to important stage experiences such as the Female Metal Voices
Tour Russia 2017 as main support to The Agonist, Sirenia and Cellar
Recently, Asphodelia have recorded their debut album "Welcome
Apocalyopse" and signed to Denmarks Mighty Music. The band are
currently scheduling a European tour in support of the album release.
Boundaries are pure illusion.
There are shades in the light
and glimmers of light in the darkness.
Light and Darkness
Good and Evil
Right and Wrong
They are just constructions of the human mind.
Truth is free from labels and categories.
What lies beyond has no boundaries.
Welcome to the place in the Underworld where boundaries fall apart.
Welcome to the Asphodel Meadows.

1. Welcome Apocalypse
2. Cassandra
3. Alive
4. Blackout
5. Heroes
6. Secret War
7. Behind a Smile
8. Dust
9. Mirror Mirror
10. Like Water
11. The Show
12. Flowers of Evil
13. With or Without You (U2 cover)

Samuela Fuiani: vocals, keys
Ruggero Doronzo: guitar
Gianni Colonna: guitar
Davide Ricciardi: bass
Giuseppe Centonza: drums


Τρίτη 20 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

ELEANOR - Celestial Nocturne (2018)

For fans of Nightwish, Within Temptation & The Gathering.
Eleanor is a Japanese Melancholic gothic metal band founded in 2006 by
Ippei J.Malmsteen (guitars) and Shiori Vitus (vocals) in Osaka. Their sound
were influenced by The Gathering, Sentenced and Amorphis. By the way
“Eleanor” was named after a song of The Gathering.
The debut album "A Circle Of Lament” was released in Japan by Blacklisted
Records (Japan) in 2011.
Two years later in 2013, the second album "Breathe Life Into The Essence"
was released in Japan by Black-listed Records. This album was highly rated
and received attention from overseas. As a result, Eleanor appeared on the
Metal Female Voices Fest Vol.11 in Belgium as the only Japanese metal
Eleanor also performed as an opening act for Eluveitie´s Japanese tour in
In 2016, the 3rd album “Celestial Nocturne” was released in Japan by
Rubicon Music (Japan). They did the largest number of live shows in their
history. Among nother things they started a big line of acoustic live shows
around the Osaka.
In 2017 Eleanor signed an international deal with Scandinavia´s leading
rock/metal label Mighty Music and on the 30th of March 2018, “Celestial
Nocturne” will see a worldwide release including 3 exclusive bonus tracks.

1. Fall From Grace
2. Defying Gravity
3. Far Beyond Dystopia
4. Solitude
5. Eternal Moment
6. Empyreal Beauty
7. Buried Alive
8. Lazy Noise
9. Thirsty
10. War Cry
11. Sleeping Water (Bonus track)
12. Far Beyond- Dystopia (Bonus track)
13. Defying Gravity- (Bonus track)

Vocals : Shiori Vitus
Guitars, Keyboards : Ippei J.Malmsteen
Guitars : Nao
Bass : Lupin
Drums : Carlos
Chorus, Percussions : Jet Rumi


Δευτέρα 19 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

Don Broco - Technology (2018)

“»Technology« is a reaction to our last record, »Automatic«,” explains DON BROCO frontman Rob Damiani. “We wrote that album as a test of our traditional songwriting abilities, but »Technology« was all about keeping ourselves on our toes. For this record we didn’t set any rules, it just had to feel good.”

That was the goal behind DON BROCO’s third studio album, yet the result is something much more than just an inventive, constantly surprising album. Filtering their charismatic ‘80s pop-inflected rock seamlessly, almost restlessly, through metal, funk and electronics, it also happens to the best of their career. Since forming in 2008, DON BROCO - completed by guitarist Simon Delaney, drummer/vocalist Matt Donnelly and bassist Tom Doyle - have become one of rock’s most diverse and charismatic bands.

Their two previous albums »Priorities« (2012) and »Automatic« (2015) led them to perform at UK arenas with BRING ME THE HORIZON, play huge shows alongside YOU ME AT SIX, ONE OK ROCK and 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER, plus headlining the Kerrang! Tour and delivering triumphant sets at Reading/Leeds Festival, Download and Slam Dunk. It’s no wonder that, in 2017, that their headline show at London’s historic Alexandra Palace was a sell out.

In many ways, »Technology« - released February 2nd, 2018 via SharpTone - is custom made to conquer the big spaces they will be playing throughout the UK, America, Australia and Japan in 2017 and beyond. “The question we asked ourselves was, ‘How will this feel live?’” recalls Rob. “If you can imagine playing it to a packed-out room and people are going crazy, that’s a goer.” To nail the enormous sound they were chasing, the band sought the services of producers Dan Lancaster (BLINK-182, LITTLE MIX, GOOD CHARLOTTE) and Grammy Award winning Jason Perry. The outcome is DON BROCO as you’ve never heard them before. “People think we’re just good time guys,” says Matt. “But that’s always been only one side of our personality.” For proof, look no further than the complex thematic fabric that makes up »Technology«.

The album opens with the title track and sets the tone for the album, which is an inventive, intelligent and infectious piece of work taking a frank look at modern day life. Rob introduces the track, “'Technology' is about a casual swipe through Instagram that ended up in me unfollowing a load of mates. In reality my friends are not vain, self obsessed, PDA loving show offs so I'm blaming social media and the habitual nature of sharing every waking moment of your life online.”

The following track 'Stay Ignorant' looks deeply into the world’s current turmoil. It’s a song partly inspired by Rob watching the 2016 Netflix documentary »The White Helmets« and the global atrocities that bypass our daily attention. “The White Helmets in Syria go through the wreckage, the bomb sites, and try to save everyone they can from a region that has been completely devastated. It affected me so much.”

'T-Shirt Song' is a colossal rock anthem and reveals a different period of mental turmoil for Rob. “It’s one of the most emotional songs on the record, inspired by a close friend who had just been through a dark break-up. While writing the song it was also a difficult time for me emotionally, and one night I found myself in a club where the DJ was playing the »Baywatch« theme tune. Anyone who's been to a cheesy club night will know this is the moment everyone takes off their T-shirt and swings it round their head. I didn't really feel like it, but I joined in and as stupid as it sounds it really made me feel better. That was the start of the process by which I came to realise there was light at the end of the tunnel. This song is about going through hell and coming out the other side stronger for it.”

Next up, 'Come Out To LA' - a 3-minute 29-second explosion of sarcasm aimed squarely at the music industry: an anti-hit that deserves to be a huge hit. “On our last album, with Sony, like most bands when they first sign a worldwide deal, we were shipped off to LA to meet the bigwigs and shoot videos. We had someone taking us to fancy meals, promising us the world, and in our naivety early in our careers we lapped it all up. It quickly became apparent that it’s just a façade.”

'Pretty' further explores the theme of appearances being deceptive, or as Rob puts it, the moral ambiguity of “seeing someone as physically attractive even though they’re the biggest piece of shit in the world.” Afterwards, 'The Blues' marks one of DON BROCO’s most emotionally-charged moments to date, highlighting the challenges of helping a friend suffering from a mental crisis. “How do you help someone who doesn’t want to be helped?” ponders Tom. “How can you help someone when you have a suspicion they need help but when you try all they do is shrug it off or change the subject.”

This delicate balance of human relationships is expanded on 'Tightrope'. “It’s about how easy it is for some people to turn their backs on others when it doesn't suit them,” says Rob. “How even family can run when things get hard.”

While the world was first introduced to 'Everybody' via the hilarious cowboy-themed video, it actually catalogues the moment DON BROCO almost came to a premature end in more ways than one. “It was something we’d never talked about,” reflects Rob. “Band morale was at an all time low and couldn’t practice without basically breaking down, though we kept that internal to the band and didn’t want the world to see it. We were driving super-late to a festival and we almost died just from crashing the van just from being in a place, emotionally, where we shouldn’t have been on the road.”

Thankfully, from that band low emerges 'Greatness' - a song that doubles up as »Technology«’s eclectic manifesto, not least for including both a heroic use of cowbell and a devastating drop-A tuned riff. “Why would you not pursue greatness and originality and diversity?” questions Rob. “People seem quite happy with mediocrity these days. There’s a lot of great music, but there’s so much shit out there - song after song that sound the same.”

'Porkies', however feels like a revolution as it builds into a huge, propulsive riff. The aggression makes sense when you find out what inspired it. “'Porkies' is about fake news and its spread due to the rise of such easily accessible articles and opinions that technology has provided us with,” explains Rob. It perfectly tees up the raucous title track’s swipe at, what Rob says, is the increasingly problematic relationship between, “technology and modern life.” Musically inspired by the bands DON BROCO grew up on, including DEFTONES, SYSTEM OF A DOWN and INCUBUS, Simon had a simple studio litmus test. “Does this riff make me feel anything? No? Then bin it,” he smiles. “Does it make me feel uneasy and not sure if it fits? In that case, it’s the right riff.”

Meanwhile DON BROCO focus on the darker side of love with 'Got To Be You' and trace a relationship’s curve from happiness to emotional slavery, buoyed by what Simon unapologetically refers to as an “honest homage” to U2.

The band couple genuine worries about smart phone surveillance with the best lyrical use of ‘chilli con carne’ in any song ever with 'Good Listener'. “It freaks me out that all this stuff is happening,” says Rob. “That your phone in your pocket is always potentially listening to you whether it’s on or off.” This charismatic streak continues with '¥', a song inspired by their first trip to Japan that contrasts the value of money in relation to experience - Rob comparing his own adventures in DON BROCO with his friends’ spending all their money on booze and buying flats. “Our experience in Japan was priceless,” he says. “It brought everything home to me in regards to the life we’ve chosen to live as a band.”

The albums ends with 'Something To Drink', which draws together Rob’s own awkward experiences at bars and weddings when conversation turns to politics and uncomfortable political views are aired. “It very much has Brexit in the background,” says Rob. “Everyone is entitled to what they believe, but the problem I had with Brexit and the rise of Trump is not the economical or financial reasons, it's the hidden hatred bubbling under the surface of some of those people that support it. You can call it xenophobia but I see xenophobia and racism as very interchangeable - in my view we are all the same people.”

It’s a song that drives to the heart of what is really different with DON BROCO in 2017 and beyond. They still mix massive hooks and brilliant melodies with wry observational lyrics, but this time they want to make you think bigger and more critically too. “This record gives a deeper understanding - and more varied understanding - of what’s going on with us,” concludes Rob. “For me, the exciting thing is that we’re always changing.” Based on this evidence, long may that continue.

Line up:
Rob Damiani | vocalsMatt Donnelly | drums/vocalsSimon Delaney | guitarsTom Doyle | bass

1. Technology  3:36
2. Stay Ignorant  3:15
3. T Shirt Song  4:03
4. Come Out To LA  3:29
5. Pretty  3:35
6. The Blues  3:13
7. Tightrope  3:33
8. Everybody  3:20
9. Greatness  3:21
10. Porkies  4:09
11. Got To Be You  3:22
12. Good Listener  2:43
13. ¥  3:32
14. Something To Drink  3:57

DON BROCO online:

Nightwish - Decades (2018)

Release Date: 09.03.2018

„When I listen to the songs on our debut album, it’s a whole different thing, but then again it’s not, because the atmosphere, the passion and especially the mentality of the band has always been there and hasn’t changed in 20 years.” – Tuomas Holopainen

Let's be honest; it does not take any overstated words to present this exceptional band to the world out there, for they are the undisputed pioneers of symphonic metal and the icons of a whole genre. Their virtuosity is consummate perfection, their inspiration lived passion! NIGHTWISH truly understand how to captivate and enchant within seconds. Since the beginning of their career, which started on a mild summer night in July 1996, they have been regarded as the epitome of the most demanding, compositional music art and innovative sound ventures. When creative mind Tuomas Holopainen was sitting around the campfire with friends on a small island in the middle of the tranquil Lake Pyhäjärvi in Kitee and improvising a bit, he probably could not have guessed where this journey would take him.

Meanwhile, more than 20 years have passed and the visions of the ambitious musician have long been an impressive reality, manifesting themselves on eight fantastic studio albums. With NIGHTWISH, the Finnish songwriter is able to create breath-taking sound cascades with
cinematic imagery, combining epic bombast with opulent metal attitudes in beautiful melodic symphonies. NIGHTWISH forged their own style long ago; often imitated, never duplicated! Mastermind Tuomas Holopainen is not just an excellent and unique composer; he is open to new influences and eager to experiment with the unknown. These are some of the key components of success for the band, which was always ahead of its time and not only set new standards with its latest album »Endless Forms Most Beautiful«, but also created a monumental masterpiece. Never before has a band merged the most complex elements of classic, soundtrack and metal so consistently and brought such a powerful result to life.
Now it’s time to take a look back and review the last 20 years in a musical way. In keeping with their upcoming 2018 world tour, NIGHTWISH will release a brilliant best of work called »Decades«, which unites the most important songs of the band on two CDs in their original versions. The Suomi sound makers have always been recognised for their exciting journey of discovery and as a tribute to all that, this release presents a phenomenal cross-section of this formidable career through the lens of their grandiose evolution.

Perfect imperfection
The band has deliberately decided not to include bonus tracks or unpublished songs on the record, “for the simple reason, that we don’t have any”, says composer Tuomas Holopainen.
“The other thing that many people requested was that we should re-record some of the older stuff with Floor and Troy, but the answer to that is also a very clear ‘No’. The songs are what they are. They are absolutely perfect in their imperfection and reflect the era in which the band existed at that time. So I thought it would be a sacrilege to go and tinker with them afterwards.”
The songs are arranged chronologically. From the most recent song 'The Greatest Show On Earth' to the first demo song 'Nightwish'. Creating the set list was not easy for Tuomas. “You sometimes have to kill your darlings and find the quintessential songs from each album that best represents what the band was at that time. It’s like trying to curate the perfect overall dynamic for the compilation but of course there are also songs like 'Dead Boys Poem', 'Ghost Love Score', 'The Greatest Show On Earth' or 'Elvenpath', which just have to go with this compilation. That’s how the process went.”

In change
An absolute rarity and special gem manifests itself in the form of the first demo song of the Finnish-Dutch-English formation called 'Nightwish', which – despite its considerable age of over 20 years – already shows the strong foundation, talent and skill of a band that just started their musical career. A song that still conjures a big smile on Tuomas “and it’s not a bashful grin”, he honestly reveals. Rather, it is the astonishment over an incredibly exciting journey that the band has experienced so far. “Things have changed a lot in the last 20 years but then again some things have not changed at all, for example, the real reason why we formed NIGHTWISH and why we’re still doing this. But the way we experience and hear music has changed. The biggest difference can be found in the stories we want to tell.”

New ways
Tuomas Holopainen himself has experienced the work on »Decades« almost like a nostalgic journey through time, which has sometimes felt crazy and surreal. “Last week we had a rehearsal session here at my place with Emppu, going through all the songs that we want to perform on tour this year and we just practised those tracks again and again. Listening to the lyrics and the whole process in general was an exciting experience, which also puts a big smile on my face. We really wouldn’t make or write these kinds of songs today, but back in the day this is who we were, this is what we wanted to do. And this feels awesome and I think we can be proud of it. We must never forget that one of the most wonderful things our planet has created is the miracle of evolution”, the songwriter explains and this can be also seen in NIGHTWISH. „When I listen to the songs on our demo album, it’s a whole different thing, but then again it’s not, because the atmosphere and especially the mentality of the band has always been there and hasn’t changed in 20 years.”
Ultimately, everything is just a matter of attitude and the concept of »Decades« manifests itself more significantly than ever before, presenting a deeply impressive musical career of an ambitious band still burning with virtuoso passion. „The key is not to put you under pressure to be even bigger and more epic than before”, the charismatic composer sums up. “Just find some new ways of telling some new stories that you want to tell, to keep the whole thing interesting for yourself and the band. It doesn’t mean that it needs to be bigger; it just needs to be different enough to keep it interesting. That’s our goal for every album - and always will be!”

1. The Greatest Show On Earth  23:59
2. Élan  4:47
3. My Walden  4:41
4. Storytime  5:30
5. I Want My Tears Back  5:11
6. Amaranth  3:57
7. The Poet And The Pendulum  13:54
8. Nemo  4:36
9. Wish I Had An Angel  4:02
10. Ghost Love Score  10:02
11. Slaying The Dreamer  4:34
12. End Of All Hope  4:23
13. 10 th Man Down  5:29
14. The Kingslayer  4:09
15. Dead Boy's Poem  6:52
16. Gethsemane  5:22
17. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean  4:46
18. Sacrament Of Wilderness  4:14
19. Sleeping Sun

Κυριακή 18 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - No Cross No Crown (2018)

Whenever CORROSION OF CONFORMITY releases a new album, folks take notice. But their latest is a true event. It’s been a dozen years since C.O.C. recorded new material with vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan at the helm. In that time, there have been rumors, whispers and outright allegations that the legendary Southern rock outfit would reunite to blow the doors off the whole damn scene again. In 2014, after nearly a straight decade traversing the globe as a guitarist with New Orleans supergroup DOWN, Keenan reconnected with the core C.O.C. trio of Woody Weatherman, Mike Dean and Reed Mullin to hit the road hard. “Reed called me and mentioned maybe playing a couple shows,” Keenan recalls. “I said, ‘Let’s just go to Europe and see if it works.’ So we went to Europe and then ended up going back four times in one year. Then Nuclear Blast gave us an offer and we didn’t even think about going anywhere else. We ended up touring for a year and then started tracking about ten or 11 months ago.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the long wait is over. CORROSION OF CONFORMITY have returned with »No Cross No Crown« - an album that somehow sounds as though no time has passed between 2005’s »In The Arms Of God« and today. Some of these new jams sound like could’ve easily been on »Wiseblood« or »Deliverance,« two of C.O.C.’s most revered records. “Yeah, that was kind of intentional,” Keenan nods. “We weren’t trying to manipulate it to sound like other records, but that type of songwriting is what we do. It was important that we made an album - I didn’t want to write ten or twelve songs in the same key with the same guitar tone or some shit. We took each song on its own and tracked ’em completely individually.

Recording in North Carolina with longtime producer John Custer, C.O.C. cut »No Cross No Crown« in about 40 days over the course of a year. “We took our time and didn’t put any pressure on ourselves,” Keenan says. “I’d go up from New Orleans and we’d do four or five days at a time, just hacking away at it. It was fun because we did it like a demo, but in a studio. We were writing and putting it on tape at the same time. We took what parts we thought were great from the old days and weren’t scared to go backwards. It kinda wrote itself that way.”

The first song the rejuvenated foursome wrote together was 'Wolf Named Crow,' a hard-knocking rocker with that classic C.O.C. swing. “I had a crazy-looking black dog with blue eyes named Crow,” Keenan explains. “I was walking him through the hood where I live in New Orleans and this young kid was tripping on my dog, going, ‘Damn! Is that a wolf?’ I said yeah. Then he goes, ‘What’s his name?’ And I said, ‘Crow.’ And he goes, ‘Damn! He got a wolf named Crow!’ Then he ran off telling his buddies and shit. And I was like, ding! So I took that idea and manipulated it into a song about being hunted.”

Of course, the band recognized that any new C.O.C. album with Keenan out front would be analyzed, scrutinized and held up for comparison with aforementioned gems like »Deliverance« and »Wiseblood«. “That was in the back of my mind the whole time,” Keenan acknowledges. “The big thing for me was trying to write songs that have the same attitude and caliber that we were used to doing. I didn’t wanna get out there like some 50-year old dude making a mediocre record.”

On »No Cross No Crown,« beefy Southern stompers like 'The Luddite,' 'Little Man' and 'Forgive Me' are interspersed with melancholy guitar interludes like 'No Cross,' 'Matre’s Diem' and 'Sacred Isolation' - just like SABBATH used to do in the ’70s. “We started doing that on »Deliverance,«” Keenan points out. “My theory on that is that if you’re trying to make a record flow, you need to break it up a little. When you need a breather, write an interlude. I like writing those mellow pieces just to space things out and make the next thing come in heavier.”

The album’s iconic title comes from a recent tour stop in England. “We were playing this old church from like the 1700s that had been turned into a performing arts center,” Keenan recalls. “The dressing room had stained glass windows and one of them showed this poor fella being persecuted. Underneath it said, ‘No cross no crown.’ So I just took that idea. We’re not trying to be on a soapbox, but we used it as a catalyst to write songs around.”

Which is to say that »No Cross No Crown« has a lot less to do with politics or religion than its title implies. “I think everyone needs to get away from that mindset in general,” Keenan offers. “It just seems to be a mess out there nowadays. We need to get back to being humans and taking care of each other and simple things like that. For us, the terminology ‘No cross no crown’ is a theme. It’s mentioned in like three songs throughout the album. We just weaved it through as we went.”

Of course, C.O.C. with Pepper Keenan is a very different proposition than the three-piece C.O.C. that recorded 2012’s self-titled album and 2014’s »IX« in his absence. “It’s two different animals, which is a weird position to be in because we’re not doing those songs when I’m playing with them,” Keenan says. “We’ve got so much ammunition from the records that I did, so we’ve always kinda stuck to that.”

“It’s a strange rock n’ roll conundrum, but it could be worse,” he adds. “It could be the David Gilmour/Roger Waters thing, where they go separate ways with two different bands. That’s not worth it. When you see bands do that, you think, ‘Dude, just bury the hatchet and jam. It’s not that hard.’”

Not that C.O.C. ever really had a hatchet to bury. “It just kinda fizzled out,” Keenan says of his involvement with the band back in the day. “The record label fell apart after »In The Arms Of God« and I moved back to New Orleans and went straight to DOWN. It’s just another chapter in how this shit works. But how you overcome it and get back together is how you’ll be judged.”

»No Cross No Crown« stands as irrefutable proof of C.O.C.’s ability to overcome. “C.O.C. and the prior records I’ve done with them didn’t just go away,” Keenan observes. “It’s an honor to be back out there and have an opportunity to do it again in a real way and not some washed-up reunion thing. Even before we wrote the record, we were out there for a year seeing there was a demand for it and that there was a void that we could fill. That’s been C.O.C.’s deal from day one. We’re not chasing anybody around. We’re not gonna worry about what the new trends are. C.O.C. is C.O.C.”

Line up:
Pepper Keenan | guitars, vocalsWoody Weatherman | guitarsMike Dean | bassReed Mullin | drums

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons - The Age Of Absurdity (2018)

PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS features MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell alongside his sons Todd, Dane and Tyla, plus vocalist Neil Starr.
The birth of PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS was at the legendary Wacken Festival in Germany, August 2016. Since then, the band have released a self-titled EP, played many headline shows and festivals around Europe and have completed 2 separate tours with SAXON throughout November/December 2016 and GUNS N’ ROSES in June 2017 where the band performed in front of hundreds of thousands of fans in some of the largest stadiums in Europe!
Alongside some other appearances at Hellfest, Sweden Rock, Download Spain and others the band spent the remainder of Summer 2017 recording their debut album. Titled »The Age Of Absurdity«, the album was recorded at Rockfield Studios and Longwave Studios in Wales and produced, engineered, and mixed by Romesh Dodangoda. The record was then passed over to the acclaimed Abbey Road Studios in London for mastering.
The album will feature eleven songs and one bonus track and will be released on January 26, 2018 via Nuclear Blast. The first single ‘Ringleader’ is a hard hitting track, another blistering riff you would associate with Phil Campbell. The bonus track on the album is ‘Silver Machine’, a cover of the HAWKWIND track. The band even enlisted the guitars and vocals of Dave Brock from the legendary HAWKWIND.
Phil Campbell said: "I am really excited for the fans to hear our debut record. Every part of the process was done in Wales, from the writing, to the recording and even the artwork!”

Phil Campbell | Guitar
Todd Campbell | Guitar
Dane Campbell | Drums
Tyla Campbell | Bass
Neil Starr | Vocals

1. Ringleader  4:04
2. Freak Show  3:41
3. Skin and Bones  3:49
4. Gypsy Kiss  2:22
5. Welcome To Hell  3:06
6. Dark Days  4:44
7. Dropping The Needle  1:50
8. Step Into The Fire  3:32
9. Get On Your Knees  3:28
10. High Rule  3:55
11. Into The Dark  6:37


Σάββατο 17 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

Innfight - Black Dog (2018)

RELEASE 13 April 2018

The story of INNFIGHT started at the end of the year 2013 in Mannheim, Germany with a line-up consisting of Sascha Wagner (guitar),
Michael Heck (keys) und Frank Widderson (vocals). About a year later and after writing songs together they began to record their debut CD „Boulevard Of Pain“ in Rolf Munkes’ Empire Studios in Bensheim (Hessia), Germany.
INNFIGHT later on were joined by the new members Udo Boppré (drums), Eugen Leonhardt (lead guitar) and Thomas Klesius (bass). After they were complete, they began to play live to bring INNFIGHT and the album into the focus of their fans.
In October 2017, INNFIGHT started to record their second album „Black Dog“ which is now set for a release on Pride & Joy Music on April 13th, 2018. During the recordings, bass player Thomas Klesius died due to serious illness. Tommy Schmitt, bass player of RED CIRCUIT, stepped in to help in these hard times and completed the bass recordings.
Impulsive rhythms, loaded with energetic guitar riffs, combined with spherical keyboard melodies and the distinctive voice of
Frank Widderson are the major trademarks of the band’s Alternative Rock/Metal sound – always with their own kind of interpretation.The songs themselves deal with emotions, experiences, impressions and topics such as human interaction and the daily struggle with the world both around and within us. “Black Dog” was once again produced by Rolf Munkes at Empire Studios.

Line-Up: Sascha Wagner (guitar), Michael Heck (keys), Frank Widderson (vocals), Udo Boppré (drums), Eugen Leonhardt (lead guitar)


Πέμπτη 15 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

Protecting Paradise - Memories of a Boken Heart (2017)

Protecting Paradise is a five-piece Metalcore band from southern Germany founded in the spring of 2017. The band is made up of members of various projects who have a tremendous live experience. So some of the members have been to major festivals like Rock am Ring and Rock in the Park, as well as tour support for scene greats like Caliban, Hatebreed, Sevendust, Emil Bulls, Eskimo Callboy, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Times of Grace and The Sorrow. Stylistically, the band moves in the Metalcore area although some hardcore elements can be found and the use of synthesizer leads to some epic refrains. Here and there are also electronic sounds to recognize. That makes it hard to compare Protecting Paradise to other bands, most likely to be a mixture of Asking Alexandria, Killswitch Engage, Architects and Bullet for my Valentine too.

If you want to get your own taste of Protecting Paradise, you can do so on all known digital platforms. The first CD "Memories of a Boken Heart" is completely self-produced and was released on 10.11.2017.

Band Members
Max Laßmann - Vocals
Philipp Wrba - Guitar & Synthesizer
Thomas Arnold - Guitar
Andreas Küpper - Bass
Tino Clambach - Drums

Website: www.Protecting-Paradise.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4KD0OEPtCkEexj7gAQkpNY
Youtube Links:


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