Δευτέρα 25 Μαΐου 2020


His numerous collaborations with drummer Martin Johnston had been in his computer as demos for years where he would be overly self-critical but always want to do something more with them. Time moved on and he disappeared. He became more withdrawn and reclusive due to his depression, but after finding out that his cat Edie had sadly been run over by a car, Paul’s first release is in honor of her.

Paul Francis Wilkie, an artist from Scotland, made an instrumental dedicated to her short life. Edie and her sister Mabel were rescued from a bin as kittens and looked after in a flat in Glasgow until he moved house to live beside the sea, forests, and mountains. Edie and Mabel could play outside now and Paul would wonder where they went on their adventures when they weren’t home.

With a newfound purpose and inspiration, this track is a celebration of the life that we all have and can forget to make the most of while we still can. Now that he has his momentum back, plenty of drums tracked and he produces all his music by himself, this single is the first of much more to come.


Σάββατο 23 Μαΐου 2020

GOING FERAL - Ghoul Rebellion

Formed in earnest in November 2019 Going Feral are an instrumental outfit from the dark heart of West Yorkshire. 
Featuring Yuri and Rob on guitars, and Alex on the drums
Going Feral dispense with bass and vocals whilst still creating walls of sound interspersed with earworm riffs and captivating melodies. Main influences come from bands like Russian Circles, Mogwai, This Will Destroy You, Explosions in the Sky.The band performed their first shows together in early 2020. 

Ghoul Rebellion, released 1.5.2020, is the first song written as a unit and boasts low tuned dirty riffs, which cede into expansive sounding chord progressions and culminate in blasts of tremolo picked lead lines. A fantastic instrumental hard rock piece, that will keep your interest until the last note. The band have made a very serious guitar and drums work on this track.

Also the band will be releasing a series of tv theme covers started on Friday 22/5 with Twin Peaks,  recorded in their various garages/toolsheds/tabletop studios...

Now, after years of gigging in 'more conventional' outfits the gloves are off, the vox have been ditched, and from now on there is nothing standard...


Κυριακή 17 Μαΐου 2020

WILDPACK - Nosedive

Wildpack were formed in in January 2020 while studying in their second year at music university, BIMM Bristol. Musically they combine simple chords as well as big riffs and solos and a tight rhythm section.They bring the lost and the lonely together with hard hitting lyrics, mesmerising melodies and a propensity for punk-energy. 

The band's main influences come from Indie and Alternative Rock and bands like  Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lower than Atlantis, Killers, Foo Fighters,The Kooks and Led Zeppelin .

Nosedive is Wildpack's debut single. An Indie and Alternative rock track about leaving your home town in order to make something of your life and escape that "Small town state of mind", the feeling of not belonging in your home town, and the fear of not amounting to anything.

Band Members:
Josh Coates - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics
Howard Hooper - Lead Guitar
Callum Houghton- Bass
James Luker - Drums, BackingVocals


Σάββατο 16 Μαΐου 2020

HEAVYMAN - Baby Jean

Heavyman steps onto the scene with their debut single ‘Baby Jean’. Their first release, a tale of lust and despair, tells the story of a man tortured by the advances of a much younger love interest. A symphony of guitar riffs, groove, staggering vocals and harmony, Heavyman packs a punch and brings a modern flavour to classic rock.

Baby Jean’ is set to release on 16th May across all major platforms. It is the first of six songs to be published from the band’s debut recording project, which they will be releasing monthly as they write and record more material.

Heavyman is a four-piece rock band based in London, comprised of Charlie Yang on lead vocals and guitar, Tom Papaloizou on drums, Igor Fonseca on bass, and Nick Burns on lead guitar.

So named for the emotional struggle that characterises their music and lyrics, the band was formed in 2019, as the birthchild of a project Charlie and Tom started when they first met at university seven years earlier. Sharing a love for rock veterans like Queen, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles, Heavyman combines groove and swagger with pop melodicism in a mix that brings a sweetness, endearment, and emotion to hard rock. Driven by impassioned vocal performances that bridge rock and soul, the band delivers a devastating blow that captivates and invites the listener into the progressive narrative of the gravity-defying character that is Heavyman

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Heavymanmusic/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heavymanmusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Heavymanmusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAjhTm51O-nt6N4YL_XUB7w

Πέμπτη 14 Μαΐου 2020


Joined together by a love of music, Without My Addiction - a 5 piece independent band from Norfolk - make music with a clash of different styles, using hard rock tones and haunting melodies to create a unique experience.

Without My Addiction started in 2018 and they have recently released their newest EP Innocence Of Bliss , recorded at Sickroom Studios.

Band's main influences come from bands like Alter Bridge, Panic! At The Disco, The Raven Age, Avenged Sevenfold, Radiohead and Nirvana.

In The Name Of Progress is a story told from the perspective of an outsider looking in. All they see is someone who doesn't learn from their mistakes, without considering their feelings. Say You Love Me is all about love and how crazy it can make you.Olanzapine is a song about mental health and how it can affect your life. Confined is all about toxicity in relationships, and thestruggles it can cause the people who feel trapped in toxic relationships. Already Broken is tricky, as it comes from a lot of places,and can mean a lot of different things.It's a tale of decline, of spiralling mental health and depression.

The whole point of the Innocence Of Bliss was to demonstrate how easy it is to judge a book by it's cover! Someone could be goingthrough hell behind closed doors, but your first impression doesn't alway s take that into account. More than that, every song on the EP comes from a personal experience.

Band Members:
Connor Dunn - Vocals
Damon Singer - Guitar & Vocals
Oliver Rogers - Guitar
Becky Jones - Drums



In 2016, after hitting some roadblocks with original music and deciding that playing in the cover/club scene was not in his heart, Tony Rossi wanted something new. Driven by the desire to form a band that brought together a unique mix of musicians, he began the long road to what would lead him to Changing Tymz. A journey that required time and patience as the right band would be born in the collaboration of musicians willing to prove their passion, musical talent, faith in God, direction and ability to work together as an integral and equal piece of the process. This in itself would take over 3 years. During this same time period, guitarist Timmy Wysong was looking to find an accomplished drummer to join his former band, Hate Remains. Connecting through a music search,Tony submitted an audition piece for the band at Timmy’s request. Although things didn’t work out for Hate Remains, Tony and Timmy discovered a respect for each other’s talents and decided to begin collaboration. Adding vocalist Matt Martin to the group, the band was now beginning to take shape and the direction of the band’s sound became clear. Originally striving for a heavier and darker sound, the addition of Matt’s voice and unique style allowed them to dig deeper in the roots of true metal and melodic fashion to create a mix of modern and classical metal.  All the while, bass player Bryan McQuade was also looking for a change and placed an ad on Craigslist. Seeing the posting, the band reached out and asked him to submit an original bassline for the song‘Stand Up’. Taking his chances, Bryan sat down to write, submitted a piece...and a bass player was found.  Now at four members strong, all that was needed was another guitarist to add to the line-up. Knowing whoever it was needed to be the right fit, afterseveral auditions and more than a year later, the band finally welcomed Eric Fenton in November of 2019.  Five talented musicians, having never met before, all from different backgrounds, cemented by desire and passion for the music is what makes this band work so well. Proving that they can get through the best and the worst together, they officially released their 5 track EP in February of 2020 and are now in the pre-production stage of their full-length debut album (release date to be announced).

CHANGING TYMZ have a wide range of diversity when it comes to influences. Starting with classic metal like IRON MAIDEN orJUDAS PRIEST. Also some progressive bands like DREAM THEATER or Queensryche, and some newer bands like 5 FINGER DEATH PUNCH. Having a wide range of influences gives them their unique sound, a blend of old school and nu-metal with progressivemelodic instrumentation covered in powerful vocal arrangements.

Their new single Stand up is about believing in yourself and your dreams, don't let anyone tell you your dreams aren't real or that it cant happen, findyour reason get your answers and find the whispers of new beginnings.

Band Members:
Matthew Martin - Lead Vocals & Keys, 
Tony Rossi - Drums & Percussion, 
Timmy Wysong - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, BackingVocals, 
Bryan McQuade - Bass & Backing Vocals, 
Eric Fenton - Lead & Rhythm Guitar 


Παρασκευή 8 Μαΐου 2020

VIVILLAIN - Failures Fortune

The Norwegian rockers in Vivillain have accomplished a lot in a short period of time. Just under 100 concerts, a tour in Germany and two previously released singles with airtime on one of Norways biggest radio channels are amongst the things the group can put on their resumé. 

The energetic rockers from Bergen have already made their mark on the stage and now the streaming platforms are next. 

Their debut EP Failures Fortune was released on March the 20th. This EP shows the full spectrum of the band. "It has everything from the calm and moody parts in Scream to the kick in the face that is Thirteen", says drummer Fredrik Bø before he continues. "There is a little something for everyone on this EP and that is what we went for. We have on this entire EP worked to capture the live feel in the songs. We are primarily a live band and that is exactly what we want to be also when you are listening to our recordings," says lead guitarist Magnus Magnussen

The EP was recorded in former Guns N Roses drummer Matt Sorum’s home studio and produced by Chad Schlosser and Michael Johnson who’s previous work include names as Slash, Duff Mckagan, Velvet Revolver, Hollywood Vampires and many more. 

The EP was split into 3 singles released on October the 18th, November the 22nd and January the 24th before the full EP is released on March the 20th. In those months the three singles have racked up over 150 000 streams amongst them with Thirteen having over 100 000 in itself. 

Band Members:
Fredrik Bø - Drums
Magnus Magnussen - Guitar
Anders Christophersen - Guitar
Thomas Sixhøj Eide - Vocals
Lasse Johnsen- Bass


Τρίτη 5 Μαΐου 2020


Troll Breeder is a solo project of Nils Blum-Oeste that realised after making music in various other formats. In 2019 the time was right for Nils to go the solo route. Troll Breeder was set up as a one man show from the beginning to give full creative autonomy and allow musical emergence from a singular mind, closing the gap to all the listening minds.

Troll Breeder's main influences are various Extreme Metal genres, Melodic Metal and a good bunch of other genres like Grindcore, Classical, Synthwave, Noise and various other electronic music genres. Scandinavian Metal deserved being mentioned explicitly, this includes Norwegian Black Metal, Swedish Death and Melodic Finish Metal. Among the most influential bands are Edge of Sanity, Ihsahn, Enslaved, Gorguts, Death, Immortal and many more.

Den of Trolls is the debut album that marks the beginning of the public Troll Breeder story. "As much as the project itself, this album is an exercise in emergence and defying reductionism and its destructive forces. Too much analysis of the outcome would actually be counter productive. The project stand for itself." says Nils Blum-Oeste.  He also states that he was inspired from multiple directions, nordic metal and Norse mythology playing an important role in particular.

The whole album was written, recorded and produced by Nils Blum-Oeste in his home studio and co-produced by Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, Sabbath Assembly, Vaura, Solo Artist).

Band Members:
Nils Blum-Oeste: Songwriting, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Programming, Production, Everything


Κυριακή 3 Μαΐου 2020


The Dirty Pennies are one of Rochester NY's hottest bands blending the Blues with Garage Rock. The trio have toured in support of Wine Lips, Birdgangs and had the pleasure of performing at the Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival and Lilac Festival in 2018.

The Dirty Pennies formed in 2012 when Ryan Klem and Lucas Howe came together to breathe new life into the Rochester, New York music scene. The two hashed out songs with mean gutbucket guitar riffs, addictive driving drums, and folk style singing for a few years before gaining the attention of Joe Mungo in 2015. The three members form a unique sonic experience comprised of high energy Garage Rock, a healthy dose of Indie Rock vibes, and just the right amount of Blues. The band is currently performing and touring in support of their latest EP released in April 2019.

"I'm Your Man" is the first of three singles released by The Dirty Pennies in 2020. The Artwork features a snapshot of their drummer, Lucas Howe, just before heading out to ride his Huffy (a staple bicycle in the 90s). The bands latest rendition of their sound is soaked in Garage Rock vibes, which was foreshadowed in their 2019 EP. "I'm Your Man", is a sharp critique of today's turbulent and political landscape. A divided nation, confused populace, unchecked police violence, a two faced media, and voter apathy - all of which contribute to the general angst of this tune.

Band Members:
Ryan Klem- Lead Guitar / Vocals
Lucas Howe- Drums
Joe Mungo- Bass


Σάββατο 2 Μαΐου 2020

TALES OF DHVARAS - Full Speed Or Nothing

In the early nineties, the metal band, Dhvaras, played what they referred to as "Skogsrock" (Forest rock) in Groruddalen, Norway - inspired by both the beauty and dark rawness of nature itself. All songs were created on classical guitars as the melodic foundation before riffed into a loud and melodic soundscape.

During Fall 2019, its band founder, Kyrre, was able to restore an old DAT tape demo previously believed to be lost forever, and wasn´t too pleased with the sound (and in fact couldn´t cope with it). So he decided to go back to the studio, make the spirit of Dhvaras a last favour, and finally record material that have piled up over the years.

Kyrre met with James Regout in September 2019, in London to rehearse and record the songs with former Dhvaras bass player, Ruben Drage De Leon. Those Tales of Dhvaras live on and are no longer buried and dead.

The Norwegian metal band, Tales of Dhvaras, finally released its title song “Full Speed or Nothing” on April 24th (https://ffm.to/fullspeedornothing), shortly after the release of its first single “Geiranger” only a month ago (https://ffm.to/geiranger)

“The sound was made to feel like a punch in the face, and the lyrics are about getting up again”, said Kyrre Riksen, who recently resurrected his band after over two decades of dormancy. In 2012 he carved “FSN”, the abbreviation for Full Speed or Nothing, into the graffiti wall at Gamlebyen Skatepark in Oslo to declare his commitment to building strength through perseverance. Earlier this week he posted numerous Instagram photos of skate spots in Oslo that he defined as his battlefields ( https://www.instagram.com/p/B_LSI9TpVcd/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link ). He said he could have shitty days but as long as he blasted hand plants and airs on his skateboard, he would always regain strength for the next fighting day.

He also thinks the title song “Full Speed or Nothing” is more relevant than ever in these times when people should never forget what gives them inner strength and motivation to create and fight again.

Full Speed or Nothing” was recorded with studio owner Dax Liniere at Puzzle Factory Sound Studios in London with drummer, James Regout and bass player, Ruben Drage De Leon, and is available on all major streaming platforms from April 24th.

Select your music service of choice to listen here https://ffm.to/fullspeedornothing



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