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Sound Storm - Vertigo (2016)

Sound Storm are ready and more than excited to reveal their long awaited upcoming project called VERTIGO!

The album is not simply the follow up to the highly acclaimed "Immortalia", it's the new #soundstormworld teased massively by the band in the last couple of years.

VERTIGO can be considered both as a metal album and a multiple episodes tv - series created by Sound Storm and realized by Grey Ladder/DImago productions under the direction of Taiyo Yamanouchi.

The new album has been engineered by Joost Van Den Broek (Epica, After Forever, Ayreon, etc.) at Sandlane Recording Facilities, the whole artwork was created once again by renowned artist Gustavo Sazes, who's working with the band since 2007.

VERTIGO will be released by ROCKSHOTS Records in collaboration with Stageblast Entertainment on Friday, December 2.

The single/prologue - episode of Vertigo/The Dragonfly will be available since next November 4th, while pre-orders of the album will begin quite soon through our official website premiering live the whole project at the mainstage of "Lucca Comics and Games" on next Halloween night.

VERTIGO TEASER - http://bit.ly/Sound_Storm_TEASER


VERTIGO is a huge step forward in the band's musical style because more influences come along with the songwriting and the visual creations. The electronic and symphonic scores lead the listener to the catchiest tunes and the most epic chorus ever, while the extreme metal riffs and the sweetest melodies have never been so combined together in the band's career.

The first show of the tour will reveal how the band will handle their live appearances from now on: not a classic metal show, but a real journey inside the gates of VERTIGO.
More details of the series, actors, characters, storyline and setting will be unveiled day by day, in order to let you taste small snippets of this world entirely appreciating its grandeur.

01 - Vertigo
02 - The Dragonfly
03 - Metamorphosis
04 - Forsaken
05 - Original Sin
06 - The Ocean
07 - Spiral
08 - Gemini
09 - Alice
10 - The Last Breath

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Jon Ian Clarke

Jon Ian Clarke was born in Harlow, Essex; October 29th 1982. He picked up his first guitar when he was thirteen years old; socialising with other local musicians by teaching & sharing. He began to have guitar lessons at the age of fifteen; with a local musician, who had success throughout the nineties with a cover of Bryan Adams 'Run to You'; & he's band Rage. He taught him how to play what he knows on guitar, and embedded the theory behind Songwriting. He completed his BTEC National Diploma in Popular Music in 2000, at Harlow College; the same college attended by Blur's Damon Albarn. He achieved a MMM on his diploma, which is the equivalent of three A - Levels at B - grade. Jon's time at Harlow college help him develop his production & recording techniques, and allowed him to network & perform live with several bands and musicians. He was also active throughout the nineties between 1997 & 1999; performing in local hometown bands; Aqualung & Bleaker.


NEW MODEL ARMY are back and “WINTER” is coming ..

New Model Army return with “Winter,” their first full studio album since their acclaimed “Between Dog and Wolf” kick-started a creative renaissance in 2013.  This album saw the band receive the best critical response of their career and top 30 chart positions in UK and Germany, their first in over 20 years, while Matt Reid’s 2014 documentary feature film “Between Dog and Wolf: The New Model Army Story” drew further interest to this most unique of groups.

 “Winter”  released on August 26th on the band’s own Attack Attack label via Red Essential in the UK and via earMUSIC worldwide. Formats include special bookpack CD, double gatefold vinyl, download and streaming.

The album is a powerful and emotionally intense body of work. From the opening epic  “Beginning” through to the closing song “After Something” the album builds on the new directions taken by “Between Dog and Wolf”, yet also has familiar echoes of the immediacy and engagement of the band’s classic albums “The Ghost of Cain” and “Thunder and Consolation”.

Says founder, lead Singer and main songwriter Justin Sullivan:
“Between Dog and Wolf” opened up a lot of creative doors for us, so it was exciting to go and look inside. The results were not necessarily planned – as usual we felt our way - but I think “Winter” has a really strong identity. It is very much the sound of people in difficult places – something that so many of us can relate to at the moment, on a lot of different levels. It is a much more of a band album than “Between Dog and Wolf” and we made a deliberate choice in mixing it to sound more aggressive and a little less polished”.

On August 19th New Model Army released a limited edition 1st 7” single, of 2 new songs from the album “Devil” and “Winter”. This is the band’s 1st 7” since their top 20 duet with Tom Jones of The Rolling Stones classic “Gimme Shelter” issued on Food Records in 1993. The 7” is available in independent stores and to pre-order along with the album via the following link.

Fans who saw the band play their Christmas shows heard Die Trying”, the first song to be made public from “Winter” and the song’s performance was captured by a fan and posted here..

The album features striking artwork by long time artistic collaborator Joolz Denby. It forms of a series which includes the above mentioned 7” and also the cover of Joolz’s own 7th album which will follow the New Model Army release later in the Autumn.

Formed by Justin Sullivan in Bradford in 1980, New Model Army’s beginnings were inspired by Northern Soul, Punk Rock and the incendiary atmosphere of the times. Since then, they have had a long, creative and eventful journey. They have been massively influential in ‘post-punk’, ‘folk-rock’, ‘political-rock’, ‘goth’, ‘metal’ and all kinds of musical sub-cultures but they have steadfastly refused to belong to any club that would have them as members.

Without a ‘genre’ audience, and never having had a Top 20 hit single in any country, New Model Army still have album sales in the millions, have attracted some of the biggest producers on the planet (Glyn Johns, Tom Dowd, Andy Wallace, Bob Clearmountain, Joe Barresi) and have built up an almost religious devotion amongst fans. Having grasped early on that the Internet was going to revolutionise the music industry, from the mid-1990s they set out on the now fashionable wholly independent path of controlling all aspects of their output. As a result, they have been perfectly placed to withstand the changes in the Industry and have outlasted most of their peers. There are very few bands in NMA’s position of being able to record and release what they like when they like, while maintaining a worldwide following and all without making a single artistic or commercial compromise.

Originally formed as a three piece, the current five piece features Michael Dean on drums, Dean White on keyboards and guitar, Marshall Gill on guitar and Ceri Monger on bass.

Mustan Kuun Lapset - Saatto (2017)

Legendary finnish dark metal group Mustan Kuun Lapset suddenly resurrected last year from the depths of abyss since ending their career in 2007.

The time has come for a new MKL material and the band is about to release a new album via Inverse Records named "Saatto".

Saatto is the first official full length MKL album since the compilation album "14 Talvea" (Roihu records, 2011) and the last studio album "Viimeinen laulu kuolemasta" (Stay Heavy Records, 2007).

Pete Lehtinen - vocals, guitar, synths
Ville Pelkonen - bass
Mikko Hautala - drums
Heikki Piipari - guitar

Mustan Kuun Lapset @ Facebook
Mustan Kuun Lapset @ Twitter

Kuolemanvirta EP:

Label: Inverse Records
Release Date: January 27th 2017

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Shadow Puncher - Destruction of pain (Single 2016)

Shadow Puncher was founded in 2016 by Kevin Oelstoeren which does the guitar playing, drum Programming, vocals and bass. He was earlier entered a local talent show and won and since then it has been in and out from bands, he`d figured out that it hasn`t been his thing in being in bands so he started out for himself. With the daw which is fl studio and mic and a soundcard to achieve the brutal sound he wanted. He`s a christian so he is making songs about Jesus and try to put that in his songs. His first album is an sound that is brutal and hopefully it will be that way in the future.


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The Soul Exchange - Bloodbound (2016)

The Soul Exchange was founded in 2013 by guitarist Hans von Bell, drummer Benny White and guitarist Thomas von Bell. In 2014, the trio was joined by vocalist Erik Olofsson and Tobias Chevalier (vocals, keyboards etc). The band enjoyed success with their eponymous debut album “The Soul Exchange”, produced by the seasoned rock producer and studio engineer Mats “Limpan” Lindfors, released on January 20th, 2015.
In 2016 the band underwent some personnel changes, with Daniel John joining founding members Hans & Thomas von Bell as new vocalist, and also bringing in Benny White on drums and Patrik “Patte” Ekelöf on bass, that makes up the present line up of The Soul Exchange. With the new line up, the band has moved into a new direction, both musically and image wise, with a different modern sound and stage image. The Soul Exchange will release their 2nd full length album, produced by the renowned Swedish producer Magnus “Tank” Ljungqvist, on the Mervilton Records label in the fall of 2016. The band promises this to be a much darker and modern sounding effort, than the debut. Stating that “this is a new era of The Soul Exchange” and that “the band has found its sound on the 2nd album and this will be the formula going forward. Modern hard rock with a great portion of metal influences, and most importantly, the vocal arrangements and melodies are having a major focus in The Soul Exchanges’ otherwise riff oriented music”.
The phrase “It is the sound of a new world being born, and the louder sound of an old world being destroyed” has never been more relevant than for the new album by The Soul Exchange!


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Sandness is the result of a project which started out in 2008, when two teenage friends, Mark Denkley and Metyou ToMeatyou (bass and drums respectively) decided to form a hard rock band, in order to bring the ‘80s back to life with original tracks. The band’s line-up went through some changes across the years, and the only one who seemed to have the same ambitions of the founding members was Robby Luckets, who joined the band in 2009 and is now Sandness' lead and rythmic guitar player.
During the last few years the band has achieved a good success both in Italy and abroad, and they had the chance to play as support band for renowned musicians such as Adam Bomb (2010), L.A. Guns (2011) and Tygers Of Pan Tang (2015). They released their first demo “Return To Decadence” in 2010, but it’s with the second one, “Life Without Control” (2011), that they started their rise to success all over the world thanks to the digital media.
In 2011 Sandness went on a short tour in the Latvian capital Riga and in 2012 they played the renowned “Glam Fest” in Marseilles, France. In the past few years they also went on several European tours (2013, 2014 and 2015) and gained fans from all over the Continent. Their first official album “LIKE AN ADDICTION”, was released worldwide on 5th April 2013 by Sleaszy Rider Records, with which their record contract has been renewed in 2016. Sandness' second album is called "Higher & Higher" (date of release: 16th December 2016). The band will promote their new tracks on new European dates which will be announced very soon.


01 - You Gotta Lose
02 - Street Animals
03 - Hollywood
04 - Promises
05 - Sunny Again
06 - One Life
07 - Light In The Dark
08 - Heat
09 - Perfect Machine
10 - Monster Inside Me.
11 - Play With Fire
12 - Will You Ever

Line up:
Mark Denkley - Bass guitar, lead and backing vocals
Metyou ToMeatyou - Drums and backing vocals
Robby Luckets - Rhythmic, lead and acoustic guitars, lead and backing vocals

Featuring: Marodeghezzis - piano in "Will you ever"
Featuring: Tachy (Maurizio Fracchetti) - keyboards and strings in all tracks
Return To Decadence (2010) – EP (autoproduced)
Life Without Control (2011) – EP (autoproduced)
Like An Addiction (2013) – Full lenght album Sleaszy Rider Records
Higher & Higher (2016) – Full lenght album Sleaszy Rider Records


facebook /Sandnessband 

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Under Static Movement - The Mirror (2016)

Born in 2007 as the union of musicians coming from different bands of the Cremona/Piacenza area, Under Static Movement immediately started an intense gig activity to promote their first demo album recorded at Elfo Recording Studio. After reaching rank 6th at Emergenza Rock Contest held at Alcatraz Club in Milan, they recorded their first EP with Luca Spigato at Hate Studio in March 2010. The band found a stable identity at the beginning of 2012, after various changes in the line-up, through  a sound that switched to a heavy yet thoughtful alternative metal, where sharp riffs and groovy breakdowns open to catchy melodies. Their second EP “Voices” was followed by an official video for the single “Bad Hill” in July 2013, that signed the start of the collaboration with Luca Bazooka and his BZK Production. After many concerts including shows in Germany and Poland and as opening acts for bands like The Fire, Exilia and Linea77, Under Static Movement is now focusing on the release of a new EP called “The Mirror”, that hit all the main digital platforms on December 2nd, 2016. Meanwhile the band has signed a deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion.

Track List:

1. Death By Lobotomy
2. Falls From Grey
3. Mezcal
4. Put Your Finger Inside
5. Seven
6. Still Laying
7. The Solution


J.P. - vocals
Riku - guitar
Bone - guitar
Fede - bass
Nik - drums


VICOLO INFERNO - Stray Ideals (2016)

A forbidden love, a fight among noble families to control the feud, an era that wrote its own history with blood. In this scenario, in 1504 AD, an alley in "Forum Cornelii" (Imola, Italy) was theatre of a bloody battle that left a mark in the collective imagination and transformed the name of that narrow pavement in "Vicolo Inferno". 500 years later, even if with different nuances, our modern times preserve the same raw edges and passion in human relationships and an identical game of political power that disorients and confuses people. There is no time to think and breathe, everything travels at exasperated speed and the gap between man and his soul takes the form of an incurable fracture. Only destiny, fate or perhaps simple case, favored the meeting of the two founding members of the band, Igor and Marco. Immediately the rehearsal room became a receptacle where to pour sweat and visceral passion for music, in the form of covers of the biggest bands of the genre. A short time later, the first demo "Fire Coverz" came out to promote their live activity. In 2005, the desire to undertake a brand new musical production and to get involved as songwriters began to emerge. The first four original songs, born from improvised riffs and vocal lines roughed out on an voice recorder, were collected in the demo "Hell's Alley”. The following years, marked by intense live performances, competitions and awards, saw also several line-up changes in the rhythm section that slowed down the project. With Daz on bass joining the line-up, the band got the right propulsion to complete the new original songs included in the band's first full-length album "Hourglass", completed in 2012. A strong and heterogeneous sound, where Hard Rock meets Metal, that highlights individual artistic influences of all the group members, who poured their musical background in the constant search for a new rock trademark. In 2013, the band signed a contract with logic(il)logic Records and on May 28th “Hourglass” saw the light of the day. In March 2014, the promotional tour for Hourglass continued with 6 gigs in the UK. In 2016, with a brand new line-up including Michele Gollini on drums and Wallace (ex-Showstripsilence) on bass, the band completed the writing and recording processes of its second album “Stray Ideals”.

Stray Ideals

 "Just like in our debut “Hourglass”, in this new chapter contents and songwriting haven’t just one direction” - says frontman Igor  - “I think we have made a firm step toward the achievement of our own identity, or at least our way of interpreting 'Rock' and expressing our music. We worked hard and payed more attention to every aspect of its implementation, including the choice of the track list, conceived as an escalation of sound for the listener. A large part of the credit goes undoubtedly to the production made by Riccardo "Paso" Pasini from Studio73, who managed to 'catch us' with excellent solutions, to give the tracks on "Stray Ideals" the sounds and atmospheres that could intensify our music. For the artwork, we relied on Simone Bertozzi (The Heartwork), asking him for an impact symbolic cover linked to the title track, that could be freely interpreted. Now we are ready to promote our work on and off stage and proud to publish it once again in collaboration with LOGIC IL LOGIC guys".

Track List:

1. Grey Matter Brain
2. Dirty "Magazzeno"
3. Rude Soul
4. Stray Ideals
5. Two Matches
6. Unnameables
7. Ambush
8. Heartwoofer
9. On Road's Edge
10. Rough Hills
11. Noise Of Silence
12. Crosses Market
13. Blood Mist


Igor Piattesi - Vocals
Marco Campoli - Guitar
Wallace - Bass
Michele “Gollo” Gollini - Drums

Special guest and “female point of view” on “Two Matches”: Caterina Minguzzi. Recording, mixing and mastering by Riccardo”Paso” Pasini, STUDIO 73, Ravenna, Italy.



Empire - Hypnotica (+3) (2017)

Release Date: 24 February 2017

EMPIRE is the Hard Rock band of German guitarist Rolf Munkes (ex Majesty, ex Razorback, Crematory) which has released four exceptional albums in between the years of 2001 and 2007. On these releases, Munkes was accompanied by numerous high-class musicians.

The history of EMPIRE began in the year 2001 with the release of the album “Hypnotica” (Lion Music) which featured both the American singers Mark Boals (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) and Lance King (ex Nightmare) on vocals. The line-up at the time was completed by Neil Murray (bass, ex Whitesnake, Brian May Band, Black Sabbath etc.), Gerald Klos (drums), Anders Johansson (drums, ex Stratovarius) and Don Airey (keyboards, ex Rainbow, Deep Purple). Rolf Munkes produced „Hypnotica“ himself; the mix was handled by Stefan Kaufmann (ex Accept, ex U.D.O.).

Only one year later, “Trading Souls”, the band’s second album came out on Lion Music. The CD once again was produced by Munkes with the mix being handled by Kaufmann. On this release, singer extraordinare Tony Martin (ex Black Sabbath) replaced King and Martin on the vocal spot.

Tony Martin also sang on the – up until now – most successful CD from EMPIRE, “The Rave Ride”, which was released in 2006 on German label Metal Heaven. Besides of Munkes, who, for the first also produced and mixed this release himself at his own  Empire Studios in Bensheim, Germany, Neil Murray took again care of the bass work whilst the drums this time were handled by ex-Rage/ex-Axxis drummer André Hilgers.

In 2007, the so far last album of EMPIRE saw the light of day. “Chasing Shadows” was once again released on Metal Heaven and the first record feat. former Rainbow singer Doogie White in the line-up. Mike Terrana (ex Rage, ex Axel Rudi Pell, Tarja Turunen) joined the group on drums.

In 2017, German label Pride & Joy Music will re-issue all four releases in a revised version. First up will be “Hypnotica” which will be released on February 24th, 2017 and include the three bonus tracks „Take A Look Around“, „Dogtown Shuffle“ and „Spread My Wings“ (acoustic version). One other album will follow every three months. 

Web: https://www.facebook.com/rolf.munkes

Discography:2001 – Hypnotica, 2002 – Trading Souls, 2006 – The Raven Ride, 2007 – Chasing Shadows

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Stamina - System Of Power (2017)

Release Date: 24 February 2017

Italian melodic/progressive metal band STAMINA is the brainchild of guitarist, songwriter and producer Luca Sellitto. Since the beginning, the band’s aim has been to create a personal style of music, combining a wide range of influences ranging from melodic power metal to progressive rock, to hard-rock and fusion.
During the years the band has released three full-length albums feat. many guest musicians including Henrik Brockmann (ex Royal Hunt, Evil Masquerade), Kenny Lubcke (ex Narita, André Andersen, backing vocalist of Royal Hunt), Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, Brazen Abbot, etc.) and Nils Molin (Dynazty).

In April/May 2012, STAMINA embarked on their first European Tour, including shows in Germany, Austria, Holland, Spain and north of Italy. During the second leg of the tour the band had the opportunity to open for Danish rock quintet Royal Hunt in honor of their 20th anniversary world tour.

Today, STAMINA consists of Alessandro Granato - vocals, Luca Sellitto - guitars, Andrea Barone - Keyboards and Mario "Uryo" Urciuoli - bass plus the additional musicians, Andrea Stipa - drums; Jacopo DiDomenico - backing vocals; Donata Greco - flute; Giulia Silveri - cello. Band leader Luca Sellitto says: "Our new studio effort, ‘System of Power’ is the most mature release from us up until now, displaying a slightly more aggressive approach, an even increased level of technical proficiency and a wider sonic spectrum than ever before.”
STAMINA’s fourth album “System Of Power”, will be released on German label Pride & Joy Music on February 24th, 2017 and is tailor made for fans of Melodic Prog Metal in general, in the vein of early Symphony X, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Dream Theater, Royal Hunt, Angra and many more.

Web: www.facebook.com/staminaitalianband
Discography:Permanent Damage (2007), Two Of A Kind (2010), Perseverance (2014), System Of Power (2017)

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Damage Limit - Crank EP (2017)

After being founded in Helsinki, Finland, in 2010 Damage Limit have been earning their badges through a couple of demos and playing a mass of live shows for the past years. Their first official production "Crank" will finally be released in January 13th 2017 through Secret Entertainment.

On "Crank" Damage Limit's catchy choruses and grinding guitar riffs are doing most of the heavy lifting, but it's most definitely not that simple. Uplifting guitar leads cut through the high-pressure riffs in this rugged hard rock piece in which Damage Limit is painting the story of growing up in the suburbs of Helsinki Metropolitan Area. "Crank" is a well-balanced and solid view to the future of Finnish hard rock scene.

"Crank" was recorded and mixed by Jukka Salmi at Inka Studio (Orimattila, Southern Finland) and mastered by Janne Nurmi from Nurja Audio. The album artwork is created by Tomi Peltonen.

Samu Peltonen (Guitars/Vocals)
Mikael Tiiro (Guitars)
Riku Pessinen (Bass)
Teemu Hassel (Drums)
-Self titled demo 2010
-Troubles Distilled EP 2013
-Crank EP 2017 (Secret Entertainment)

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Relinquished - Sinister Dreams (Single 2016)

Some of you already might know this guys, others should not missing this news. Relinquished a progressive Metal and Rock Band from Austria recently increased their popularity on US Spotify and now we have to announce the release of their new single „Sinister Dreams“ on NRT-Records. Alllthought Sinister Dreams isn’t a new Song and was released in january 2014 as an music video on Youtube, the Band and their new label decided to release it as a single on december the 9th, 2016. Sinister Dreams was only released on youtube, not on an Album, neither on a single or EP. 

Relinquished’s Music Videos are simply Art and Art is their Music. Combining various styles of Metal , but also some emotional tracks like sinister dreams,  Their both Studio Records „Susanna Lies In Ashes“ and „Onward Anguishes“ paved the way to the future of the Band. Relinquished’s studio albums typical are concept albums which tells an entire story, chapter by chapter.

A New Album which will be called „Addicitivities Part 1“ is on the way and will be released on NRT-Records in the summer of 2017. With this pure, raw Metal Release, Relinquished will open a new Chapter in their career „as Darker as can be“

The Cover Artwork of Sinister Dreams, was created by photographer Tina Burgstaller and NRT-Records CEO Philipp Gottfried himself. 
Relinquished – official site:  http://www.relinquished.at


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