Δευτέρα 30 Νοεμβρίου 2020

PIQUED JACKS - Every Day Special

Every Day Special” is the first single from “Synchronizer”, the new Piqued Jacks album set to be released by INRI in 2021. It's a modern rock track with a sumptuous pulsing beat that makes you get up and dance at its unique, full of energy sound. “Every Day Special” is about living for the here and now, to enjoy it and not ruining it by dreaming of a distant future.

The Piqued Jacks is an alt/funk-rock band from Tuscany, Italy with influences by bands like Biffy Clyro, The Killers, Nothing But Thieves.

In one word : Excellent !!!




Κυριακή 29 Νοεμβρίου 2020


New pop-rock artist, Starliner, has just released his second single, “20/20”, which is a featured track on Starliner’s upcoming EP with the same name. Starliner is a Texas-based pop-rock recording artist and guitarist.After years of being the lead guitarist of The Drugstore Gypsies, Starliner has set out on a new path as a solo artist. 

20/20” could be seen as a tribute to the nostalgic/living in the moment vibe and it encourages listeners to cherish their past memories but focus on the here and now, as it’s all we have. It's a dynamic rock song with some pop influences.

In two words : Must Listen !! 




Σάββατο 28 Νοεμβρίου 2020

ESTHR - Violence

Violence is the new single by 4 piece Rock/Electronic band ESTHR. The song is an observation, and a call to action, just not in the way one might initially expect. Band members are expressing their anger, confusion and sadness with every new outrage they were all surrounded by. ESTHR's music is a perfect blend of synths and heavy guitar tones. They belong to the same British electronic rock scene like other bands such as Enter Shikari, THE HUNNA, Bring Me The Horizon and YMAS. They also are influenced by nu metal bands like Linkin Park.

In two words : Must Listen !!

Band Members:

Jack Kinden – Guitar / Vocals
Max Minus – Synth / Keys
Arron Moss – Bass
Ross Standen - Drums 



Παρασκευή 27 Νοεμβρίου 2020

CODY FEECHAN - Kingdom Caller

Country-rock singer and songwriter from Scotland, Cody Feechan, has just released her new single Kingdom Caller. This is her third release of 2020 and it’s a blues rock ballad created with a variety of instruments, such us harmonica, which plays a crucial role by adding this bluesy-feel in the song. Lyrically Kingdom Caller is about mental health. "A man struggling mentally to the point of being delusional and believe he has everything he could want or need, when in reality he doesn’t have much at all and is very much alone" says Cody.

Cody Feechan is the winner of the ‘Home Grown Talent’ at the Kingdom FM Local Hero Awards 2019.

In two words : Very Recommended ! 




Alternative/Post rock band from Scotland, A Sudden Burst of Colour, has just released their new single Transgressor, which is a part of the new double-A side Transgressor/Decoder that will be out on 11th of December. 

Transgressor is an instrumental piece with in your face drums, soaring guitars and dramatic dynamic shifts. More electronics and samples than previous releases, add another dimension to the bands ever evolving sound. The band creates a unique ''shimmering, sun-blushed style of post rock'' with influences from bands such us Tycho, Boards of Canada, H.U.V.A Network and Minus The Bear.

All audio was produced, recorded and mixed by bass player Calum Farquharson, and all artwork and video was produced by drummer Liam Shaw.

In one word : Excellent !!! 




Τετάρτη 25 Νοεμβρίου 2020


Nothing but Real is a french alternative rock band from Paris (France).The band was created in 2018 and gather 4 members: Hanta (lead singert), Tom (guitar), Eghan (drums) and Victor (bass) after David replacement. They are sometimes compared to Skunk Anansie, Royal Blood or Far from Alaska... 

At the beginning of 2018, one of the previous rock project created by Tom was over. David, who joined the former project, and Tom decided to continue playing together. Many embryonic titles left in the boxes gave life to the first intentions of Nothing but Real: «I wanted to make a special universe for music and the union of individuals», says Tom. Quickly it was obvious, Hanta (vocals) and Eghan (drums) completed the formation and confirmed the direction. 

The tailor-made universe inspired by mangas and comics took shape around an avatar, a symbol: Sakar. Like the 5th member, he embodies the opposites.His scar around the eye in the shape of a questionmark questions about the duality of the group's universe. Where does this character come from? 

2019, two first titles emerged and defined the origins of the band's sound: "Don’t you know" and "Noisy Mind". Nothing But Real is influenced by various musical styles like fusion, alternative rock, stoner, grunge and movies.

July 2020, the first eponymous album of NOTHING BUT REAL is released. With 7 tracks, the band delivers a first opus with a symbolic number... Like a therapy with film introductions sewn of storms and grace and whose order of titles is not innocent, between various universes. 

"Therapy Toy" is their brand new music video. It represents the whole process on this debut album, like a therapy with 7 tracks from Demons to redemption...

In one word : Excellent !!! 




Belfast's alt/indie rock band Wynona Bleach has just released their new single “GLIMMER”, the first track from their anticipated debut album Moonsoake. Glimmer is an uptempo, anthemic alt-pop song with beautiful vocals and great guitars, that easily makes you start singing and dancing, no matter where you are. Wynona Bleach have perfomed with or supported some great bands such as SOAK , The Divine Comedy , Therapy?, Feeder, The Slow Reader’s Club, Lonely the Brave and Alice In Chains. 

In two words : Very Recommended ! 

Band Members:

Melyssa Shannon: Vocals
Jonny Woods: Guitar/Vocals
Aaron Black: Guitar
Matty Killen: Drums
Carl Gilmore: Bass



Τρίτη 24 Νοεμβρίου 2020


Irish blues rock band BAREFOOT MAGICIANS have just released the new song Can't Find Love which was written over 3 years ago and played live many times to a well received audience. Lyrically the song is about a girl who cannot find passion in her life, no matter where she looks. Can't Find Love is an uplifting modern blues rock song with groovy dance twists that people of all ages can enjoy.

In one word : Excellent !!!

Band Members:

Dave Greene on harmonica and vocals, 

Graham Stewart on Guitars, 

Brian Steemers on drums and percussion, 

Paraic Carroll on Bass, 

Petra žižak on Keys and Mandolin. 




Test is the third single from Czech alternative rock band  CORPULENT PROVOCATEUR. The song is a perfect blend of guitar rock, funky rhythm with hard but catchy melodies. Test comes with a music video based on a shooting technique which is at least unconventional. It's about a simple question 'What happens when I press the button?', with not such a clear answer.  

In two words: Must Listen !! 




Δευτέρα 23 Νοεμβρίου 2020

CROSSING I’S DOTTING T’S - Little Things (Goodnight)

CROSSING I’S DOTTING T’S is a solo act formed by Matt Mucerino (Vocals, Guitar ) in August of 2020 with help from Mat Miranda on Bass and Drums. His new song Little Things (Goodnight) is an amazing 1-minute fast-paced punk-rock track with captivating lead guitar riff, with emotional and deep lyrics, before bursting out into a bright and energetic chorus that is bound to stick in your mind and have you relating yourself.

In two words : Must listen !!



THE BANQUETS - Red Sky Morning

Red Sky Morning is the debut single of rock/pop trio from Leeds, The Banquets. It's an acoustic power ballad that is powered by the formidable voice of their lead vocastist, Gemma Dee, and is one of those songs that stands the hairs on end. Their music is a perfect mix of pop, rock and blues, combined with a bit of nothern British magic. Red Sky Morning deals with real experiences and real emotions that draw powerful reactions from the listener.

In one word : Excellent !!!

Band Members:

Gemma Dee (Lead Singer)

Leon Russell Hill (Guitarist)

Francis Watson (Drummer) 



Κυριακή 22 Νοεμβρίου 2020

ONISM E - Survivors


Survivors is the new single from the New York indie rock band Onism E. The band consists of Eline Chavez (Singer, Songwriter) , Chris ‘Lefty’ Vargas (guitars) , Chris ‘CeeRod’ Rodriguez (bass) and Raj (drums). The track is a full of emotions rock song with influences from some great female rockers such as Joan Jett, Bonnie Raitt, and Melissa Etheridge. The music breeds a connection to the listener and the warmth of the band members further ignites the relationship between fan and band. 

In two words : Very Recommended ! 






Rise is the new single from melodic hard rock band Far From Who We Are. Far From Who We Are is a 3-piece from Johannesburg, South Africa,  nominated for a 2020 South African Metal Music Award (Best Alternative Band). Rise is a perfect example of their melodic alternative rock music, which is a mix of rock, metal and electro sounds with super catchy melodies, underpinned by hard-hitting riffs and beats. The song brings  a positive message. It’s about escaping a dark place or difficult situation and finding the strength to get back up and rise above it. 

In one word : Excellent !!!

Band Members:

Johan Heyns (Guitar, Vocals, Synths), 

Maarten Heyns (Bass) 

Kyle Williams (Drums) 

Rise comes with a powerful music video: 





POLEMICS - Hegemon

New single from Bristol duo Polemics. Released digitally as a double single with the eclectic 'Woodshop' as b-side.

In December 2019, during the mix down sessions of their debut EP ‘Conflict’, Polemics self-produced a batch of six songs for possible future release.Hegemon and Woodshop were picked as the first two to see the light.
Hegemon was previously seen only in the cassette edition of the ‘Conflict’ EP and is now finally available with Woodshop as b-side.

Hegemon is a song that takes aim at US foreign policy circa 1945, with an accompanying self-made video full of archival footage of atom bomb tests and duck and cover infomercials. It’s not an intellectual affair though, the riffs are no frills and the sound is cascading like an artillery barrage. On top of the obvious punky sentiment Polemics cite their black metal roots as influence on this one.
Hailing from Bristol, Polemics are Nathan Smith and Jeff Ingle, school friends united by apassion for heavy music, they officially formed in 2019 and after a series of ferocious liveshows they established themselves as an exciting emerging fixture of the Bristol live scene.
In two words : Must Listen !! 


Πέμπτη 19 Νοεμβρίου 2020


The Beatflux released its third single 'WET', on November the 06th via The Secret Warehouse of Sound Recordings. 

Wet’ is a call to arms of an era that established itself on pure punk-rock intensity and is coated with the more aggressive side of grunge, echoing the classic ‘State of Love and Trust’ by their piers Pearl Jam. The music video features Ale Iafelice playing the drums on top of a skyscraper on a sweltering afternoon in São Paulo, Brazil. 

Muca adds; "With COVID and the unfortunate situation we're living in at the moment, I always see challenges as opportunities to think outside the box. I always thought this is the drummer song. The song I want a twelve-year-old kid to watch and tell himself." " I want to be a drummer.” 

Ale Iafelice adds, "Because there were so many buildings nearby and we shot the video on a Sunday afternoon, I thought we'd piss off the neighbours, but in the end. everyone was clapping" 

Muca sees that as the future and a new sort of online collectiveness project. While Muca was in London and the film crew and Ale Iafelice in Brazil updating him about the filmings. It ended working pretty nicely.  

The Beatflux is a collective global rock project created by London-based Guitarist and producer Muca. Muca is the mastermind behind the band. Guitarist, music producer, mixing engineer and London Calling 89fm presenter at A Rádio Rock, he has used all his experience to develop this project. 

With the debut E.P coming out at the start of 2021, Muca is looking ahead to the future. "After the EP is out, I want to focus on recording a bunch of new tracks. I have plenty of ideas in mind and want to get it out there.” 

Wet’ is released via The Secret Warehouse of Sound Recordings on 6th November 2020.

In one word : Excellent !!! 




Δευτέρα 16 Νοεμβρίου 2020

INHIBIT - The Quest

Who hides behind this face marred by criss-crossing scars? The 21-year-old Anglo-Belgian InHibit took up music and singing when he was five before developing a keen interest for writing and eventually combining the three forms of expression...

This singer-songwriter, nourished by his love of poetry, caught the public’s ear with “The Quest”, a piece which defies any rough and ready labelling thanks to its combination of a wide-ranging variety of musical styles. We can bet that his first single, produced by Machiavel’s former guitarist and by François Garny, is only the starting point of a promising career.





Nu-progressive duo MELODY & MADNESS have just released ther new single Omen.

Melody & Madness  seek freedom to express their hatred for the evils of the world, whilst talking about it sensibly. For some, anger is an emotion to be fearful of, something that is dangerous to embrace. For Melody & Madness, anger and hatred can fuel a creative and educated response to parts of life they disagree with, or have a contempt for. Whether it be personal, social, political, or just straight up annoyance at the small things, they will have something to scream and yell about. 

Omen was originally written as a short ambient project that was soon to be cast aside. Until guitarist Dhuran Modha presented a poem that latched itself to the music, which was then adapted by vocalist Adam Martin, becoming the entity now present.

After coming away from a disastrous end to a previous project, their rhythmic bond, from playing drums and bass together, kept them close. With their sights on heavier styles of music, they decided to create a therapeutic project to expel the negativity they held within. Realising the potential of tapping into this emotion their first EP, Symphony of Hate, was. From there, they explored a new journey for themselves from the melody and the madness they had created.

As a band, Melody & Madness are dedicated to creating and producing their own music themselves, having full control of their musical journey. But, they still need help to get their message and their music out in the world to reach those who feel the same way about the world they live in.

In two words : Must listen !!



Κυριακή 15 Νοεμβρίου 2020

SUNLUST - Orange

Sunlust are an independent grunge/alternative female-fronted trio from Toronto, Canada. Their past 2 years have been spent playing notable venues around the city, building their reputation as a tight, noisy and energetic live act, and making plenty of valuable connections along the way. They’ve recently recorded their debut LP with Lorne Hounsell (who engineered Fucked Up’s “David Comes to Life”, among other notable credits) and are independently releasing it in early 2021.

Sunlust's first music video for their debut single “Orange” released on October 29th. Orange is written about feeling alienated amongst your peers and only having your own inner world for comfort. The video was filmed at 276 Sterling Studio in Toronto and was conceived, shot, directed and edited by their drummer Daniel Wiktor

In two words : Must Listen !!

Band Members:

Stephanie Woulfe - Guitar and vocals 

Stefano Signorile - Bass  

Daniel Wiktor - Drums 





Indie Rock duo Waiting for Winry most enjoy telling diverse stories through their songs, and aren't afraid to explore different styles - from the folksy Sing-Songwriter vibe of "Wayside" to the Classic Rock refrains of "Cofiwch".

Formed originally to perform covers locally, the worldwide lockdown of 2020 pushed the husband and wife duo in a new direction. They are now aiming to release a new single every month, as well as producing regular content for their followers on Social Media and YouTube.

Ruins is the second single to be officially release by Waiting for Winry. It's a synthy Pop Rock tune with catchy hooks and strong vocals, and an unapologetic middle finger to people poking their noses where they don't belong!

In two words : Very Recommended ! 




Tobin Rock’s new single “Cruel” released on November 3, 2020. In the style of acts like Muse, Foo Fighters, and Radkey, “Cruel” is a hard rock track exploring anti-bullying. The narrator revisits being bullied as a child and how, many years later, they still “feel the pain.” With “Cruel,” Tobin Rock has also partnered with https://stompoutbullying.org to raise awareness and donations.

Music venues have stood dormant now for months. The precious magic of sharing live music and art with an audience is in deep-freeze. Like many artists In this current isolated world and international network, Tobin Rock has embraced the movement of global collaboration, partnering with amazingly-talented musicians, technicians, and industry leaders from around the world to create and orchestrate hard-driving rock arrangements, and epic compositions. While Tobin Rock is based in Chicago, collaborators have hailed from thirteen countries covering the globe including Italian virtuoso violinist, Lucia La Rezza, renowned British session guitarist Damien Nolan, and Grammy-award-winning mixer Dom Morley.

Based in Chicago, Tobin Rock is committed to inspiring us to consider the world we live in. “As an artist, songwriter, musician, etc., you should write, speak, and create from whatever inspires you. As there is so much crazy going on in the world right now, I feel committed to attacking social issues and confronting what is really affecting or challenging us all. It is so inspiring to come together and create music with top talent from around the world and embrace the potential of international collaboration."

In one word : Excellent !!!



Σάββατο 14 Νοεμβρίου 2020

IN PERIL - Bad Dreams And Battering Rams

IN PERIL is a new, UK-based hard-rock band playing original music (with a few choice covers, of course!)
Comprising four members – Hayden (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), Matt (Lead Guitar), James (Bass Guitar) & Gary (Drums), the band has been established for around 18 months in the current format.

In October 2020, the band recorded several of their original works and is working to release these tunes into the wide-world independently. 

The debut ‘single’ – Bad Dreams & Battering Rams was released into the wilds of the internet on 31st October 2020.

Originally written as an instrumental by lead guitarist Matt, it then took the other members to add their own individual touches to make it into the song it is now.

The lyrics and music, aim to highlight a big issue in current times. Mental Health. Hopefully it will show people that it's all just a "Bad Dream" and it might get worse. But it will also get better eventually.

In two words : Very Recommended !   



The Old Revival - Beggars Dime

The Old Revivals' Beggars Dime is a song that sets the tone of the record, and it introduces what “9 Meals from Anarchy” is going to feel like in terms of substance and musicality.
With this being a loosely based concept record, Beggars Dime lyrically introduces the frustration of someone being left behind in life, sung over summertime feel-good melody and riffs.
That contradiction, coming alive as things are falling apart, is a huge theme of this track and record. So much heart and soul went into capturing that feeling in a song, and we think Beggars Dime does that in a way we are really proud of.
In two words : Must Listen !!

Παρασκευή 13 Νοεμβρίου 2020


Hailing originally from the go-nowhere-do-nothing-get-fat-and-wait-to-die town of Bloomington, IN (only to end up based in the bourbon and barn stretch of Louisville, KY),WAXEATER’s aural assault has exploded garages, crumbled stages, and stressed sound engineers for close to fifteen years. Their newest album titled, "Extra Medium" is the band's third full-length and the 64th release for Phratry Records (est. 2004 Cincinnati, OH).

San Diego Padres-devotee and inimitable frontman Rob Montage, whose tone and riffs are as singular as his yelped and yowled lyrics, uses every inch of his fret board while Elliott Turton’s savage bass locks-in with Aaron Sortman’s gigantic drumkit. Their successful interplay on "Extra Medium" shows that with time comes wisdom. But why the hell would anyone waste a good time with thinking? Over a dozen swirling and dynamic tracks, ferocious verses are coupled with violent, agitated choruses then obliterated by explosive bridges heavy with anguish and rage, but never self-absorbed or serious enough to be called “cathartic.” This is good time music with an extreme fringe and purpose. The underlying goal of, “think a little but prioritize the fun” detonates the speakers.

Extensive touring with dueling Travis Beans in tow, obsessions as varied and curious as Anne Frank and HBO’s “The Wire" [the television masterpiece to which they managed to dedicate the entirety of their 2013 full-length album, "Baltimore Record" (Latest Flame Records, Milwaukee, WI)], and a blackened niche sense of clever humor full of in-jokes and all-caps rants has earned Waxeater a unique group of “followers” (more a street gang than a fan base). Drums the size of bourbon barrels, speaker cabinets that take up more real estate than Detroit, and two madmen front-and-center yields the Waxeater live experience--blistering treble, captivating sonics, and howled vocals by three musicians with a bond tighter than brothers.

What do they sound like? The chords are weird, the bass grinds, and the drums kit doesn’t have any roto-toms. What do they sing about? Beer, baseball, life, Larry. How many records do they have? One new one, two old ones, an old EP and a split 7". Is it noise rock? With a groove that’s more like a gutter. It’s Noise-Grunge.

In two words : Very Recommended !  



Πέμπτη 12 Νοεμβρίου 2020

HEAVYMAN - Loose Lips

London rock outfit Heavyman has just released their third single “Loose Lips”, and do not shy away from showing off their hard-hitting rock chops, all while adding in their two cents to the current state of affairs, well, everywhere.

Heavyman bring ferocity, eloquence and humour in a bluesy, bouncy song that pokes fun at the dissemination of false information in the modern era. Alongside pure danceability of catchy guitar lines and jaunty grooves, the lyrics unravel like a riddle that you won’t be able to get out
of your head.

“It’s a fun song, but if you listen a little deeper, the lyrics are pretty dark,” says the band, “it’s more of a laugh at those who lap up new gossip or stories to add to intellectual ego, with no real regard for whether the information is factual or not.”

Heavyman are an alt-rock four piece, comprised of Charlie Yang (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Nick Burns (Lead Guitar), Igor Fonseca (Bass Guitar), and Tom Papaloizou (Drums). One of the most promising new acts out of London, they have been dubbed “iconic,” “refreshing,” and “the next face of alternative rock.” 

Inspired by classic rock titans Elton John and Queen, the careful lyricism of Jeff Buckley and gritty stylings of Queens of the Stone Age and Audioslave, Heavyman’s sound is defined by soaring vocals that range from trills to tremors, and intoxicating instrumentation to grip the ear and heart of any rock fan. As they build towards the release of their first EP, Heavyman are stepping out with a sound that is unabashedly dramatic, sentimental and electrifying.

In one word: Excellent !!! 



Τετάρτη 11 Νοεμβρίου 2020

PAPER TIGERS - No Ghosts Walk

No Ghosts Walk’, the third single from Paper Tigers finds the band pushing the boundaries of their alt rock sound, exploring new sonic territory and is the bands most personal song to date.

Formed in 2018 by Michael Smyth with Hayley Norton on vocals and Stevey Henry on bass. 2019 saw Paper Tigers come out swinging, gigging incessantly and releasing debut single ‘Gucci Smiles’ which earned them a nomination for the NI Music Prize Best Single. This was followed by sophomore single ‘Flames’, released at the very beginning of the global pandemic. The two songs have over 20,000 streams with accompanying videos hitting over 10,000 views. These releases earned them tours with Life and Hundredth, international radio play including attention from iHeart Radio as well as accolades from press with Chordblossom declaring ‘This is rock and roll’.

No Ghosts Walk’ opens with a chaotic soundscape, a cacophony of sound that serves as the entry point to the song. Driven by a hypnotic rhythm, lyrically the song deals with grief and loss. Trying to retain what tenuous links we can here amongst the living to our loved ones that have left our mortal coil, as Hayley sings in a pained reprise ‘It burns it stings, to watch you leave, not hold you every day’. The song is written to reflect the stages of grief, with the swathes of pedal sounds at the beginning representative of the confusion upon hearing of loss. Hayley guiding the listener through the void left and yearning felt with Michael’s ripped larynx vocals embodying anger and depression. The song builds to an explosive crescendo, a release of bottled up emotion. This single marks the last of the initial three songs the band recorded. It acts as a bookend to the initial period of Paper Tigers as they prepare to move forward.

In two words : Very Recommended ! 




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