Κυριακή 29 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019

Birdeatsbaby - Painkiller

The World Conspires is the upcoming album of progressive metal band Birdeatsbaby. The first single from this album is Painkiller, a complex arrangement of progressive rock and metal. Listen to the striking and unique sound of Birdeatsbaby :


Primal Maze - Raise the Dead

Intense vocals, cutting riffs and lyrics about finding the courage to chase your dreams and lifting others up. This the new song from hard rock band Primal Maze. 


Ulrik Ehn - Tomorrow

I hear a lot of new songs every day. But this is the one that has touched me the most lately. A beautiful simple ballad with intense outbursts creates a feeling of melancholy that is perfect for the coming autumn days.


AESOP - Chiral

Aesop is 5-piece outfit from Dallas, TX. Their music can be discribed as Progressive Rock/Metal and a little  bit of metalcore. Chiral is their new song. It reminds me of Tool. 


Souls Extolled - Mutations Sake

Mutations Sake is a reggae-rock anthem from the Austin rock band Souls Extolled. With lyrics about sun and God , epic choruses and a guitar solo at the end, this song came here to stay. Check it out here:


The Half Eight - Everything I Want

Everything I Want is the 3rd release of this British Pop/Rock Band. Melodic Rock at it's best with beautiful melodies, influenced by the 80s AOR bands.
Listen Here:

Σάββατο 28 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019

Dearly Beloved - Close Encounters

Dearly Beloved is a pop rock band. The track is pretty good, but the video is a bit unusual.



Hunting - Whatever You Need

And now you can dance to the new Hunting song. Catchy electro-rock with 80s glam rock feel. Very beautiful melodies. Listen to it:


SOUTHDOGROCK - Ride with me

Ride with me is the first song by SOUTHDOGROCK. It is a typical 80s rock song, which is done for good. Each sponsorship will be spent to cover the production costs of the next song. When those costs are covered, any further revenue from streaming portals will be donated to the OFFROADKIDS FOUNDATION, which aims to create prospects for street children and young homeless people in Germany.

ESTHR - Haunted

The new track on ESTHR sounds like Linkin Park from 2000-2003. Hard rock with plenty of synthesizers and beautiful melodies.


Edictum - Doomed (feat. Rota)

Doomed is the new Edictum track. The track is full of synthesizer sound and is quite different from what we usually hear.


Thousand Frames - Regret You

Thousand Frames is one of those bands that have come out recently, combining rock sound with modern girliesh pop. Their new track can be a hit.

Listen Here:


Useless Cities - How To Feel (New Single)

From the first notes you realize that this song will be beautifully different. The depressing atmosphere, music inspired by Interpol, male / female vocals and production by Paul Tipler (Placebo / The Horrors / Idlewild). 

Repenter - Skeletons (New Single)

Don't be fooled by the cover that looks more like an 80s power metal.Repenter is an alternative rock band with female vocals. 
Their new track Skeletons can be heard here:

Bad Wolf - Breathing Underwater (New Single)

Here we have a band that has clear influences from Evanescence, Paramore, and Birthday Massacre. Bad Wolf have released their new track Breathing Underwater and it looks like they will do very well.


Blue Eyed Blackbird - How Is It So Hard (New Single)

Blue Eyed Blackbird is a rock band from New England. Classic rock with beautiful melodies and simple lyrics. Check out their new track.

Παρασκευή 27 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019

Pop Trash Inc. - Space Traveler

Pop Trash Inc. is an alternative band from Rotterdam that deals mainly with futuristic themes. Their music is weird electro-pop. Listen to their new track:

NEWMEDS - Nobody's Fool (New Single)

NEWMEDS is a new band from the United Kingdom Hull. Their music can be described as Post-Hardcore, Punk, Metalcore. Their new single has been released and is very strong. 

John Chaney III - In Every Trace

"I am an Indie Christian singer/instrumentalist/songwriter, originally from Louisville, KY (USA), currently based out of Tennessee. This year I have released 10 singles as a solo artist. I also have released a lot of back catalogue music.
My mission is to challenge the norm on several levels. My songwriting is unusual, but it works for the melodies. My arrangements are complex and layered. I sing about my spirituality as a Protestant. Often, I sing about spiritual warfare, the dangers of money and the evils of modern society. Or the Bible.
On last year's record (kpec3arrival "man vs himself", 2018) it was a secular effort, with only one Christian song. The other songs, although not evil or spiritually unChristian, seemed too dull, lyrically. It was too easy a path to sing about love or psychobabble. I needed risk, an edge, and a chance I could fail. That is why I turned my music over to God. And I've seen my numbers go up exponentially...
I don't fit in any exact genre per se, every listener has a different idea about my label. I personally don't care where my record is on the shelf - as long as it doesn't stay there...."



Adam Exler - Language Of Love

It was upon hearing B.B. King's "The Thrill Is Gone" at the age of twelve that Adam Goodley first heard passion and soul, the likes of which he had never heard before. That experience inspired him to want to express himself through music and the keyboard became his instrument of choice.
After graduating as an honor student and tennis star from Buckley School, Adam attended The Grove School of Music where he developed his skills for singing and songwriting.
Adam changed his professional name to Exler, formed the band, Everblue, and on a limited budget, recorded his first of three albums The “Everblue” album was a chance to showcase his original material as well as his unique lead vocals and keyboards. It led to gigs in many well-known venues in Los Angeles including the Viper Room, the Coconut Teaszer, and the House of Blues. His original song “No Pain” garnered several top awards from GarageBand.com, including the #1 Best Blues/Rock Vocals of all time, Top 10 Vocalist of all time, and two more Top 10 nods for Best Song of all time. “Baby’s Lullaby”, a song he wrote for his son, hit #2 on the New Music Weekly AC/Hot AC Main Chart, #2 on the Indie Chart, and #6 on the Hot Top 100. It hit #1 in some cities, including Nashville, St. Louis, Atlanta and Los Angeles.
He went on to record his next two albums, “The Writings on the Wall” and “You,” which was produced and arranged by Mark J. Vincent at his Multi Media Music studio. “You” features a cast of stellar musicians which include Adam on lead vocals and keys, Mark Vincent (Stanley Clarke, Dionne Warwick, Vin Diesel) on guitar and synth, Fernando Jaramillo (Beto Cuevas, Exsimio, Don Grusin) on drums, David Hughes (David Benoit, Chaka Khan, Melissa Etheridge) on bass, and Felice Hernandez (Neil Young, Josh Groban, Michael McDonald) on backup vocals. His brand new song entitled “Dreamers” was recorded with Matt Melodious Coe and the legendary Stuart Epps (Elton John, George Harrison, Led Zeppelin). Adam has recently opened for Howard Jones at the City National Grove of Anaheim, Canned Heat at The Whiskey and Tito Y Tarantula at The Canyon Club.
Adam is a prolific singer/songwriter who has compiled an impressive body of work. His songs are full of beautiful melodies, harmonies, rhythm, passion and hope in a genre described as a soulful, universal rock/pop sound. Adam is finishing his new EP, mixed by Craig Bauer of HINGE studios (Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco) and mastered by Dave Collins Mastering (Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Don Henley). This new EP was funded through crowdsourcing and pays tribute to his stepfather who had battled pancreatic cancer for 5 years. Part of the proceeds will go to the Hirshberg Foundation of Pancreatic Cancer.


Dacian Miron - Feelin' Dangerous

Feelin’ Dangerous is a new take on old favorite, finally proving to your mother that it wasn’t all a phase. Your teenage angst grew up and has a 9-5, but this song takes you back in time without making all the same mistakes you did back then. The song sets the tone with a dark mood but stays upbeat enough to give it that bubble gum emo punk flavor that engages mainstream audiences. With melodic guitars and passionate vocals, Feelin’ Dangerous defines the possibility of “what if” and “what could have been” and croons about taking chances on nothings that turn into somethings.
Reminiscent of early 2000's emo punk and pop punk alternative while bringing around a fresh new rock sound, it will get all of the kids who listed to Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, and Blink 182 out of their “New Wave Alternative” phase and slip back into their old emo dancing shoes, skinny jeans, and tightly wrapped hoodies.
Plug in your hair straightener, dust off your Vans, and stuff your thighs into the tightest jeans you can find. Dacian Miron, a native of Tampa, Florida, is bringing back your #emo days, sending you into a spiral of young adult angst.

At age 16, Dacian started covering Blink-182 and Sum 41 songs in his bedroom by strumming on an old Yamaha acoustic guitar his mom bought him. A year later, he got his first electric guitar and at age 18 formed his first pop punk band Another Tragic Case (a clever play on a New Found Glory song). To spare you the details, they sucked.

At age 21, he finally decided to get serious about something in life and the business side of music and formed The August Name. Shortly after the formation, they release their first self titled E.P with Lee Dyes of Earthsound Recordings, who has worked with names such as Mayday Parade, Go Radio and I SET MY FRIENDS ON FIRE. The band went on to play shows with notable artists including AWOLNATION and Hawthorne Heights and went on a few cross country tours. In 2012, the band started seeing issues and solo work first crept into Dacian’s mind.
He released his first solo song in 2013 for the music video A Place Between the Ocean and the Stars but then immediately took a hiatus to learn how to style his hair and deal with personal issues.

Dacian didn’t stay out of the game for too long as only a year later, Scott Vallina of ex-Not Tonight Josephine asked him to join the band and go on a promotional tour for their new record Common Gold which had been featured in magazines such as Alternative Press. Following the tour, Dacian was fully ready to pursue the solo career.

Fast forward to now where Dacian has been working on his first solo E.P "Slightly Mysterious Somewhat Delirious" set to be released later this year. Pulling inspiration from the 60's and Sinatra, 80's sounds such as Journey and Motley Crue, 90's Disco, and 2000's emo jams like Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and just about anyone who’s had a set on Warped Tour, this release is sure to spark your interest no matter your niche and prove to your mom once and for all that this wasn’t just a phase.

facebook.com/daciandangerous instagram.com/daciandangerous 

Felin - LaLaLa

F E L I N is a Swedish audiovisual duo consisting of songwriter/ artist Elin Blom and photographer/ director Fredrik Etoall (the “F” in F E L I N).
Having worked with the likes of Icona Pop, The Rolling Stones and Adam Lambert, F E L I N are all about the highest quality of sound as well as image, by making the two inter-dimensional and expansive of one another.
FELIN released their debut EP last fall and played the legendary TV-show ”Rockpalast” in Germany. Their song have been played on the radio in Scandinavia and UK and now they’re ready for the Swedish festival summer coming up.


Dead Rituals - Run

Dead Rituals is an alternative rock band founded by Andrea Caccese.
Over the past 15 years, he has been traveling and writing music with various bands and collaborators. This new project stems from sessions recorded in New York City, Melbourne, and Naples, amidst significant life changes.
The bustle of downtown Manhattan. A remote beach town on the Pacific coast. Historic alleys and hidden pathways in the heart of the Italian South. Each place affected the songs, and each track explores different ideas, held together by the personal lyrics.
The four songs on Dead Rituals’ debut EP capture the immediacy of punk and alternative music. They also incorporate the textures of new-wave, noise, and shoegaze. EP opener "Run" combines pop-punk with throwback influences, like Phil Spector's Wall of Sound.



Uforia - Say What You Want (New Single)

Following widespread rock scene support for their recent single Crawl, Toronto hard rock band Uforia return today with another brand-new song. Once again produced by Finger Eleven’s Steve Molella, Say What You Want is a song about struggling to communicate that fully showcases Uforia’s powerful, polished command of hard rock riffs and angsty, anthemic melodies.

Listen to Say What You Want on soundcloud here now.

“Communication is an essential ingredient to success” says Michael Ursini (composer/lyricist) on the new song. “It’s incredibly frustrating to spend time with a friend that is unhappy and unwilling to talk about it. It’s so important to talk to the people around you about life. It gives you a perspective that’s not your own.” Musically, the song was born from a guitar riff that Daniel Sallj (co-composer) had brought to Michael. A signature “Salij riff”. Further collaboration with Steve Molella (co-writer/producer) brought the song to its completed form.

What began as a solo project for Michael Ursini has morphed into Uforia, a talented four-piece hard rock band that has released three EPs since 2012. The band has won a number of plaudits including being crowned winners of both Hard Rock’s Rising Canada competition and Jack Daniel’s Support-ing Actcontest, and received Mississauga Music awards for “Best Rock Artist” (2017) & Song of the Year (2018). Their single Fight or Flight is heard regularly at Canadian sports stadiums, including the Toronto Blue Jays baseball and the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators ice hockey games. The song also soundtracks the NFL, being played on the Buffalo Bills pre-game playlist.

Find Uforia at facebook.com/uforiaband, twitter.com/uforiaband and instagram.com/uforiaband now.

facebook.com/uforiaband instagram.com/uforiaband 

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WYO - Hot Lights

Los Angeles' WYO makes cinematic music inspired by frontman Andy Sorge's home state of Wyoming. Taking inspiration from the imposing landscapes and majestic mountains he grew up around, singer-songwriter Andy Sorge utilizes an organic instrument palette to create the soundscape that is WYO. After attending film school in New York, Andy met multi-instrumentalist, Scott McKay Gibson, and the two retreated to Wyoming and began delving into Andy’s original songs that would soon become their debut album, Untamed. Released in early 2018, WYO teamed up with veteran Los Angeles-based producer, Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Pete Yorn, Ben Lee), to provide a fresh ear to finalize the LP. After a successful debut release, WYO is preparing to release their sophomore album Changes in 2019, which further explores their panoramic sound. A sound that has led to sharing the stage with Robert Earl Keen, Avi Buffalo, The Fruit Bats and WhiteHorse, and playing venues like The Peppermint Club, House of Blues, Viper Room, State fairs in San Diego and Wyoming, as well as Genius Loci Festival in Mexico. In addition to performing as WYO, Andy and Scott frequently compose music for documentaries, commercials, and short films together. Perhaps this explains the reason that WYO’s music has a way of evoking such striking visuals that stir the imagination. WYO embodies the search for a place that’s alive and wild. It’s an endeavor that deals with love, loss, and constant exploration. It’s a tale of reconciling city life with the unyielding need to retreat to nature’s gravitational pull.  


Drug Hunt - The Blood

San Diego act Drug Hunt will release the track "The Blood" on 9/25, a sweltering rocker aided by climatic vocals and rousing organs, culminating in something memorable melodically and aesthetically.

The track comes via the band's forthcoming self-titled EP.
"The Blood" is a song that examines humanity's beliefs in Creation and divine intervention. It’s a song that journeys to the source of religious and spiritual ideologies in an attempt to decipher them. Since their youth, the principals of Drug Hunt make such journeys: they've traveled from the Native American reservations of the Four Corners region in the U.S., to the Mayan tribal lands in Rory Morison’s hometown of Chiapas, Mexico. They've researched ancient religions, participated in sacred ceremonies, and practiced eastern methods of enlightenment through yoga and meditation. "The Blood" is rooted in a reflection of this immersion

Whether through spiritual or religious practices, humans have always ventured to inner and outer realms to commune with gods. “They are in many ways our stage directors, we ask (gods) for guidance and pray for their assistance during our trials and tribulations,” describes Rory Morison. “Gods can be animistic, menacing, ephemeral, tricksters, and all-loving beings, but in almost all cases we are their actors, and for millennia they have defined our roles and the meaning of our existence." "The Blood" is challenging the heavenly realm as much as it is questioning how we situate ourselves within the universe, as illustrated by the lyrical passage: “They watch from hilltops / overseeing the shadows that they cast / traversing symbols / oh how they love to watch us dance.” We are the shadows these gods cast; they are the remnants of our imagination passed down through generations. This song recognizes that we created our creators and have assembled them in our image to give meaning to our lives and the thereafter.
Drug Hunt, a bizarre quintet of natural seditionists, bastardizes Psychedelia with the orphaned idealism of American Post-Punk and early British Hard Rock. While recording Drug Hunt (out July 5th 2019 via Blind Owl), Drug Hunt captured an array of musical hallucinations in a genre bending fashion that produced a sound entirely their own. As a result Drug Hunt is a searing four song EP that burns like napalm in the echoes of a sixties resurgence. Imagine a Doors album produced by Steve Albini, written by Nick Cave, and fronted by The Stooges at a biker bar.
With two new releases slated for 2019 (Drug Hunt EP  July 5th, and a follow-up full length), Drug Hunt is quickly earning a fierce reputation for their prolific output and incendiary live performances, being named one of NBC’s “Top 9 Bands to See Live in San Diego.”
In Southern California, a new wave of Rock & Roll artists is changing the very definition of the California sound. At the helm of the pack is Drug Hunt, howling ravenously under the delirium of a full moon.


Joppa - Moth

 "This is the first song I wrote when I was planning a new band. It took a while to finish it, first because of logistics, and later because I decided to quit my previous band after they suddenly informed me that they decided to move to LA. We were already almost finishing recording of our EP, but after their decision I moved from Boston to NY by myself to restart everything.
This is a NY-based band led by myself Joppa. I'm interested in styles like Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Doom, Black Metal, Dungeon Synth and Dark Ambient.
Our members are currently active musicians in many bands, including The Claypool Lennon Delirium, Stone Giant, RANN, Dol Guldur, etc."

Listen Here:


Strong Like Bull - Good Time

STRONG LIKE BULL is a Straight Up Rock N' Roll band with rural roots in the land of motorcycle rallies, rod runs, and all night keg parties.

Hella Grey - No It All

Heart aching relationships fueled the lyrics and that passion over spilled into the music. Hella Grey is two people who love music and are reaching out to music lovers who enjoy listening and relating to artists. Thanks so much for listening!


Firefight - Lords of the Abyss

"This song is usually the opener for our live shows. It gets the blood pumping and bodies moving with its groovy riffs. Narratively the song is the start of an EP-album that follows the story of fallen god-like creatures that are plotting their return into the mortal world, setting the stage for steady recruitment and infiltration.
Firefight was officially formed in the start of 2017. Even though the band is based in Bergen, Norway, the members are from varying towns along the Norwegian west coast. During the first year the bands sole focus has been gigging as much as possible around the country and we've had the pleasure to play with many talented bands from Norway and abroad. In the spring of 2018 we've been touring Norway with Eyes Wide Open.
All members of Firefight are an integral part of the songwriting, which gives us a broad variety in our musical inspiration. We refuse to be bound by the conventions of genres and our metal is delivered Heavy, Industrial, Nu, Groovy and Thrashy!
We are finally ready to gear up and hit the studio, so there is a lot coming your way from the fiery halls of Bergen!"

youtube.com/channel/UCO9XfZZvn6GqD8EONcgFN8w  instagram.com/firefightno 

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Miles Recommends - Keep it Warm

Taking their moniker from their childhood video store clerk, Miles Recommends (like the movies Miles recommended) have again defied genre confinement, adding another bowstring to the magical odyssey which makes up their soundscape as they continue to dissect the social norms of today.
In a world so well geared towards a sedated and pacified existence, new single Keep it Warm is a fog-horn reminder to keep your wits about you and the fires of hope burning bright.
Keep it Warm is a "rollicking folk-punk number that starts off as a meandering alt. country-rock ballad before it crescendos into a blazin', head-banging, psych-groove monster, it's gunna wear a hole in your shoe from the toe-tapping." - SCENESTR Mag
“Human history follows the perpetual cycles of the birth, conquests/greed, and then death of the less scrupulous. It’s all blood, gold and bone and this history continually repeats itself. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of us should be placated by their shallow thoughts and promises. Trust your instincts and above all, keep those fires in your belly warm.” - Des Atkinson
Beginning with Lou’s haunting and sultry vocals before exploding with the fiery unhinged wailings of Des, Keep it Warm is a slow burning fuse ignited to deliver a one-two punch of fury in line with the duos simple songwriting premise of “why create two good songs when you can create one epic song instead?”
Keep it Warm (recorded and produced by Des Atkinson and mixed by multi-platinum award winning producer Adrian Hannan) is the title track from the bands forthcoming debut full-length album due for release in early 2020.
Miles Recommends is an Australian indie rock band based in Melbourne who blend a wide range of rock, blues, folk and pop influences into a vibrant and moving musical odyssey which form a backdrop to their ongoing dissection of social norms. Oh, and they're named after their local video store clerk!


Bad Jones - Soul, No Body

Soul, No Body is the debut single from Bad Jones. A long time coming, it has been well gigged on the Auckland scene. Its a short and sharp party starting rock song with a twist. 

Twisted, hard rock n roll straight out of a barn in the bowels of rural south Auckland. We like to make things as abrasive and weird as possible without ever sacrificing straight-up, 4/4 rock grooves. If bands like The Bronx, Idles, Refused, and old-school Shihad are your cup of tea then get your teeth into some Bad Jones.


Jenny Kern - Old Friend

According to A&R Factory, with her first single Jenny Kern, “the Canadian-born, New York-based singer-songwriter hasn’t failed to amass plenty of attention with the magnetic vocal style and emotively piercing lyricism contained within Slow Burn. And it really isn’t hard to hear the appeal. Written within the melancholy of the candid and poignant lyricism is a generous serving of catharsis which will ensure that long after this track has faded out, the haunting introspective will stay with you.”
Jenny performed around Montreal during University before moving to NYC in 2013 where she started as a page at NBC and quickly worked her way up to producer in the film and television industry. In 2018 Jenny decided to take a leap of faith and pursue full time her passion for music and songwriting. Drawing on her own experiences, her songs unfold through a confessional-style delivery revealing the strength that can only come through vulnerability.
"It’s almost cathartic, sharing emotion. Being open is not an easy feat for anyone. I want people to know that these songs come from an honest place. We all struggle to find comfort in ourselves while being open to the unexpected.”
In the fall of 2018, she recorded her debut EP and began performing at notable venues around New York City including Rockwood Music Hall and The Bitter End. Jenny’s debut EP is an intimate collection of songs from years of self-reflection on her personal experience with self-doubt, regret and the search for comfort in painful seasons.
In January 2019 she released her debut single, which received wide acclaim and immediately found an international audience on streaming platforms.
“Jenny is expressive in her seriousness of her lyrics, she shows all the cards. Every ratchet of emotions, describes her struggles and valiant efforts to conquer. We are human, and Jenny understands. This experiment, called life, is hard. Jenny’s songs and storytelling makes things better.” - comeherefloyd
Shortly after she released her debut EP in April 2019, she was invited on her first international tour in Europe and was featured on MTV. “It’s been a whirlwind journey so far. One I would never have expected to happen so quickly. I hope to continue writing music that is new and different, resonating with people around the world.”
Jenny is currently touring across North America building a diverse and loyal fan base while continuing to write and record new music set for release early next year.


Spuzbet - Bunnies!

An Interview with the Artist
What made you choose mediocre pop-rock as a career?
I have been in what many call "alternative mediocre pop-rock" for many years. After much thought, I made what seemed like a logical conclusion: to continue working with people, educating them about mediocre pop-rock and encouraging better mediocre pop-rock practices.
What is it about your personality and skills that helps you to fit into the role?
Mediocre pop-rock is a fast-paced profession in which critical thinking skills are essential. The fact that I am always on the go as an essential part of the team is exciting and deeply gratifying for me.
What type of mediocre pop-rock job do you have?
I work on the Float Pool which is a group of pop-rockers that are dispatched to where the needs are. This means we have to know virtually every type of mediocre pop-rock there is.
What do you like most and least about the job?
I am proud that I am doing something that is not only appreciated but is vital. My least favorite part of the work is being given more than four listeners. Having four listeners at a time is manageable and busy, more than that is too stressful and feels downright dangerous.
Any advice for those considering mediocre pop-rock as a profession?
Even though mediocre pop-rock is difficult, mediocre pop-rock school is tough and the profession is not for the faint of heart, I would say keep perspective and persevere. It is worth the incredible challenge, because there are virtually endless possibilities for what one can do in mediocre pop-rock these days.


A House Safe For Tigers - Bumblebee

 The song is about dealing with anxiety. Occasionally my life becomes really affected by these episodes, especially when it comes to relationships. So the verses are kind of about battling my anxiety issues. On the bright side sometimes the littlest things can bring me out of what I've jokingly referred to as 'The dark place.' I think in part it’s because when someone is dealing with that kind of issue they’re senses become hyper vigilant in a way. The chorus of the song touches on how watching a bumblebee working away inside a flower garden by my house helped me while I was dealing with one of those anxiety filled episodes. I remember how watching it buzzing around pollinating the flowers just kind of mesmerized me and really helped me pick myself up that particular day.A House Safe For Tigers is the brainchild of songwriters Mark Costantino and Brandon Delmont. Having known each other from the music scene in upstate Buffalo NY, Mark was a fan of Brandons' solo release and eventually asked if he wanted to collaborate on something new. From day one, they knew they were onto something good. The two went onto to release a self titled debut record in 2015 and continued writing songs for the next release.

Midnight Lands - Catch and Release

Ben Averch has been described as the “one man prog rock army” having released three solo albums under his own name and two science fiction concept albums under the name Global Unified. In the 90s, Averch cut his teeth as a street musician in Harvard Square, Cambridge and as the guitarist/singer for post-grunge band Bison.

Wicked Stone - Saviour

Taken from their new EP “Devil in me”


Isserley - VEINS

"Veins is the first single from my next album, "VIRCHOW METHOD"; An examination of self through autopsy. I really wanted to make something raw and personal for this one.
The saddest girl in Australia! I make music under various genres but mostly Industrial/Electronic and more recently doom metal type stuff."


Τρίτη 24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019

Colatura - John Wayne

"We raise these boys to be like John Wayne, so don't act so surprised when they turn out that way." This first lyric sums up the song, which looks at how the role models we show our children affect them and the culture we live in.
Drawing on a range of influences from '50s female-fronted outfits to Manchester post-punk and all manner of noisy things, Colatura sounds both of and out of its time, delivering music that seems to have always been.” - PopMatters 
Colatura is a 4-piece indie band based out of New York City and is what resulted when an indie rock guitarist who had been playing in the Brooklyn DIY scene met a former child opera singer and classically trained pianist and they discovered that they had unexpected, killer musical chemistry. Two years ago, Digo Degorio and Jennica Best met in a restaurant, both individually unclear on the direction they were headed musically, and discovered that their musical backgrounds had a lot to offer each other.  Digo encouraged Jennica to pick up the bass guitar, Jennica’s Metropolitan Opera soloist father became Digo’s vocal teacher, and soon they were writing music together, taking influences from widely varying styles, from classical to 60s garage rock, to new wave and surf rock.  Digo discovered a love of opera. Jennica discovered a love of guitar pedals. And this past spring, they roped in Meredith Lampe and Victor Donahue to round the band into a 4-piece.

JunkBunny - Sedona

Rising Houston-based rock trio JunkBunny releases their debut single “Sedona” with an accompanying video via LAVA Records/Republic Records—watch HERE and listen HERE!
JunkBunny is made up of three young musicians – Mac Johnson (lead vocals & guitar, 18), Cayden Diebold (vocals & bass, 17) and Jake Douglas (drums, 17). The band’s upcoming debut is an impressive introduction to their sound, sizzling with big, raw, urgent and relentless proclamations. The trio’s debut song “Sedona” is immediately both personal and universal, with sincerity bleeding from the vocals. “Sedona” was produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, P.O.D.), and the video was directed by Adam Rose-Levy and shot in the desert of Lancaster, CA.
Of “Sedona,” JunkBunny says, “‘Sedona’ was a song that we wrote early on, once we started to write our own music. It’s really cool to see the end product of an idea that started with a simple vision of a road trip vibe. We are super thankful for the hardworking and supportive crew that helped make our vision for the video a reality.”
Stay tuned for more new music from JunkBunny out this fall!
Crafting rock hooks with an emotive resonance beyond their years, the Montgomery County scrappy riff-rock trio JunkBunny—made up of Mac Johnson (lead vocals & guitar, 18), Cayden Diebold (vocals & bass, 17) and Jake Douglas (drums, 17)—made their major label debut before they could legally buy booze. JunkBunny draws from a deep well of experience and inspiration that stretches back to when frontman Mac and drummer Jake first hit it off in the third grade. Jake began playing drums when he was two years old and Mac was already a burgeoning guitarist. Jamming after school and kicking around band names at recess, the duo had already established an early incarnation of the group by the time they met bassist Cayden, a guitar player since the age of nine. Early sets were filled with a diverse group of covers, from Nirvana to Rage Against The Machine, showcasing raw nerve and vibe. By high school, the band proved themselves an unstoppable live force, selling out shows across Houston and eventually performing with legendary acts like ZZ Top, The Struts, Sammy Hagar and even Jon Bon Jovi. Entering the studio with Grammy Award-winning producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, P.O.D.), JunkBunny crafted their upcoming debut project. On the eve of their ascendency to a hard-earned wider audience, JunkBunny still burns with the same fire that emboldened them as elementary school kids falling in love with music.


Loudbrook - You Can Come To Me

"Powerful message, powerful music, and gorgeous vocals. Sure to stun! "


Dead Friends - Torches

Expanding on “Torches” itself and the idea behind it, Dead Friends’ lead vocalist/guitarist Austin Radford shares, “I think subconsciously people feel like we need our lives to be defined by something comprehensible–anything from political or religious affiliation to a job or a favorite sports team. ‘Torches’ is about clinging too closely to those life defining elements, and the devastating realization that you’re not a complete person without them."
Rock group Dead Friends are relatively new to the scene but are already starting to “make some noise,” so to speak. Lead singer and guitarist Austin Radford moved to Virginia from Dallas and wasn’t really sure whether he should continue to pursue a career in music, or head down another path entirely. He wound up meeting bandmates Christian, Brian and Dan, all of whom shared the same passion for music that Austin did.
Still unsure of what they were, the four guys recorded the song “Down For Good,” which got them moving in the direction towards Dead Friends actually being a full time band. Their next single “Paimon (What You Omen)” was the first song they wrote collectively. “Down For Good” and “Paimon (What You Omen)” were produced by Will Beasley (Asking Alexandria, Emarosa) and are stand alone singles. The band will be releasing an EP, due out early next year.
The band released their latest single “Torches” on October 5th.


Charcoal Burners - The Verlaines and Husker Du

This majestic rock song really swings for the fences with an ambitious structure - verse, chorus, bridge, another bridge, chorus, coda. It is like a condensed symphony. It's all about abandoning/being abandoned by your idols. Lyrics on bandcamp link are worth reading.

An untapped goldmine of independent songwriting out of Dunedin, New Zealand. 2019 is shaping up to be Charcoal Burners' year, with the twin albums The Best Day You Could Imagine and Orders From the House generating a lot of interest, along with the blistering meta single, The Verlaines and Husker Du.


CHIOPS - Tote Fische

The band around the singer Tilo Reichold stands for passionate ALTERVATIV POPROCK with catchy melodies and in-depth statements. Since his teenage years, the singer has written his own songs in which he processes the topics that personally concern him. In the authentic texts you can feel the turbulent times that the frontman has experienced in his eclectic biography. The songs get under your skin: "It's like someone is looking inside my life and describing my life as I never could," says a fan. In the current EP IMMORTAL topics are processed, which are otherwise rarely heard in the musical mainstream: social constraints, broken dreams, search for meaning and identity. Musically, the album offers a wide range of soulful ballads to rousing rock songs. The recently released music video "Only dead fish swim with the current" provokes and shakes. That is exactly what the band wants - to get something moving with their music. At the moment CHIOPS is in the studio and is working on a single which will be released in fall 2019.


Joe Francis Martin - Mirage

"Performed, recorded, mixed all by me except the violin and drums. The song was then sent to Dave Mcnair (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bruce Springsteen, Miles Davis) to master. The violinist and drummer were from established bands in Wilmington, NC."

Δευτέρα 23 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019

The Lavender Scare - Better Looking Boy

The Lavender Scare is a queer-influenced indie rock band from Los Angeles, CA comprised of musicians James Delos Reyes and Luis Servin. Formed in 2016, the band has evolved sonically from tight moody sing-a-longs to colorful epic anthems inspired by bands like Radiohead and Arcade Fire. Singer James Delos Reyes grew up in the church developing his musical skills by playing in and leading various worship bands. Struggling to make sense of his own sexuality alongside long-held beliefs, he eventually left the church creating the backdrop used for many of the lyrical themes and imagery that the Lavender Scare sifts through. Songs like "Sermonettes," "Sunday Sons," and "Careful Little Eyes" explore topics on gender identity, sexuality, and religion. Their upcoming single "Better Looking Boy" pays homage to a popular gay hookup app for which Reyes spent his first 3 years in LA working for. Despite singing about topics people are told to constantly avoid, their music remains above all irresistible. The dark satire reveals itself to be charming. The attitudes of defiance and resistance are universally felt. And as always, the melodies stay catchy. Even fundamentalists will secretly be tapping their toes while shaking their fists.

youtube.com/channel/UCmXThLd7_Z122AA0c6BSoUQ  facebook.com/thelavenderscare 

Cosmic Space Girl - Fall Apart

Cosmic Space Girl from Switzerland destroys the cold of the empty space, that's why she does some great Rock'n'Roll Punk! The three of them have travelled over lightyears to find the perfect mixture of raw, brutal, emotional and topless gravity, at least to please themselves!

Moncrieff - Like I DO

"Like I Do" is turning up at your exes door far too late and trying to win them back out of the hands of their new lover. 

Released last Friday (Sept 13th), it's already been added to editorial streaming playlists like New Music Friday (Spotify UK), Breath of Fresh Eire etc, . Additionally added immediately to playlists on several Irish radio stations including day time playlist on national broadcaster 2fm. Having already received strong airplay from BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, and Beats 1, along with a 13 week stint on the European Border Breakers Chart with his first two opening singles, Moncrieff seems now set to be the next Irish artist to break through with the release of his first body of work 'The Early Hurts' EP due later this October

New single 'Like I Do' , the perfect musical recipe of strong, soulful vocal delivery, raw yet hard-hitting production, 'Like I Do' is the focus single of Moncrieff's upcoming EP 'The Early Hurts'.

As the young Irish talent explains about the track: "Like I Do" tells the story of a break up with an ex-partner with brutal honesty and sincerity. It always feels promising and a relief to have that moment of clarity about love, Like I Do is turning up at your exes door far too late and trying to win them back out of the hands of their new lover. Sometimes break up songs have a habit of being told with images and metaphors to help round off the edges and soften the blow a bit for the other person, but most of the time in real life it doesn’t work this way... in my experience and I'm sure in many others, when you break up, there’s tears, grit and angry words... there's bitterness as well as care and love that hovers around and that’s what "Like I Do" captures: real feelings, bad times."

After a summer of European festival appearances, Moncrieff will be announcing European dates for November / December 2019




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