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Hybridation - Chapter 1 (2017)

Seahorse Recordings
Hybridation is an experimental project born by the search for new sounds and the union of different kind of music.
The project aims to break down the walls of musical genres.
The genres that inspired the project are Avantgarde music, electronic music, experimental music, ambient music, folk music, neo-classical music, orchestral music, symphonic music, and others.
Hybridation was born as a meeting point between different minds and cultures since 2016. 

Hybridation brought its music on stage as much as on the web with other names before they start to call themselves with the signet Hybridation.

They finally worked on the first album as Hybridation, released September 29, 2017.

Jole Cundari – Piano / Keyboards – Synth / Voice – Choirs
Paul Melotto – Guitar / Synth / Voice – Choirs
Dado Secchi – Double Bass / Electric double bass
Marco Campagna – Acoustic drums / Digital drums

Hybridation on Social Media:

Release single (OFFICIAL VIDEO): Run Away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQwo-7JZXnU
Spot Ad: https://www.facebook.com/hybridation/videos/1596083363785919/

Website: www.hybridationcore.com 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hybridation

BANDCAMP: https://hybridationcore.bandcamp.com/album/chapter-1

Hybridation on Digital Stores:
Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1286545854 
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0yqnqL7Ynj3XXIWxJcbuwf 
Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/it/album/48454702 

Reviews (in italian) at the following link:

NEWS: http://www.hybridationcore.com/news/ 

MERCH: http://www.hybridationcore.com/merch/

Jackal - God Of War (2017)

JACKAL started in 1985 and released the CD “Cry Of The Jackal” in 1989 after several demo’s.

The CD received good reviews in metal magazines en was played at radio several national & international radio stations at the time. We  also received great response from several countries in the world especially from Germany.
Jackal did shows with bands as Vexation, Angus, Hot Legs, Baby’s Breath, Chalice, etc. In 1992 the band went dormant.
In January of 2007 original members John and Rick kick-started the band again. New bandmembers where found, rehearsals started and after their ball breaking debut on 12-12-08 in de Kade in Zaandam the band is playing full force again!
In 2010 original singer Erwin Siereveld joined the band again.

Since then the guys have worked hard on old and new songs and played with bands like o.a. Martyr, Vanderbuyst, Iron Fist, Custard, Lizzy Borden, Tygers of Pan Tang, Picture andn Higway Chile.
JACKAL is about to release their new album ‘God of War’.
Metal with a Bite!
JACKAL guaranties powerful Old School Metal.
Melodic and powerful, slow and fast songs all made to last and kick ass.

Erwin Siereveld – Vocals
John Bouman – Guitar
Rick Waalewijn – Drums
Maxime de Koning – Bass


Δευτέρα 27 Νοεμβρίου 2017

REXORIA - Queen Of Light (2018)

RELEASE 19 January 2018

REXORIA is a female fronted Melodic Metal band with folk influences from Sweden which was formed in 2016. 

The quartet spread around the word fast and toured for two weeks in eight countries with Bloodbound, Thobbe Englund (formerSabaton guitarist) and Polish Metal band Crystal Viper, and played 35 shows in total within the first year after it’s founding with bands such as Hardcore Superstar, Raubtier, Electric Boys, Slade, Backyard Babies, ToxicRose, Billion Dollar Babies, Entombed A.D and Smash Into Pieces. 
In November 2017, they supported Battle Beast and Dynazty in Sweden. 
The vocalist, Frida Ohlin, was nominated in the Swedish competition "Årets rockröst 2016" (The Rock Voice 2016).
The band’s EP’s “Moments Of Insanity” (2016) and “The World Unknown” (2017) are currently available on Spotify. “Queen Of Light” is their first full-length album which will be released on Pride & Joy Music on January 19th, 2018. The CD was recorded in the first half of October 2017 at Trampolin Recordings in Gothenburg, Sweden with producer and mixing engineer Henrik Pettersson and mastered by Jeffro Lackscheide in the USA.


Line-up: Frida Ohlin – Vocals and keyboard, Jonas Gustavsson – Guitar and Bass, Cristofer Svensson – Guitar, Martin Gustavsson – Drums


Πέμπτη 23 Νοεμβρίου 2017

Derek D - I Heard The Bass On Xmas Day (2017)

Derek D is the bassist in New Orleans punk, rock, blues band, "Saint Roch".  The band has just released its third album called "Revelator".  The record was engineered, mixed, mastered by Derek D and is available on Spotify, etc, and the CD is available through the band website, www.SaintRoch.net
He is also bassist and multi instrumentalist in "KILL STAR" records available at www.KillStar.org and all streaming sites.
His new christmas record *I Heard The Bass On Xmas Day" is a solo venture and tribute to his love for the holiday

Millennium - Awakening (2017)

MILLENNIUM was formed in 1982 by Mark Duffy (vocals) and Pete McArdle (guitar). They recruited Steve Mennell (drums) Dave Price (bass) and Dave Merrington (guitar). The band released their debut album in 1984 on the Guardian Record label to much critical acclaim. The band recorded a number of demos between 1985 - 1988 and disbanded in June 1988. Vocalist Mark Duffy went on to join Thrash Metallers TORANAGA releasing albums through Peaceville records and Chrysalis records.

In 2014 No Remorse Records rereleased Millennium's debut album followed by a second album released in 2016 titled "Caught in a Warzone" this album was made up from recordings the band made throughout 1985.

In 2015 Mark responded to an advert that Will Philpot had posted looking for like minded individuals to form a Metal band. The idea of resurrecting Mark's NWOBHM band Millennium seemed an obvious course as Mark had always felt that this chapter of Metal history was not yet over. Original members were contacted and drummer Steve Mennell and guitarist Dave Hardy were on board along with new bass player Andy Fisher. Rehearsals and gigs followed with a great response to the live appearences at Brofest, Live Evil and Mearfest. During this time Will and Mark had been demoing new material that they had written. Sadly, ill health and other committments meant the loss of Steve and Dave. In February 2017 the band, including new drummer Darren Moore, travelled to Coach House Studios in France to record their new album, mixing the album at Ritual Studios in Darlington UK, the band are ready to unleash "AWAKENING", a combination of NWOBHM riffage, Heavy Metal ideals and a lyrical call to arms.

Welcome to the new Millennium!


Τετάρτη 22 Νοεμβρίου 2017

Scars Of Solitude - Deformation (2017)

Release Date: December 1st 2017
Record label: Inverse Records

Scars of Solitude is a melodic metal quintet from Äänekoski, Finland,  playing music rooted deep in the Finnish melancholy. The band was formed in January 2015 and has stood firmly and proud behind its music ever since. Their music sounds like autumn - it's kinda dark, rainy and cold but still rich in both beauty and colour despite all the despair. Even though many of its members have come and gone the forming members Tuomo Laulainen, Niki Kuivakangas and Lassi Pollari have remained since the birth of the band. Now the core trio are accompanied by the talented Mikko Ruuska on vocals and Antti Kettunen on rhythm guitar. 
Music can be like a graveyard for your emotions. You dump them in there and revisit once in a while if you wish. Some you need to bury alive, some might crawl back to haunt you. These songs have been cold and pale waiting for their burial for a long time. Now it's time for you to start digging!

"- - Scars of Solitude is a band that has a lot to offer and, instead of focusing on one aspect and delivering it well, they can change to a completely different style with no sound of staggering or being uncertain; their album will be something to be anticipated of!"
-Pitch! Nordic Music Magazine

Scars of Solitude debut album 'Deformation' will be released on December 1st via Inverse Records. 

Mikko Ruuska - Vocals
Tuomo Laulainen - Lead Guitar
Antti Kettunen - Rhythm Guitar
Lassi Pollari - Bass
Niki Kuivakangas - Drums 

Ammouri - Dare To Be Happy (2018)

RELEASE 12 January 2018

AMMOURI (Marina Ammouri), is a Swedish female metal artist, rock singer, songwriter, music producer and model. Being a classical schooled pianist, and graduated sound engineer from SAE college, she previously has composed and produced songs in different genres for other artists in Sweden and abroad, among them are Therese (Terran) Andersson Lewis, Regina Lund, Ivorian band Les Patrones, Portuguese singer Mila Ferriera and more.

In 2012, her songs represented Sweden in the Baltic Song Contest with Swedish actress and singer Regina Lund and East European Band MMadCatz as front artists. Three years later she wrote and produced a crossfade opera song for a Swedish opera group Opera Light, and after a successful song release which was keeping a place in Lust Kammare at the Swedish Royal Palace, she decided to stop songwriting for others artists and to start her own solo artist carrier. And this step marked the return back to her roots, the music she burns for most from all: Rock and Metal.

In January 2017 AMMOURI released her first self-written single ”Fill Your Heart With Love”, from her upcoming debut album “Dare To Be Happy”. She received art once remarkable feedback for her special powerful rock voice, an original sound, and rock listeners and rock forums labeled her the ”new Doro Pesch”. Many Metal Female internet communities featured the single and Marina in October 2017 was chosen as face of the ”Metal Female Voices Community”.

In spring 2017, the Swedish multi-talent was invited to collaborate with Maestro Mistheria, the creator of Vivaldi Metal Project. They went on an unplugged promo tour in Italy in October 2017 with Vivaldi Metal Project, where they performed a couple of songs from Vivaldi and introduced for the first time her second, upcoming single ”Monster of Your Own Creation” and songs from the upcoming AMMOURI album ”Dare to Be Happy” which will be released on January 12th, 2018 on Pride & Joy Music. For the album, she was joined by an impressive bunch of musicians which includes Pontus Egberg (bass, the Poodles, King Diamond) on all of the songs and also as co-producer of six tracks. Exceptional guitarist Staffan Österlind (Paul Dianno, Iron Maiden and more) played guitar on ”Monster Of Your Own Creation”, ”More than Everything”, ”Bad Illusion”, ”Not Anymore”, ”Starlight” and also a co-produced the track ”Bad Illusion”. Tony Borg (guitars, Alien) co-produced the song “Fill Your Heart with Love” and played a solo on the tune “Bad Illusion”. Drummer Johan Kullberg (Therion, Hammerfall), John Berg (guitar, Manipulation, Dare to Be Happy) and more can be heard on this CD.

Τρίτη 21 Νοεμβρίου 2017

Spiral Key - An Error Of Judgement (2018)

RELEASE 19 January 2018

Spiral Keyis a UK-based symphonic progressive metal band formed in 2012, specializing in melodic, thoughtful and heavy music, diverse themes and a subtly dark sense of humour. The band features the distinctive voice and intricate guitarwork of David McCabe and the thunderous bass work of Ken Wynne (Cut the Wire).

Spiral Keyreleased their debut “Perfect Machine” in 2013, a diverse collection of songs with a focus on melody and featuring themes of love, loss and identity. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Bentham Studios in Ken’s home town of Swindon in the UK, the album was self-released. After a short hiatus and gathering live assistance from up-and-coming drummer Chris Allan (ex-Malefice, now session/independent) and guitarist Dan Carter (Belial), Spiral Key burst onto the stage in 2016 supporting a number of bands across the spectrum including Kingcrow and Votum.

After that successful year, Spiral Key’s second album “An Error of Judgement” was recorded at Outhouse Studios in the UK in early 2017, and will be released by Pride and Joy Music on January 19th, 2018. John Mitchell (Frost*It BitesArena) contributes a guitar solo to the track “Dark Path”, vocalist Miguel Espinoza (Persefone) features on the track “Possessive”, and Dan Carter displays his inimitable style on the track “Sanctimonious”. Mixing and mastering were handled by David Castillo (KatatoniaOpeth) and Tony Lindgren (AngraJames LaBrie) at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Artwork is the product of the mighty genre luminary Mattias Norén of ProgArt Media, touching on the paths described in the album.

An Error of Judgement” examines the many misdeeds of mankind, from the major themes of disunity and disempowerment to the close-up and personal failings of people themselves. Darker and heavier, it elevates Spiral Key’s trademark progressive sound to new symphonic heights, while still making space for the band’s trademark humour and melody.

The first video for the album is for the track “Hollywood Dreams”, by Patric Ullaeus (EvergreyAmaranthe) in Sweden.

Official Website: www.spiralkey.co.uk          
Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/spiralkey

Δευτέρα 20 Νοεμβρίου 2017

GOAT OF MENDES - Hagzussa - Riding The Fence (2017)

Founded in 1994, this German band, named after the goat-headed god of the witches, is probably one of the first in the scene to combine atmospheric Heavy Metal Music with lyrics inspired by Wiccan Paganism.

Over the past 20 years, GOM released five albums and one demo, which were highly acclaimed in the international underground scene by fans, the Wiccan / Pagan community and press alike.

Untouched by any current trends, GOM always delivered their own unique style of Heavy Metal. Influenced by all styles of true Heavy Metal, be it classic HM, Thrash, Black, Death or Doom, razor sharp guitar play and the archetypical highly variable vocal delivery, GOM successfully created their own niche within the vast and crowded Metal scene.

With the current line-up, gathered around founding members Surtur and Marco, GOM have enriched their already unique style by integrating even more elements of crunching, yet melodic twin guitar work, thunderous drumming, awesome leads and variable, charismatic vocals.

Even though the bands concept is deeply rooted within Paganism and Witchcraft, due to the personal philosophical background of main lyricist Surtur, the style, sound and lyrical message of GOM differs remarkably from what is now broadly known as „Pagan Metal“. GOM is pure, fucking Metal with Wiccan lyrics – Wiccan Metal - nothing else, nothing less.

So don't hesitate and get in touch with the band, if you wish to Walk upon the Wiccan Way!


AILAFAR - Heartbeat (2017)

The new album "Heartbeat" includes 12 new songs and new collaborations. It features the wonderful vocals of Elisabeth Mari who is a long time live member and also guest vocals from Steve Overland of FM band! Also it features guest vocals from Dean Mess of W.A.N.T.ED band, Kelly Blake of Jailcat and Constantine Maris (Brother of Elisabeth) of Forbidden sin band. It was recorded in Valve studios and enginnered by Strutter of W.A.N.T.E.D and GUS G, band! 
Ailafar was founded in late 2006 by John Tzortzis to perform his material. After some changes to the line up and few bar/club gigs they recorded the first demo in May 2009. In September 2009 the recordings of the first full album '' Long way to imagery'' began. It was finished in August 2011 with the help of several session musicians and new band members. The project album is self released and includes 12 songs written/arranged and produced by J.T, plus an extra song recorded in 2012. With a new line up the band played several bar/club gigs in Thessaloniki including a couple TV appearences and radio shows. Within a break of a year in 2013 the recordings of the second album started in May. It was finished in February 2015 and released by AorBlvdRecords. It includes 13 songs and guest vocal appearences from Stephan Kammerer( Frontline, Stereotide Germany) , Paul Jackson( Roadhouse- Pete Willis band, UK ) and David Saylor( Push UK, Wild rose UK). It also includes vocals by Tatiana Economou, Alexandra Mcay, Olga Katsenidou, Elisabeth Mari. The album is written/arranged and produced by J.T .Mitch Malloy did the mastering of the album. It received many good reviews and airplay from around the world. It was featured twice in a year in Powerplay magazine in UK. In May of  2016 the recordings of the 3rd full album started and they were finished in May of 2017. The band continues to play electric and acoustic shows. It has also supported acts like Eric Martin of MR'Big and Uli Jon Roth. 

Elisabeth Mari - vocals,  John Tzortzis - guitars,
Kostas Mauroudis -bass, Vangellis Valis Papageorgiou,
Fotis Kanistras - drums,
Special guest: Steve Overland - vocals,
Dean Mess - vocals, Kelly Blake - vocals, Constantine Maris - vocals, Dean Mess - vocals

1. Do you really want my love? 
2. Stop running away
3. Bucket List
4. Now we Rock
5. Dream Date
6. Live Love Dream (LLD)
7. Come like an angel
8. Forever as one
9. My heart belongs to you
10. Another you
11. Cast away

12. Pulse 

Label: Perris Records


Starsoup - Castles of Sand (2017)

Russian progressive rockers STARSOUP will release sophomore album Castles of Sand digitally on November 20 and on CD December 1 via Metalism Records. 
After inspiring debut album Bazaar of Wonders (2013, Sublimity Records), the band took a break due to leader Alexey Markov taking part in his other projects DISTANT SUN (power/thrash metal) and GARAGE DAYZ (Metallica S&M Tribute Show).
But the long wait will be worth it! Castles of Sand is even more eclectic than the debut album with thrash metal, soft rock, progressive, folk and singer-songwriter tracks mixed together. The album will certainly appeal to the fans of QUEENSRYCHE, PAIN OF SALVATION and CIRCLE II CIRCLE.
There will be two versions of the CD available: a standard jewel case with 12-page booklet and a deluxe digipack with 24-page color booklet, a STARSOUP guitar pick, and stickers. The CD versions also include two bonus tracks ("Light Up the Stars" and "Road to Sunset").

Digital pre-orders are available on iTunes at https://goo.gl/kA82mU and on Google Play at https://goo.gl/HZSpjV
Track List:
1. The Catcher in the Lie
2. Into the Woods
3. Brother's Plea
4. Your World Is Dead
5. Rumors of Better Love
6. Escapist
7. Winter in Shire
8. Castle
9. The World That Has Moved On
10. Light Up the Stars (CD bonus)
11. Moon on the Shore
12. Road to Sunset (CD bonus)

Κυριακή 19 Νοεμβρίου 2017

Vivaldi Metal Project - The Extended Sessions (2017)

“The Extended Sessions” EP is the follow-up release to the extremely successful “The Four Seasons” album release by VIVALDI METAL PROJECT which hit the shelves in Summer 2016 on CD & double vinyl on Pride & Joy Music. The album up to today is one of the label’sbest sellers and now being continued with this valuable EP which will shorten the waiting time for the fans until the next full album!
Created and produced by Mistheria, VIVALDI METAL PROJECT are currently working on bringing the project onto stage with full band, orchestra and choir. During Summer/Autumn 2017, the band played a series of unplugged shows in Finland, in Bulgaria and in Italy in advance which resulted in the idea to put some of the extraordinary material onto this EP! “The Extended Sessions” includes four tracks which are centered around the group’s performance at “Kitee International Music And Art Festival” which took place in Kitee (Finland) on July 13th, 2017. Arranged by Mistheria, the performance at the “Sleeping Sun” event featured Mistheria himself on piano and Tsena Stefanova on vocals. An epic video for this track will also be available soon online.
“The Extended Sessions” EP opens with a newly recorded unplugged studio version of “The Four Seasons” medley which again was arranged by Mistheria who performed on this track on piano and was joined by vocalists Tsena Stefanova, Angel Wolf-Black and Dimitar Belchev plus Abigail Stahlschmidt on violin. Additionally to this track, the song “Vita” - one of the album's single - is featured twice on the EP: once as exclusive “original vocal session” as recorded by Dimitar Belchev on the first demo version of this song which impressed Mistheria at the first listening, and once as instrumental “karaoke”. Both versions are delivered with a brand new mix by Ivan Moni Bidin at Artesonika studios.

“Vita” was originally released with different singers on last year’s album. The track was arranged by Zhivko Koev and the line-up here includes Dimitar Belchev on vocals, Srdjan Brankovic on guitars, Chris Caffery (TSO, Savatage) with a guitar solo, Jeffrey Revet on keyboards, Royal Hunt’s Andreas Passmark on bass and Martijn Peters on drums.
Like the Vivaldi Metal Project’s “The Four Seasons” album, the “The Extended Sessions” EP was mixed and mastered by Ivan Moni Bidin at Artesonika Studios in Italy and produced by Mistheria. Vivaldi Metal Project is currently booking more unplugged shows over Europe and USA. Dates will be announced soon!


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