Σάββατο 31 Αυγούστου 2019

ETERNAL BREATH - World Of Chaos (2019)

Belgium heavy metal group Eternal Breath release second full length album World Of Chaosworldwide via Sliptrick Records. The follow-up to their previous debut album The Joker contains eleven brand new tracks that were composed and continuously improved over the period of 3 years.
The writing process during this time evolved from the haphazard approach of the debut album to a more systematic approach. This results in more solidly written songs with tight, dynamic playing and an attention to detail. The album’s lyrics deal with the hardships and trials of contemporary human life, but still put forward the role music and passion can play in coping with this “World of Chaos”.
The album was produced and mixed by Pieter Nyckees and recorded during the second half of 2018 in Shellshock Studio (Knokke, Belgium). The tracks were mastered by Attie Bauw who was responsible for mastering the Grammy nominated album Painkiller by Judas Priest. Guest vocals and piano tracks for the song The Greatest Loss were delivered by Tiffany Veys, head vocal coach at Mind the Voice.
World Of Chaos | Released June 28th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records
Track Listing:
01. My Redemption | 02. Never Surrender | 03. Need For Speed | 04. Fire | 05. Fight For Metal | 06. Follow Your Dream | 07. Power And Glory | 08. Hard Life | 09. The Greatest Loss | 10. Revenge | 11. Y.P.M.O.
Eternal Breath are:
Andy Polfliet – Vocals | Marino Decaluwé – Guitars | Robin Vancayseele – Guitars/Backing Vocals | Aaron Soen – Bass/Backing Vocals | Kenny Geerts – Drums

AS I MAY - My Own Creations (2019)

Finnish modern metal act AS I MAY announce they will be releasing their second album "My Own Creation" this coming July 2019. Signing with labels Rockshots Records and Spiritual Beast(Japan), the sophomore full length is slated for a worldwide release on July 26th along with it being available in Japan on July 24th. "My Own Creation" is a fast-paced blend of modern metal with metalcore highlights. It’s heavy, melodic and unique; and sonically more mature than AS I MAY's previous release "Speak No Evil" (2017). Working on writing music that is easy to identify with a digital atmosphere, AS I MAY make their listeners headbang and sing along to the catchy choruses. The first single from the album is 'Pride Goes Before A Fall', it is full of unique tones, dynamic riffs, and impeccable production. As part of an album that is written to be listened to in full, 'Pride Goes Before A Fall' sets a dark tone with excellent production in the video. The band explains the meaning behind the song: "'Pride Goes Before A Fall' is like a fast-moving train with catchy synth melody that drills into your head and stays there for the whole day. It's got Rammstein stylish riffs that will make you continuously headbang. The bridge has a very nice dynamic beautiful vocal melody to add with an infectious chorus." Paying homage to many old school metal bands, In Flames fans will find a special affinity for this Finnish act. Watch the video for 'Pride Goes Before A Fall' on YouTube: https://youtu.be/MsSkiSkPBeo Single stream and download available at http://smarturl.it/AsIMay "My Own Creation" is available for PRE-ORDER as CD and VINYL version: http://bit.ly/2XCAnIf

Κυριακή 11 Αυγούστου 2019

Narnia - From Darkness To Light (2019)

Narnia’s new album; From Darkness To Light is the band’s eight studio album, and a natural sequel to the previous, self-titled album, from the band’s return and 20th anniversary in 2016.
The spark that Narnia lit on last year’s live album We Still Believe - Made in Brazil, has followed the band into the studio, where this energy has been channeled and structured into a long parade of nine songs.
With the musical roots remaining deep in melodic metal, the band has both stretched on to a modern sound where the guitars still dominate, but also allows analogue 70/80’s analogue synthesizers to take place in the soundscape.
The lyrics are noticeably important to the band and in true Narnia spirit this heritage has been well managed and further refined.
Christian Liljegren sings with such passion that it is hard not to be touched by the vocals. This album is also produced by Narnia’s guitar virtuoso CJ Grimmark, who also has written most of both lyrics and music. It is mixed by the band’s sound engineer Viktor Stenquist, and mastered by Jens Bogren, Fascination Street Studios.

The band’s first tour in South America in 2017, made noticeable marks and you can hear this new reignition has come to stay. It is clearly hearable in Andreas ”Habo” Johansson’s energetic drumming, which is performed with both power and precision.
With a keyboardist as Martin Härenstam, the Narnia has the caliber of another solo virtuoso in the band. The synthesizers are there all the time and commute between complementing the sound image and making exciting excursions, a bit like a perfectly balanced dance in harmony with the guitar. The band’s latest addition, bassist Jonatan Samuelsson, has merged well into the band and has also contributed with background vocals, playing Taurus bass pedal, songwriting and graphic design of cover.
It is a united and wholehearted band that now is releasing a new studio album! From Darkness To Light will be released in connection with the coming tour in South America, together with Stryper and Tourniquet


Σάββατο 10 Αυγούστου 2019

Dreams in Fragments - Reflections Of A Nightmare (2019)

Featuring musicians from Majesty Of Silence, Rainforce, Proxima, the foursome known as DREAMS IN FRAGMENTS consists Seraina Schoepfer (lead vocals), Chris Geissmann (guitar, vocals), Jan Thomas (bass) and Franc Fritschi (drums) hailing from the small Swiss town of Wangen bei Olten somewhere between Basel, Berne and Zurich. The band’s musical stylings have been compared to popular acts such as Nightwish and Delain. However, DREAMS IN FRAGMENTS have no reason to present themselves as a cover band of any of the greats; Seraina’s voice, operatic yet light as a feather, combined with Chris’ growls sets the band apart in the same way the union of hard guitar riffs and dreamy orchestrations does. It is only fitting that their set list is built around the band’s own compositions such as ‘The Maze’ and ‘Nightchild’.

Lyric Video – ‘Nightchild’https://youtu.be/r-Gd-Juk_Tc

In June 2019, the band will hit the road for an Eastern European tour as a support act with fellow Swiss friends symphonic dark metal group FORGE for their “Heimdall Tour 2019” in Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary.

“Reflections of A Nightmare” is available for pre-order via Rockshots Records at http://bit.ly/DreamsInFragments_CD
Track Listing:
1. Everytime
2. Nightchild
3. The Maze
4. Incomplete
5. Prologue
6. Defy every Storm
7. Falling with a Crown
8. Little Red
9. In Flames
10. Unireverse

Seraina Schöpfer: Vocals
Christian Geissmann (Majesty of Silence, Proxima): Guitars, Growls, Orchestral Arrangements
Jan Thomas (Rainforce, ex-Pÿlon): Bass
Frank Fritschi: Drums

For more info:
Label website: www.rockshots.eu
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DreamsinFragments

Παρασκευή 9 Αυγούστου 2019

LYKEN21 - Cyclical Insight (2019)

With the help of Dillinger Escape Plan’s Guitarist and Backroom Studios producer Kevin Antreassian (Mike Portnoy, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Russell Allen, The Number 12 Looks Like You), the material presented on Cyclical Insight by Lyken21 defines the term crossover, sending its listeners on a journey between the daylight and their dreams.
The aggressive tracks presented are as invigorating as they are forceful. There are songs such as Shadows with its punk vibe, to hard-edged, riff-filled songs like Sanctified and Doomsday Deception. Melodic thrash & NWOBM influenced songs include Assassin and American Zombiewhich makes the album comparable to some of the sensational virtuoso’s of former generations. More mainstream songs such as Ebb of HumanityLost In My Head and Good Can Be Goodsmash in the gaps with incredible rhythms and lyrical smarts, humor and depth. Lastly, Lyken21show their serious side in the song Revelation Reality, 9 minutes of thought provoking music with a contribution from bassist Mike LePond of Symphony X.
In this modern age, having a dynamic ‘heavy’ ethos does not limit a band’s movement into mainstream possibilities. In an industry where there is no guarantee of anything for the musicians, there is a full guarantee that Lyken21 will deliver. These are 10 songs of solid, hook-filled, memorable material spanning a spectrum of music that all people will have listened to and most will enjoy.
So buy it, turn it up and rock it out! Whether you’re 12 or 45, on Cyclical Insight you’ll find songs that will get your adrenaline pumping!
Cyclical Insight | Released June 18th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records
Track Listing:
01.Assassin | 02.Shadows | 03. Sanctified | 04. Good Can Be Good | 05. Revelation Reality | 06. Hell’s 4 Children | 07. Starlight | 08. Doomsday Deception (German) | 09. Lost In My Head | 10. American Zombie | 11. Ebb Of Humanity
Behind the instrumental constructions were contributions from members of Symphony X, Dillinger Escape Plan and White Zombie helping out their friends. Guitarist Oleg Lipovchenko, bassist Andres Nuiver, drummer Joe Billy III and vocalist/keyboardist Marton Miklos.
Recorded mixed and Mastered at Backroom Studios, Rockaway, NJ
Produced mixed and Mastered by Kevin Antreassian and MartonMiklos
Revelation Reality, Apocalypse Box & Hell Is For Children: Jonathon Maist & Marton Miklos
Lyken21 are:
Marton Miklos – Vocals/Keyboards | Oleg Lipovchenko – Guitars | Andres Nuiver – Bass | Joe Billy III – Drums

Πέμπτη 8 Αυγούστου 2019

Glasya - Heaven's Demise (2019)

Glasya was founded by Hugo Esteves in 2016 with one main purpose, to create a musical project that would combine full orchestral arrangements with metal. He was already familiar with symphonic metal, but he wanted to do it in a more dramatic and cinematographic way. So later that year, Hugo invited Bruno Ramos, former drummer of My Deception, and they started writing together.
They needed to integrate the symphonic elements, so Hugo contacted Davon Van Dave, a Dutch-Portuguese keyboard player, who had been member of two well-known Portuguese bands, Urban Tales and Shadowsphere, that toured with bands like To/Die/For, Beseech, Rotting Christ and, with their albums being at the top of the metal charts in Portugal, and was the ideal person to reach out for.
With Davon Van Dave on board, the next step was to find the right voice. They heard about a Portuguese Nightwish tribute band, Nightdream, and after listening to their singer’s voice and seeing her performance they immediately invited her: Eduarda Soeiro, being a classical performer and trained singer, right away became the face and voice of Glasya.
The band line-up was finally complete when Bruno Prates (b) and Manuel Pinto (g), former members of Enchantya, both being talented musicians and experienced performers, came on board.
With all the members having different influences, from classic to progressive, they were creating a very stylish and distinctive sound which offers symphonic, ethnic, slow emotional songs and powerful metal riffs, of course.

In 2018 the band released the song "Heaven's Demise" to the world in advance and it made quite a buzz among the press, creating great expectations on their upcoming debut album.
Later that year, at The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers Studios, Glasya started to record the album with Fernando Matias, who is a member of Sinistro, and has worked with bands like Moonspell, Bizarra Locomotiva, Gwydion. The upcoming album “Heaven’s Demise” features four guests, the voices of Paulo Gonçalves (Rasgo), Flávio Lino (Deadlyforce and “The Voice” Portugal show contestant), Nélson Raposo (a film and series voice-over professional), and the beautiful violin of Inna Calori.
This year, Glasya releases their debut album through Pride & Joy Music and are scheduling their tour to play the main metal festivals.


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