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THREEPEACE is an American Alternative Reggae Rock Band Formed in 2005 by Leftee and Big R . Their influnce is guitar and drum driven with their sound rooted in the Reggae Rock Genre. Likewise, the influences of the band draw from different facets of Classic Rock and Reggae including the sound of The Police and Bob Marley.
The Band’s first album “Empire of the Sun” (2006) established the band in the mold of their Reggae Rock heritage and was recorded after near death experiences for Leftee and Big R . The album was recorded in Empire, Michigan in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore where they recorded the video for the single "Empire of the Sun". The band received World Wide airplay on their first album where the band began to develop the idea spreading World Peace through their music. The “Empire of the Sun” album received many positive reviews including HussieSkunk.Com , Ear Candy Magazine and others.

The Bands second album “For the Love of the Rastaman” (2007) was an album dedicated to their heroes Bob Marley and The Police. The bands topics on this album established the band as social critics. The bands MySpace following quickly grew the exposure for the band and they were picked as one of twelve artists featured on the 2008 MySpace Music Calendar for the month of July. The band was also featured on www.StingUs.net in the bands influenced by Sting and The Police section of the site. The bands album sales continued to grow around the World. Crystal Pyramid Video Productions of San Diego, California commissioned the band for the use of their song “Gone Away" ,edited by Patty Mooney, to further promote World Peace through the creation of a YouTube music video dedicated to the cause.

ThreePeace continued to write and develop new songs and released “Messengers of Thyatira” (2008) . On this album the band combined current World events against the backdrop of 1st century A.D. prophecy. The ThreePeace message of peace and acceptance among all people of all faiths continues to bolster the success of the band around the World. They continue to focus their musical energy on the many things shared by all people, and less on the few things which divide the masses. Soon after the release of the "Messengers of Thyatira" album, ThreePeace was added to the Clear Channel Communications Family of websites at iheart.com, and listed on over 350+ radio stations websites in the United States.

Greatest Hits - Pieces of Three is a compilation of the best ThreePeace songs remastered from the albums "Empire Of The Sun", "For the Love of the Rastaman" and "Messengers Of Thyatira. All songs on this Greatest Hits compilation have been digitally remastered from the original recordings. This process was done by the professionals at Channel Fuse Media in Memphis, Tennessee. ThreePeace fans have long been asking for a greatest hits compilation. The band excited to get back to their mission of promoting One Love and Unity among all the brothers of man. In order to restore a collective unity to the three albums these tracks are taken from great effort was done during mastering to make them a collective unit by sonically improving all the tracks, while also making this a collection of great songs which stand on their own as one unit.

THREEPEACE - Positive Vibration Session was recorded in 2007 at Positive Vibration Studios in Grand Blanc, Michigan. ThreePeace Music is rooted in the cause of moving our World forward with Peace, Acceptance and One Love, as the great Bob Marley did before them. The band is going through a revival of sorts finding that the sounds of analog tape and spontaneous recordings made for the some of the best jam sessions. While sessions like these lend themselves to musical mistakes at times, it also that atmosphere which creates the best space for being in the spirit, going with the flow. This was the initial concept of the "Empire of the Sun" album itself. Often when you overdo the perfection with countless overdubs, you kill the spirit of the recording.

This project is a collection of Reggae Rock with a Punk edge which ThreePeace is known for. On this 6 song compilation the band covers the Bob Marley Classics "Stir It Up" and "War" and a punk version of The Police "Walking in your Footsteps". Also featured are songs from the ThreePeace album "Empire of the Sun". ThreePeace influences musically are many and include the likes of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and other Classic Reggae artists, as well as Classic Rock and New Wave influences like The Police and The English Beat. The band believed that this project sounded like a an old vinyl album bootleg and thus that is exactly how it will be released in limited edition.

This was recorded after the band was selected as one of twelve artists featured on the MySpace Music Calendar. This session was recorded during bass player auditions in 2007 as Raul was leaving the band for Alaska. The bass guitar is played by Michelle Hobbs who had never played any of this material before with the band. The energy and spark of the recording had a flow the band always loved. There were no rehearsals for this recording so it took its own musical direction. This recording has always been a band favorite and embodied the spirit and spark of the "Empire of the Sun" album and the "For the Love of the Rastaman" album. Michelle never actually played a service with ThreePeace other than this one session. This was a jam recording recorded via a X-Y stereo microphone setup in the studio. This Positive Vibration Session can be considered a band authorized Bootleg Recording. A limited Edition Vinyl Pressing was done for this recording.

Leftee - Drums, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals Track 3
Big R - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Raul - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals Track 3, Backing Vocals
Michelle Hobbs - Bass Guitar

Vapor Trials the 6th Album from the Michigan Reggae Rock Trio THREEPEACE. Over 5 years in the making. This epic album takes you on a musical journey covering topics from a wide range of interest. The band hailing from Michigan has long been known for their reggae / rock vibes in the influence of Bob Marley & The Wailers, Classic Rock artists like The Police and even dabbles into the Alternative Rock genre with influences like Green Day and other Punk Rock legends like The Clash. If you are into Reggae Rock Vibes that are intended to move the World into a Positive Vibration and direction this is definitely the album for you. THREEPEACE adds this album to their growing library of music which continues to grow by leaps and bounds, connecting the people of the World with concepts shared instead of things which divide us!

Drums & Lead Vocals - Leftee
Guitar & Backing Vocals Big R (Randy French)
Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals - Vdub
The band continues on the journey of World Peace through Rock and Reggae music and the bands website at www.ThreePeace.Org has logged over 399,000 visitors since its inception in November of 2005. The band is currently in the studio recording their new album Northern Shore due out early in 2016. The band is Published by the Sheehan Sound Engineering Indie Label and their music is Administered by ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).

*Empire of the Sun (2006)
*For The Love of the Rastaman (2007)
*Messengers of Thyatira (2008)
*The Positive Vibration Session (2014)
*Greatest Hits: Pieces of Three (2014)
*Vapor Trails (2014)

THREEPEACE FACEBOOK – www.facebook.com/threepeacemusic
THREEPEACE REVERBNATION (LISTEN FREE) – www.reverbnation.com/threepeacemarley
THREEPEACE ITUNES – www.itunes.apple.com/us/artist/threepeace/id134756649
THREEPEACE MANAGEMENT - http://www.threepeace.org/threepeace%20booking%20agent.htm
TWITTER - https://twitter.com/threepeace
SOUNDCLOUD - https://soundcloud.com/threepeacereggaerock
SPOTIFY - https://play.spotify.com/artist/0zje0iQ1fZ9CIEgIWV7CNF?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open

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Louisville KY's Stonecutters: Comprised of genuine 502 metal scene veterans, battle tested; past, present and future!

Stonecutters is led by Vocalist/Guitarist Brian Omer a veteran in the Louisville Metal & Hardcore scene. Playing with Louisville natives My Own Victim who issued four albums out on Century Media and did several tours across Europe and United States. From the ashes of MOV Brian Omer put together Stonecutters with 3 other like minded musicians, which illustrates punishing, brutal, beautiful, soothing, and primal music for these uncertain and turbulent times. With influences ranging from Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Death, Neurosis, Motorhead, Sick Of It All & early Metallica; Stonecutters illustrates a mixture of these influences all rolled up into a very unique format.

Having issued 2 self released full length albums, the self titled "Stonecutters" in 2006 and "Christhammer" in 2009, Stonecutters have played many shows throughout their home state of Kentucky, as well as Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, Kansas, Arkansas, West Virginia & Tennessee. Some of these shows have been opening up for national acts such as Anthrax, Gwar, Testament, Obituary, Unleashed, Mastodon, Eyehategod, Machine Head, Death Angel and Black Label Society, just to name a few. Both releases have received praises from Decibel Magazine, Metal Maniacs, & several underground zines and radio.

Now in 2013 Stonecutters has issued their 3rd full length Album "Creatio Ex Nihil" to the masses. Displaying the same characteristics as their previous releases but more focused & far tighter, with a massive production. Displaying very strong musicianship & intense lead guitars, "Creatio Ex Nihil" offers something for everyone in these uncertain and turbulent times.


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Standing Ovation

Finnish Standing Ovation releases their long awaited second album on the 27th of November. The 2012 published "The Antikythera Mechanism" got a good reception among both the audience and the critics at home and abroad.

The new album presents a fused band showing its best material till now. Their well-known trademarks are even more finely executed this time. The engaging melodic adventure containing a flurry of addictive details has a lot of time and recourses invested in it and figures such as Hiili Hiilesmaa (Amorphis, HIM, Apocalyptica) have added value to the production.

Reinforcements also arrived before the band stepped into the studio and world renowned guitarist Samuli Federley joined the band. Founded in 2006, this unit is now in its best shape ever and prepared to take over new territories. And never the less the band is a must see when they perform live on stage.
Don’t miss their new catchy out of the box music video, which will surely put a smile on your face.

Release date:
Finland: November 27th
International: December 4th


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DISIDENTE INMORTAL is a Classic Heavy Metal band from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
"Aquellos Inmortales" (2009) debut album, with the original line-up Grasso-Masferrer-Parra-Veneziani
01 Aquellos inmortales inmorales
02 El amanecer dorado del guerrero
03 La voluntad de los vientos
04 Momentos de libertad
05 El fantasma
06 La retirada
07 Hacia otro lugar
08 Quijote
09 El chocar de los aceros (aquella que inspira a matar)
10 Marchar a través del dolor
11 Enamorarse de la muerte
"Si la vida es una guerra" (2013) second LP, line-up Fresno-González-Grasso-Parra-Zapata
01 Si la vida es una guerra
02 Contra el imperio
03 Sin destino más que el por venir
04 La furiosa
05 Dónde están los chicos de hoy?
06 Desafío contra el tiempo
07 Truenos del asfalto
08 El lenguaje que entendemos vos y yo
09 El demonio persa
10 Deseos rapaces

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My New Vice

My New Vice was conceived in 2007 in a garage in Portland Oregon and since have released three full length albums and is currently working on their fourth. My New Vice are known nationally for their live performance as a band to be reckoned with. A perfect mixture of vocals, two lead guitars, deafening bass & powerhouse drums. Make no mistake about My New Vice, they are an unstoppable machine in the name of rock & roll.

Luke: Guitar & Lead Vocals
Guil: Guitar
Smiley: Bass & Backups
Darrell: Drums


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RIPIO was born in november (1998) in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1-CD "CONDENADO A VIVIR" ("CONDEMNED TO LIVE") 2001, has 8 songs.This cd talk about sadness, loneliness, pain, etc. The hard aspects of life.
The music is a mix of all heavy metal, fast songs and slow songs.
CD was recorded, mixed and mastered in "MIX", with Willy Castillo (guitar player and singer of the legendary group "Murdock") in the console. Recorded in 2000 and edited in 2001 by "UNDERECORDS".

In 2002/2003 RIPIO recorded and edited its second album "DURMIENDO EN LA CAMA DE LOS VIVOS" (SLEEPING ON THE BED OF THE LIVE) in the studio Sonosfera. Cd has 10 tracks, the music of RIPIO is a mix of all heavy metal (power, hard, trash, etc.), the letters talk about -to be hard in front evils acts, intimate feelings, etc.

In April 2006 was edited its 3 cd, "EN ALGUNA PARTE DE ESTE MUNDO...VOLVERE" (IN SOME WHERE OF THIS WORLD...I WLL COME BACK) recorded in the studio-Sonosfera-with Juan Albariño and Daniel Ibarrart (Sound technicals) in the console. This cd has 12 new song.

The fourth cd came in 2009 "VENGADOR DE PERDEDORES" (AVENGER OF LOOSERS) with 11 new tracks. Cd was recorded in Sonosfera again with Luciano Perez and Juan Albarino in the console.

This album come with DVD with images of recording, interview with the technician, photos and video clip.

(2013) New and fifth album -Marcado por la locura- (Marked by madness) was ready, edited and available on cd with ten new songs. Juan Albariño (Console) - Studios: El Conservatorio Gilardo Gilardi and La Casa de Juan.

Ripio's CDs are available for purchase directly through his website.


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White Knuckle Black Out

 Rising from the ashes of former local greatness, White Knuckle Black Out established itself onto the NC music scene in 2010.  Heavy melodic powerful southern groove, insanely juicy guitar riffs, gut wrenching bass, and a relentless beat is the only thing on the menu with these boys.  Quickly rising to the top of the local music food chain they have established themselves as a permanent fixture in the heavy metal underground.  They have shared the stage with countless national acts, such as: Kill Devil Hill, Straight Line Stitch, the Chimpz, Dead by Wednesday, Unearth and Primer 55 etc. . . .  W.K.B.O.  released its debut album “Commitment” in 2010 quickly selling over 500 copies at their live shows.  Hard rock/heavy metal fans will appreciate the band’s sound and direction whose influences are deeply rooted in Black Label Society, Pantera, Machine Head, Slipknot, Metallica and Snot. After releasing a much anticipated single and music video Gravel, they received an endorsement deal with DC Axes and are planning a European tour in 2016. 

The band is currently working on material for their next album “Hate the Truth”, expected to be released in May of 2015.  W.K.B.O. is proud to say they have never lost a battle of the bands and are now blowing up the airwaves on countless internet radio stations.   They have fan bases all over the world such as, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, North and South America.  They are all balls and no quit and are working hard 365 days a year to leave their mark in the music industry.  They are a powerful heavy metal train barreling down the tracks with no signs of stopping.  White Knuckle Black Out is determined to bring their message and their music to the world one state at a time/one country at a time.



Two Blokes From Southern Sydney Australia decided they had had enough of the current music scene and decided to Put a Pub Hard Rock PRoject Togther called THE GUILTY and bring back Hi Energy Hard Rock back to the Pubs again.
The Guilty Are
Alex Atic: Lyrics and Lead Vocals
Scotty Gregory:Music/ All Instruments/Background Vocals & Shouts

Our Debut Album
The Guilty-Guilty As Charged
Was Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Scotty Gregory


                                                            Download Here

Black Income

Denmark has a new rock-act with a badass flavor and a unique heavy sound – We bring you Black Income!
The best way to describe Black Income, is a new rock identity emerged from the grunge-wave in the 90s, combined with elements from today's Fuzz-Rock. Black Income may be inspired by acts like Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Fu Manchu, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots, but the sound and feel is their own.
Black Income was formed in 2012 by four guys with an ambition to create rock music; honest rock music inspired by the early 90’s when grunge was the sound. After only one year together, in 2013, Black Income teamed up with producer Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, D-A-D) and entered the legendary Medley Studio in Copenhagen, where bands like Radiohead, D-A-D and Kent has recorded some of their best albums.
The Debutalbum 'Noise Pollution' tells the story of a world in chaos, where everybody knows best and dosn't listen to each other. A World where shouting out your own views and opinions while being deaf to other people - That's Noise Pollution! The lyrics is about the massive impact the social medias has on us and about the materialistic world we all are a part of. It's about true feelings like love and hate.
‘Noise Pollution’ is twelve hard-hitting and extremely well-written rocktunes with focus in the riff and the catchy melody, from four guys who are smitten by the melodic grunge of the 90’s. Without repeating the history, Black Income brings a new dimension and a new level to the genre!



Endomain were founded in 2011 in Athens. The band consists of four members of Airged Lamh. – George Thanasopoulos (Drums), John Luna Tsimas (Bass), George Sofikitis (Guitars) and Stratis Steele (Vocals). Dimitris Kourmousis (ex-Illusory) joined the band as the new lead guitarist.
In 2014, the band recorded their debut album ”Step in the machine” at DevaSoundz Studios. The production was concluded in early 2015. The band signed with Steel Gallery Records and the cd is available from October 5th 2015.


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Anguish Sublime

Anguish Sublime is an atmospheric death metal band from Novi Sad (Serbia), founded as a project by Aleksandar Crnobrnja (guitarist, composer) and Árpád Takács (vocalist, lyricist) in October ‘98.
The band filled all necessary crew slots in 2003 and started rehearsing with a full line-up. In May 2004, Anguish Sublime put out their first (and only) demo record, named "Among the Raven Skies" consisting of 7 tracks, and for the first time AS played live. The promotional gig took place at "NS Riders" club in Novi Sad, in front of about 150 people who accepted this burst of melodic and atmospheric death metal with obvious thrill and enthusiasm.
Anguish Sublime maintained performing live shows until the end of 2007 and had played on numerous gigs and festivals, like EXIT Fest 2007, many guitar band competitions in Serbia (won 1st place on one in 2006), “Demo Masters” competition of demo bands held by the national radio “Beograd 202” - year 2005 (where Anguish Sublime took 3rd place in the super-finals), WOA Ex-Yu Metal Battle 2007 (made it to the finals), etc.
In the beginning of 2008, several members had left the band, and the band struggled to maintain its live presence. András Ispán Bandi had joined AS in 2009 as the bass player, and remains in the line-up to these days. With the positions of both the second guitarist and the drummer being still empty, Anguish Sublime metamorphosed back to project status, with 3 remaining band members (Aleksandar, Árpád and András). The band continued doing some occasional work on old and new songs and new releases in the following years.
Finally, after 10 years of slumber, in May 2014, Anguish Sublime released a new five-track EP titled "Unveiling the Origin" - which is also available on the band’s official website, bandcamp or reverbnation - all songs are free for download and distribution.
On the 3rd of June, 2014, Anguish Sublime have released another single track - a tribute to the metal legend Quorthon (Tomas "Ace" Börje Forsberg) - a cover of Bathory's "Under the Runes" - The track is available for listen on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdkrakiVWmI or soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/anguishsublime/under-the-runes-bathory-cover

A bit more than a year after “Unveiling The Origin” was put out, on the 4th of july Anguish Sublime releases another EP titled “Thornwinged”, this time with 4 tracks on it, coloured with some darker nuances compared to the previous EP. It is a digital release only, but a limited CD release is expected later this year. “Thornwinged” is available at the band’s official website, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Facebook and on Youtube. All songs are free for download and distributioin.
All more extensive info about the band you can find on the official website http://www.anguishsublime.com or facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AnguishSublime. Also, the band has a youtube channel, where, besides all released tracks, you can find some live Anguish Sublime footage from various gigs and festivals: https://www.youtube.com/user/anguishsublime.

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Friday Night Specials


It all started way back in 2011 as a beer/jam band when Ronnie And Jonas met up at Ronnies rehearsal place. They soon added Jakob as the lead singer and after a few member changes Robert joined and then Peter to complete the setting. An EP was released in 2013 and after that began countless of gigs and some touring, leaving for instance Croatia and Slovenia applauding after our first tour abroad. Late 2015 the very first full album was released called "I Have Become" which is also the name of the first single accompaigned by an official video shot at a festival we did in our hometown of Värnamo / Sweden. Currently on radio across Europe and will be heading back to Croatia in November 2015 for further touring.

Friday Night Specials are:
Jakob- Lead Vocals
Ronnie- Guitars and vocals
Jonas- Guitars and vocals
Peter- Bass and vocals
Robert- Drums


Operation Neptune Spear

Operation Neptune Spear is a one peice political, melodic, groove rock band from the bowels of deppest darkest South Yorkshire.
Formed in 2015 our weapons of choice are an Epiphone Revolution Casino and an Ipad.



"Our creations may not be innovative, but still difficult to labelize. We call it an unconventional mix of Stoner, Metal, Grunge and Guitar Rock. Big, in-your-face, rock 'n fuckin' roll. So take a groovy trip from catchy guitar blues rock songs to compelling, dynamic melodies and pounding guitar riffs. Honest songs straight from the heart, and... played TIGHT as Timber! The drummer draws the rythm from the depth of his soul. Bass grasping the beat and riff and glues it all together. Riffs of the Rythm-guitar add dynamics to it. Lead guitar in full-power fillin' in all the bits in between. And the singer puts his heart in it, Singin', Roarin' or Gruntin'. Together in unison they are Timber, All for the love of Music! And for you !!!"


Full Nothing

Full Nothing is an Argentinean dark rock/metal band created in 2012 by Nicolas Marcos, Guillermo Demedio and Augusto Amicon.

The songs have dark moments and specially harmonic, aggressive riffs and orchestral arrangements coexist. Powerful blocks of music stay with electronic sounds. The permanent challenging of limits, Full Nothing...

The project intent to transmit a game of dualities, a construction between opposites and a synthesis towards something different...

His Music and Poetry is "Full of Nothing" where the sacred and the profane, the endless and the ephemeral live together as opposites in a simultaneous impulse to unlimited creation. The Nothingness full of strengths...

The search of a world class music album was the first target... Arts, lyrics and musical concept by Nicolas and arrangements and production by Guillermo.

Joining session musicians and world class vocalists help to build the wide range of refinements and options that give shape to the Full Nothing universe. This allow a great diversity on vocals and a wide range of musical options. This is the FULL NOTHING style. The enrichment trough the joining of opposites. The strength of different colors and diverse feelings expressed through music.

First album "FULL NOTHING" had world premier on September 2015.

Pink Floyd, Anathema, Katatonia and Evergrey are present with their influences.
Mats Leven, Juha Kilmänen, Nayla Scalia, Egan O' Rourke, Kelly Sundown, Thomas Vikstrom, Jonny Lindkvist, Edu FalaschiVocals
Nicolás MarcosRhythm, Acoustic and Additional Guitars
Guillermo De MedioKeyboards, Additional Guitars, Programming
Augusto AmiconBacking Vocals
Christian Vidal: Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Charlie GiardinaBass
Alan FritzlerDrums
Emmanuel LopezAdditional Guitars
Saro DanelianDuduk, Oboe
Max LiljaCello

Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Hansen
All songs Arrangements by Guillermo De Medio
Produced by Nicolás MarcosAugusto Amicon & Guillermo de Medio
Executive Production by Nicolás Marcos


Heaviness from the minds of Pete Smith [Caravan Of Whores founder] featuring Freddy le Cragg and Marco Silva as the Rhythm section from the Pit Of Despair.



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