Τρίτη 27 Οκτωβρίου 2015


Ragbags is a rock band which will blow the roof off your venue with their blistering live-show! Anyone watching and experiencing Ragbags live will be blown away by the highly entertaining, professional and amusing live-show.

As the name already implies, Ragbags plays a wide repertoire. The musical influences derive from Queen to Metallica and Kings of Leon to Nickelback.
During the energetic live show Ragbags take you on a trip from severe metal to sensitive ballads and back. 

Ragbags guarantee an unforgettable night full of happy customers.
They will end off the evening feeling satisfied and will want to come back to your venue for more!

Κυριακή 25 Οκτωβρίου 2015


The dynamic and incredibly varied artist Birtchum, a one man Heavy-Metal project from Tallahassee, FL, takes melodic aggression to a whole new level. With a perfect marriage of melody, heavy, and technicality, Birtchum's powerful voice, energetic instrumentation, and progressive composition unite to create a stunning and innovative musical atmosphere.



The guys from 3 countries makes the new style called Stream Rock!
Join the ride and enjoy the LIPS!


Σάββατο 24 Οκτωβρίου 2015


Jenner is the only all female speed/thrash metal band in the region.
Formed in December 2013 with the goal of following their influences Judas Priest, Warlock, Grim Reaper, playing in packed out clubs to the Belgrade audience, they realized they had something very special to offer.

After spending more time together and acquiring their guitarist Aleksandra Stamenkovic,
they took on a more ferocious and faster sound in the likes of Anthrax, Overkill, Exodus,
Agent Steel and looked up to their fellow Serbain thrash friends Space Eater, Alitor, Deadly Mosh for further influence. They started working on their own songs, and after changing a bass player, recorded two demo songs Hear the Thunder Roar and On a Judgement day, to apply for band competition on 49. Guitar festival in Zajecar. 

Currently, the girls are working on their debut album.


Andelina Mitic - vocals

Aleksandra Stamenkovic - guitar

Mina Petrovic - bass guitar

Marija Stamenkovic - drums

Former members -
Jana Bacic - bass guitar


Τρίτη 20 Οκτωβρίου 2015


Chugun (meaning cast iron in Russian) was forged in Tel Aviv, Israel on 2010.
The current members are:
Denise Sizov- Vocals
Timur Sizov - Guitar
Alexey Saprikin - Bass
Yahel Goldshtein - Drums
Between the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 the band released three demo tracks and began preforming.
Already after 2 shows, CHUGUN were selected to be one of the support act for album release show of one of Israel's most successful metal acts - Hammercult, on march 2014. Shortly after that, in April 2014, CHUGUN were chosen to participate in Wacken Metal Battle Israeli finals. 
With the original drummer leaving the band shortly after the Metal Battle Finals show, CHUGUN focused the efforts on recording the debut full length album.
After completing the recording process and recruiting a new drummer, CHUGUN returned to stage and started performing intensively across Israel.
Among CHUGUN's performances in 2015 was the participation in SpawnFest - An annual show that featured selected Israeli bands and the English black metal act Scutum Crux.
The band released their debut album entitled "Virus" on 29th of August 2015.
The album got a positive public reception, getting only positive reviews from fans,critics and bloggers worldwide.




Cyranoi is a modern melodic metalcore project from Helsinki, Finland. Project was founded by Tomi Pohja in 2014 and was originally named as Blinding Delusion for a short period of time. Two first singles were released within the first year, titled as 'Infinity' and 'Blindfold' and can still be found on YouTube. The debut EP 'Challenger Deep' including 4 new songs was released on June 24th 2015. Cyranoi expanded from soloproject to duo in July 2015 when Joona Jaakkola joined Cyranoi as permanent vocalist.



Motorcharge (Hellish Trio, Serbia), by Milos Stosic, Bora Petrovic and Dusan Andjelkovic. From the start band sounded like real R&R and it will stay like that. If you like Motorhead, you'll sure like us too. Hard, Heavy, Fast and Loud! MOTORCHARGE!


Δευτέρα 19 Οκτωβρίου 2015


Countess is a Dutch band that has been unleashing metal music upon the world since 1992, releasing fourteen full-length albums along the way. Most recently, the band unleashed the album 'Ancient Lies And Battle Cries' on April 9th 2014.
Countess’ unique style of metal is characterized by an uncompromising loyalty to the old Heavy Metal and Black Metal traditions. The most important influences of Countess are the old Black Metal legends like Venom, Bathory and Hellhammer and traditional Heavy Metal bands like Manowar and Manilla Road. Countess currently consists of Orlok (vocals and bass), Zagan (guitars), Wolfram (drums) and Herjann (keyboards).
In 2014 the band returned to the stage after a long absence, delivering impressive performances at a selection of prestigious metal festivals in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Finland.


Undercover Devil

Undercover Devil hails from a small - nothing town in Central Arkansas.  Members have all come from different bands in our scene and are "veterans" of stage.  Undercover Devil doesn't provide a gimmick - Undercover Devil just writes good tunes that will might like.  We put emphasis on our ability to play our songs live rather than taking away from the music for the theatrical aspect.  Our influences range from Pantera to Stevie Ray Vaughn and beyond.  Our members have come from previous bands who have shared the stage with Lamb of God, Shinedown, Staind, Godsmack, In This Moment, POD, Papa Roach and Avatar.


Σάββατο 17 Οκτωβρίου 2015

Bozo Skeleton

Αυτή η σύνοψη δεν είναι διαθέσιμη. Κάντε κλικ εδώ, για να δείτε την ανάρτηση.



The new album Mythos Tragoedia is finally unleashed in 2015. Los Angeles-based proto-metal rockers Hexthrower morph the mystical and subversive spirit of ‘60s psychedelia (ala Cream, Iron Butterfly, Canned Heat) with the raw heavy metal and blues rock madness of the early 70s (Mountain, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Black Oak Arkansas, Uriah Heep, Captain Beyond, Hawkwind, Judas Priest). Hexthrower has embarked on a zealous mission to baptize the current riff-hungry generation of listeners with a massive dose of the true rock ’n’ roll sacrament.

Multi-platinum producer and underground music legend Geza X (Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, The Germs, Meredith Brooks, Primus) recorded and co-produced the Mythos Tragoedia album at the Vortex and Ultrasound Studios in Downtown LA. A satirical and absurdist music video spoof on Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 cult film masterpiece The Holy Mountain, directed by Kevin Schofield and starring Ron Jeremy, was filmed in 2015 to accompany the album. 


BIO INFO: Band founder Rahne Pistor started out in the late ‘90s backing up Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele in his band The Undead gigging at CBGBs and around the NY/NJ area. He then moved to California and started The Sixth Chamber (2002-2009), a band that was mentored and managed by Mountain/Jack Bruce/Megadeth manager Bud Prager (R.I.P.) up until his death.


NOTES ON THE COVER: Cover artwork for Mythos Tragoedia is by the late Frank Frazetta, considered by many to be the greatest fantasy illustrator of all time and known in the rock world for designing classic ‘70s rock covers for bands such as Nazareth, Dust, Molly Hatchett, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ringo Starr, Herman's Hermits, Wolfmother and others. He is also the artist best known for bringing the image of Robert Howard's Conan the Barbarian character to the masses.


With their first album „Cosmic F.U.C.K.“ (released in November 2012), MOTHERBRAIN earned a growing fan-base and received positive feedback from the critics.

MOTHERBRAIN’s second record "0010" delivers more consistent songwriting with even more headbanging rhythms and extraordinary hooks.

Over the last years MOTHERBRAIN played plenty of shows all over Europe with great bands like Mascot Parade, Sideburn and Monkey3.


Apollo's Crows

Apollo's Crows is an American rock band from the small town of Crowley, Louisiana. Founded by drummer, JP Fontenot, the band has since risen to become a valued member of the Lafayette music scene and plans to increase their popularity even more with the release of their debut album, The Inside Out. Apollo's Crows combines a number of styles of rock music into one, creating a unique blend of hard rock, grunge, blues, and heavy metal that almost makes them sound alternative. Though they play music that is loud and upbeat, many fans of the 'Crows' have described their music as "easy to listen to, yet fun at the same time."


Δευτέρα 12 Οκτωβρίου 2015

Unified Past

Unified Past is a power prog / progressive rock band from Central New York. Their music can be described as progressive rock containing influences from 70’s Rush and 80’s Yes along with elements of symphonic prog and heavier influences such as Tool and Dream Theater. “Shifting the Equilibrium” ( MRR CD 22113) is the bands  seventh release and third for Melodic Revolution Records. The follow up to their successful 2013 release, "Spots"(MRR CD 22005),  sees the band continue to grow and evolve, as they have added frontman Phil Naro. Phil co wrote 5 of the six songs as well as providing lyrics on three of the five while co writing the lyrics with Stephen Speelman on the other two.  The CD contains 6 power prog compositions clocking in at 56 minutes that are sure to connect with fans of the genre. The CD package is a 6 panel digi pack with a 12 page booklet featuring the artwork of internationally acclaimed fantasy artist Ed Unitsky. If you are a dedicated fan of progressive rock music and like your prog on the heavier side, then Unified Past is for you.

Check out what reviewers have said about the music of Unified Past:
 "...a satisfying chunk of prog metal/power metal" Jim Lawson - Prog Rock Music Talk "Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is a pure state of genius." Scotty D Salter - Rockbandom Magazine
"...This is a great disc...it's all prog and quite strong prog at that". G.W. Hill - The Music Street Journal
“A romping, melodic roller coaster ride of angular twists and turns as intellectually satisfying as it is viscerally breathtaking.” Nick Tate - Progression Magazine
“...As good a slab of the genre as you’re likely to find.” Alan Jones - Get Ready To Rock
“Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and band, highly recommendable...” Progressive Rock BR


Κυριακή 11 Οκτωβρίου 2015


Metal Music project created by Oscar M.G.
METALICÜS ago started after Oscar M.G. leave the position of guitarist in a band of Heavy Metal called HYMNOTICA in Almeria (Spain), in turn also put aside a small metal project called OXXIIDDO (which still retain some songs through the network) to devote himself to METALICÜS.
Oscar M.G:  "Bands and playing live are good but ... if you feel a musician and your head dont stop to create music, a band is a drag to the imagination and true expression of a musician, there will always be censorship, changes in the interpretation or unwillingness on the part of the other parts of the band. Like a painter, a sculptor or an actor, etc... a musician is an individual artist and a band can cut you the wings. METALICÜS emerges following the need to bring the full potential of my imagination and musical creativity by avoiding the ideas of third parties may compromise quality to make good music or a good composition, making only the best will do, leaving aside the obstacles and guide me for my tastes and instincts.
I just hope that you enjoy and you like the music of METALICÜS".
The demo/album comes out in september of 2015.



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