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Alcyona - Trailblazer (2018)

RELEASE 23 February 2018

ALCYONA started in the year of 2012 and at the time consisted of only two musicians, Natalia Malei (keyboards) and Evgeniy Malei (guitars), from Minsk, Belarus. The group is the brainchild of Natalia Malei who also is the lyricist and main composer in this band. Malei first got in touch with Metal music while studying at a music school with the intention to write both lyrical songs with simple melodies anddelightful arrangements for different instruments which is tailor made for Metal music. In November 2012, Evgeniy Malei, the second composer, guitarist and second vocalist, joined ALCYONA and brought the light, bright colors into the songs and the music became alive.  Olga Terentyevajoined the duo in April 2016 as lead vocalist.The line-up finally was completed in August 2017 by drummer Anatoly Afanasenok andthe Evgeniy 's close friend Nikolai Sidorevich on guitars.

Their first album release is now ready and called "Trailblazer". All songs were composed byNatalia Maleiexcept for“The Kings of Show”, “DreamRoad”, “МояВесна” which were written by EvgeniyMalei. Natalia wrote all lyrics together with Zhanna Chernetskaya. “Trailblazer” was produced by Evgeniy & Natalia Malei and recorded at ALCYONA Records, Minsk (Belarus) between April 2016 – February 2017, and mixed & mastered in Georgia by Max Forneus in May 2017. Artwork and layout were designed by Artem Artyakov& Anna Avaeva. The music video & single for the track “Еnchantment” which was  directed by Vlad Skripchenko & Anton Baidyonokwill be released in advance in December 1st, 2017.

The album “Trailblazer” will be released on Pride & Joy Music on February 23rd, 2018.

Web: www.facebook.com/alcyonaband

Squealer - Behind Closed Doors (2018)

RELEASE 23 February 2018

Originally founded in the 1980’s as classic Power Metal band, SQUEALER from the north of Hessia, Germany so far have had a busy band history. Today, the music by SQUEALER is a melting pot of several Metal elements which has enhanced through the years, i.e. an unique and diversified mix of Melodic Thrash Metal (which nowadays builds the foundation of each new SQUEALER song), groovy Rock stuff and, of course, the still obvious Heavy, Speed & Power Metal influences.
After the release of eight studio albums and lot of career highlights such as performances at the big Summer festivals, support shows with Motörhead, Rage, Blind Guardian and many more, five-figured albums sales for the album Under The Cross followed by a tour with their big heroes  Judas Priest the group faced a lot of deep hits as well. One of the biggest defeats was the accidental death of singer and founding member Andreas „Henner“ Allendörfer in the year of 2005. After the angry and very aggressive album Confrontation Street(2006) which featured Gus Chambers (Grip Inc.) on vocals, SQUEALER just found back to their common theme in the year to 2008 with the release of the CD The Circle Shuts.Numerous changes in the line-up made it almost impossible to continue to work in a professional manner. So,  SQUEALER was put on hold for a while to take their time to search for a suitable line-up and only to continue occasionally with playing music in a smaller set-up.
Now, in late 2017, the band is back full force and with a powerful line-up which just was completed last year. SQUEALER now consist of Lars Döring (guitars), Michael Schiel (guitars), Sebastian Werner (vocals) and Manuel Roth (bass). The band has started to perform live again in 2016 and since then played several gigs and festivals (incl. 70000 Tons Of Metal) with the new and convincing band constitution. The live shows were directly followed by the recordings for the new album Behind Closed Doors. The new record impressively proves the strength of the new SQUEALER line-up. To complete the makeover, a new, highly professional team was added for the album production.   Ito Grabosch took care of the recordings while Roland Grapow (Helloween/ Masterplan)  handled the mixing and Mika Jussila (Nightwish, Lordi, Him, Children Of Bodom) the mastering. The artwork was designed by  Thomas Ewerhard (Amon Amarth, Avantasia).
In late 2017, SQUEALER also has revealed the name of their new record label. Out of several offers, the band decided to go with Pride & Joy Music who will now release  Behind Closed Doors on February 23rd, 2018. In advance, three singles will be published from late November. SQUEALER also has found a new partner to work with at the booking sector; Nauntown Music are currently working on more dates and festivals for 2018 & 2019.

Line-up: Lars Döring (guitars), Michael Schiel (guitars), Sebastian Werner (vocals), Manuel Roth (bass)


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Garrett - Bridges (2017)

Hailing from Vancouver, GARRETT are the self-titled brainchild of Sean Garrett, a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist and song writer, who, in the shape of Frank Baker on drums, Brian Jones on guitar and Gary Koenig on bass, has the band to take his unique musical vision to storm stages all over Canada and beyond.

GARRETT hails back to the halcyon days when bands had proper songs, full of melodies and finely-wrought lyrics. GARRETT are doing classic rock with a 21st century freshness!

Inspired by Dream Theater, Ronnie James Dio, King’s X, and classic rock like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, Sean Garrett describes his band’s music as ‘progressive, edgy, melodic hard rock’.

Sean explains why Garret the man created GARRETT the band.

“I wanted to bring the songs to a live audience as opposed to being limited to recorded music. This is a band that has a passion for playing live!’

Sean is super-stoked for fans to hear GARRETT’s upcoming album “Bridges” due out October 27, 2017.

“It should inspire and uplift people. It should inspire them to rock too, but the lyrics are generally hopeful and reflective and look to brighten an uncertain world…It should also evoke a classic sound with a modern edge; it should make people want to listen to it again and again; there are a lot of layers to these songs; they can’t all be unpacked at one sitting…there are hopeful, reflective lyrics set to progressive melodic rock music…the theme of the album is music for thought with a positive message.”

Live, GARRETT really makes their music come alive. They are true performers playing all around the Vancouver area with enthusiastic energy, talent and great overall musicianship.
“We genuinely have a great time performing live, there’s no place we’d rather be!”

Track Listing :
1. Never Too Late
2. Harder To Breathe
3. Bridges
4. Systematic
5. Sister Moon
6. Feeding The Crazy
7. Panamania
8. Didn’t Mean To Hurt You
9. Red Light
10. Rain

Album Credits:
All songs written by Sean Garrett ( except Harder To Breathe) Sean Garrett & Brian Jones.

Guitar on Systematic by Mike Schau
Produced by Sean Garrett & Brian Jones
Mixed by Matt Roach
Engineered by Matt Roach & Pherbie Midgley @ Greenhouse Studio, Van. B.C
Mastered by Brock McFarlane @CPS Mastering, Van. B.C.
Additional vocals : Amanda Dean – “Rain”  & Sarah Wandell – “Harder To Breathe” & “Systematic” (Bridges, Systematic & Rain recorded & mixed by: Mike Shau)

Rain’ guest guitar solo: Mike Schau
Album artwork by: Chris Cossalter

Sean Garrett – Vocals/Keys
Frank Baker – Drums
Brian Jones – Guitar / Vocals
Garry Koenig – Bass / Vocals

CYANIDE SUNDAE - Nothing to Lose (2017)

Sliptrick Records announce the digital release of British group Cyanide Sundae’s debut EP, Nothing To Lose on December 12th, 2017. The EP contains 4 storming tracks of hard rock/metal music which never lacks for melody and style.

The EP Nothing to Lose was recorded in 2017 and includes the single, What Can I Do. The band have drawn from an array of influences to add distinction to the contemporary hard rock songs they create. Any one of their songs from their extensive catalogue will testify to this. Cyanide Sundae are a hard rock band with a splash of punk and intense, raspy vocals tied together with a just a squeeze of metal. The group have quickly built a reputation for being an energetic and dynamic hard rock/metal hybrid with powerful melodies that appeal to fans of rock, hard rock & metal music.

Nothing to Lose | Released December 12th in digital format, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. What Can I Do | 02. The Rebound | 03. Spinning Wheel | 04. Rage

Cyanide Sundae are:
Paul Fielder – Vocals/Guitar | André Andrews – Bass/Effects | Lewis House – Drums/Live Backing Vocals

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube

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DSease was born three years go from the ashes of a Rammstein tribute band called Kardiod. The four-pieces combo composed by Alberto
Niccoli (Lead Vocals, Bass), Fabio Balducci (Guitars), Gabriele Lasi (Drums) and Massimiliano Pretolesi (Synths), started a new original project
which mixes Grunge influences, Electro Rock and Metal music elements. The lyrics of the new songs could be described as introspective and
gloomy, while the sound is characterized by an unusual but intriguing mix of distorted bass, synths, scratching vocals, a massive guitar attack and
a well focused drumming, perfect to enhance the whole experience included in "Rotten Dreams". The album was recorded and mixed by Fabio
Balducci, with the support of the whole band.
"Rotten Dreams" is the result of this unusual and fascinating vision. Despite Gabriele and Massimiliano departures after the recordings, the two
remaining members decided to keep the project alive, putting all their inspiration and energy in this artistic experience. The booklet concept is a
journey through abandoned and semi-destroyed mental hospitals, while the cover arwtork, made by Agata Borghesan, reflects exactly the path
that DSease want the listener to take: the world of "Rotten Dreams" and the illusion of escaping its paths.

Alberto Niccoli: Vocals, Bass
Fabio Balducci: Guitars
Massimiliano Pretolesi: Synths
Gabriele Lasi: Drums

01. Selfist Darky Tender
02. Baby Believes
03. With No Relief
04. Freak (Out Of My Head)
05. Updated Partner
06. Smile Over You
07. Wicked Sun
08. No One Will Hurt You


Aerodyne is what happens when two of the leading local bands in Gothenburg, Sweden, collide head first. Formed back in January 2016, the Scandinavian combo is
now finally ready to bring their powerful hard rock to the world. With heavy riffs and memorable choruses, it's hard to not bang your head and sing along.
Their first EP and music video "Old Flames Die Hard" ( https://youtu.be/mXajKcYa7zA ) was released in June 2016, receiving great feedbacks from rock fans all over
the world. Although the rock scene of Gothenburg is fairly dormant, Aerodyne is in no need for a rest: in early 2017, the band entered the studios to record their full
length album "Breaking Free", while singer Daniel Almqvist took the time to provide some backing vocals in "Kiss Of Judas", song taken from Crazy Lixx latest
acclaimed album "Ruff Justice" (released by Frontiers Records).
Aerodyne are masters in sharing a powerful and dangerous mix of Scandi Glam and Sleaze Rock, driven by a big and unquestionable attitude. "Breaking Free" is
scheduled for release on December 15, 2017 via Street Symphonies Records / Burning Minds Music Group, and features the welcome guest appearance of Danny
Rexon from Crazy Lixx, who provides anthemic backing vocals on the track “Run Away”.
Singer Daniel Almqvist says: "With Breaking Free, we wanted to do something honest. Most new albums I come across tend to be very well produced and slick as
though with no heart in it, so we wanted our album to be the opposite - raw and genuine, as we think rock n’ roll should be all about - and I think we did a pretty good
With visions of world tours and to spread their music to every last rock fan in the world, Aerodyne is here to stay.

Daniel Almqvist: Vocals, Guitar
Timmy Kan: Bass
Johan Bergman: Guitar
Christoffer Almqvist: Drums

01. As Above, So Below
02. Comin' For You
03. Breaking Free
04. Aerodynamic
05. Pedal To The Floor
06. We All Live A Lie
07. Until You're Gone
08. Setting Hell On Fire
09. Run Away
10. Back To Back

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Nevicate - Shattered (2017)

Nevicate is a fresh metal band from Joensuu, Finland whose music is a mixture of symphonic tones, pop vibes and electronic elements. Profound keyboard arrangements and tritonal harmonic singing create harmony to balance with the gritty guitar riffs. The lyrics revolve around psychological themes, dealing with fragile human mind and wounds caused by adversity. Nevicate is a blend of feminine power, masculine headbanging and melancholic moodiness.

Nevicate has been active since 2014 when current lead-singer Anni Kokkonen joined the band and they started to compose more of their own music. The band began to gain even more ground in 2015 after participating and getting more encouragement in a project called Rock Academy during which the band developed their own personal sound that reaches both catchy and heavy spheres.

The current band members have a strong musical background which can be heard from their meandering song arrangements and rigorous co-playing. In the music-making process Nevicate exploits both their steady musical knowledge and the emotion and interpretation entailed by years of playing experience. Nevicate’s genre is shaped by the diversity of the members’ musical backgrounds, which also create interesting hues to their music.

The lyrics of ”Shattered” deal with locked-away feelings, wounds caused by negligence and eventually fragmentation of one’s self-image. "Shattered” is produced in collaboration with the production team from the Rock Academy -project that has had professionals from Finnish music industry as visiting mentors. The song is mixed by Nino Laurenne (i.a. Thunderstone & Lost Society) and mastered by Svante Forsbäck (i.a. Rammstein & Sonata Arctica). 

Anni Kokkonen - vocals
Lassi Porali - guitar & backing vocals
Lumi Ollila - keyboards & backing vocals
Oskari Hevonkoski - bass
Toni Manninen – drums

Mr. Plow - Maintain Radio Silence (2018)

Stoner metal band MR. PLOW will release their long-awaited new album Maintain Radio Silence on January 26th 2018. The album is the first new release from the band in over 10 years and is the follow-up to 2006's Kurt Vonnegut inspired Asteroid 25399.

Maintain Radio Silence was mastered by Ty Tabor of Kings X.
Mr. Plow formed in 1997 when Kyuss and Fu Manchu were blowing out speakers in car systems across the land. When the term “stonerrock” was joining the lexicon for music writers who needed a category for riff-based rock that was tuned down and turned up. 
The band were influenced heavily by the times, but sought a different direction lyrically--instead of dark and evil, they went for pop-culture references and hooky riffs. Mr. Plow was way less about skulls and satanic imagery, and way more about good times that would be the soundtrack for summer trips to the beach or skatepark.
Mr. Plow is:
Justin Waggoner: guitar/vocals
Jeremy Stone: guitar/vocals
Greg Green: bass
Cory Cousins: drums

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SUGARCANE - Minded For The Radio (2018)

RELEASE 9 February 2018

Sugarcane is a Danish rock band that plays high energetic melodic rock, with inspirations from Creed, Nickelback, Saliva and 3 Doors Down. The band have created their own style and sound with heavy guitar riffs and catchy lyrics. The powerful songs are written with a personal touch, that the listeners can easily relate to.

Sugarcane was formed in 2014, and quickly after the three members Bjørn, Søren and Jesper joined forces, it was clear that it was a match made in heaven. Since the forming, the band have been writing songs and perfecting their live performance working hard to get everything ready for the recording and release of “Minded for The Radio”.

The stories told on the new album takes point in the members own lives, reflecting over personal feelings and experiences. Each of the guys have lived tough lives, inspiring and representing the basis for the song writing, and a way to come together playing the music they all love and live for. Rock ´n´ fuckin’ Roll! "Minded for the Radio" was recorded in 7 days, in the summer of 2017 at the legendary Medley Studios Copenhagen. Soren Andersen (Mike Tramp, Glenn Hughes, Marco Mendoza, LUCER) produced the album, was chosen to create the right sound to back up this personal album.

“It was a great experience to work in the studio with Soren Andersen, and a good job by Henrik West, who mastered the new album.” - Sugarcane

Sugarcane released their first single "Let the Love Begin" December 1st, 2017.

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HOLOPHONICS - Fast Forward And No Rewind (Single 2017)

RELEASE 2 February 2018

Power and melody, here is Holophonics equation.

The band performs a stricking and etheral rock metal, with efficient songs, easy to get hold of but elaborate.

In twelve years, they hit the road, sharing stage with Papa roach, Therapy?, Triggerfinger, Koritni, Electric Mary, The Stranglers, Shakra...

After two albums and a live DVD, they decided to get back in the studio to record and share their life experiences. The new born, “Fast Forward“ deals indifferently  with end of life, desease, growing tensions around the world or paranoia… If the sound of former LPs was clearly metal tinted, “Fast Forward“ seems to sound more in an organic way, without disowning the powerfull riffing of the band debut…

Produced by Sebastien Langle, “Fast Forward“ is composed of eleven songs, all written by Ludo (bass) and Stef (vox), lyrics by Mike (drums), arranged by the whole band (including  guitarists Yann and Greg).

CHASING GHOSTS - These Hollow Gods (2018)

RELEASE 9 February 2018

Born out of a passion to create dark and heavy rock music, Chasing Ghosts was formed by Lee Brueton.  Influenced by bands such as Paradise Lost, Anathema, Moonspell and driven by a desire to give the UK rock scene some much needed fresh blood.  In contrast to most bands within this genre, 'Chasing Ghosts' have carved their own unique sound, with clean vocals and emotive lyrics that are there to be heard and not hidden, compliment and not dominate.  Their songs evoke emotions of fear, sadness, loss and regret, entwined within each doom laden  guitar riff.  Now signed to 'Mighty Music,' Denmark's largest premier rock/metal label, with their album release due out early February 2018.

Recorded by 'Enter Shikari' engineer Tim Morris and aired on over 50 radio stations worldwide, the track 'Fallen From Grace' became the band's first official video.  The video featured Pixie Le Knot, actress and contortionist from 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Devil Inside' .  It debuted on 'Amp'd TV', hosted by Kerrang's  very own Johnny Doom.

The band are Nelson Cancini (Vocals), Lee Brueton (Bass/Synth), Ashley Clark (Rhythm Guitar) and Harry Mitten (Lead Guitar), four strangers brought together with the sole purpose to produce honest and unrelenting rock music.  Winners of Ubeat  'Rock Act of the Year' 2016, one of the UKs most celebrated emerging music awards.

Chasing Ghosts have played prestigious venues such as the Camden Assembly, Proud Camden, The Craufurd Arms, Bedford Esquires, Hope and Anchor and headlined the O2 Academy 2 Liverpool.  A European tour is planned for early 2018 to coincide with their album launch in Copenhagen and festival dates to be announced soon.

The album ‘These Hollow Gods’ is written for all those that live with loss, regret and new beginnings every day. It is reflected in every aspect of our lives, through ego, obsession and self preservation.  Every element of the album, from mix, production, photography to artwork, has been created by the band, without compromise.  These songs are the result of years of blood, sweat, tears and broken strings.

The title track is about our role models, idols and those that we ultimately view as gods in family, religion, music and celebrity. Those that we worship and devote our lives to, but then reveal themselves to be nothing more than false hope, disappointment and betrayal. The consequences of putting so much faith in to one person or idealism and how it can blind our judgement of what's wrong and right. This song is about realising the cost and coping with that moment of clarity. Everyone has a 'hollow god'.

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ODCULT - Into The Earth (2018)

RELEASE 16 February 2018

The members of Odcult has for many years played in various bands and projects together and have a past rooted in punk and hard rock music, which are genres that always has been located close to their hearts.
The members Coffe, Andy and Dennis decided in 2013 to cancel all old projects and instead start up a new band with a new concept, name and fresh songs.
The original idea for the music was to capture the feeling from that good old rock music that was created during the 1970s, and then add the energy that you can hear in the punk genre.
And since the members individually are influenced by quite different bands, it probably could be a pretty unique sound when it all comes together.
Odcult then spent their first year just writing the music that would to become their first full length album, which then were recorded and finalized during 2014.

The band is now ready with their second album, and we proudly release this high quality band from the midst of the Swedish woods!

This is for fans of everything from the 70s, with an eminnent groove and flawless vocals - ODCULT is here to stay!

MANIGANCE - Machine Nation (2018)

RELEASE 2 February 2018

MANIGANCE was founded in 2002 and released the album "Angel or demon" the same year. Afterwards six studio albums and a live album have seen the light of day.

On top of that, MANIGANCE has shared live scenes with bands like ADAGIO, FREEDOM CALL, STRATOVARIUS, DRAGONFORCE, ADX, and even THE SCORPIONS at the Olympia (Paris).

MANIGANCE has also participated in numerous festivals in France and abroad (Hellfest, Raismes Fest, PPM Fest, Rockalies, ...).

Rewarded with two "Hard Rock" trophies as the best French band within the melodic power metal genre, MANIGANCE are today considered one of the heavy weights on the French metal scene.

After the release of "Récidive" (2011) which was album of the month in Rock Hard France and received 87/100 from Burnn in Japan, the band released the equally praised album "Volte Face" in 2014 and toured a lot.

MANIGANCE will release their new Album “Machine Nation” worldwide (ex. France) through Mighty Music in February 2018 and will again be on the road in March 2018 for an European tour of 18 dates with MYRATH.

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Concrete Eden - Left (2018)

Release date: January 19, 2018

On their debut album "Left" CONCRETE EDEN brings together the best of hardcore and Nu Metal. The four-men-band with frontman, rapper, singer and shouter Mike Kostner combines Nu Metal with elements of hardcore, creating a sound as if Limp Bizkit, Korn and System Of A Down had merged into one band!

Recorded, mixed & mastered from 2015 to 2017 in CeFACTORY Studios in Graz (Austria)
Mix & Master: Mike Kostner
Lyrics & Concept: Mike Kostner
Artwork: Hannes Ressi

Hannes Ressi - Drums
Mike Kostner – Lead Vocals
Erwin Lackner – Guitars
Thomas Gurker – Bass

Founded in 2005, CONCRETE EDEN started to become well known in their home country Austria. The original band consisted of frontman Mike, drummer Hannes, guitarist Erwin and bassist Tom. CONCRETE EDEN played various concerts, which were soon followed by a demo track called "M.i.t.y" which was enthusiastically applauded by the fans.

The whole track was produced, mixed and mastered by Mike Kostner himself, who runs his own record studio.

However, you have to experience live – only then you can understand the true CONCRETEEDEN experience! CONCRETE EDEN has already shared stage with bands like J.B.O, Kontrust, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter or Ektomorf. CONCRETE EDEN is famous for their shows full of power, defined by hard guitar riffs, pounding bass, forceful drums including rap and melodious vocal passages. Despite the consistently demanding musical songwriting, CONCRETE EDEN is a band that masterfully understands to include the audience in their show and thereby bring the noise to a maximum. Their loyal fan base is proof that their daring concept and musical style, which is clearly apart of the mainstream superficiality, can also convince a bigger crowd.

In January 2017 CONCRETE EDEN accompanied Crazy Town on their tour through Austria and played with them and other support acts in the Viper Room in Vienna or in the P.P.C in Graz. On 27th February 2017 their first single "gone to far (watch the video!), was released from the upcoming debut album "Left". In autumn 2017, Concrete Eden signed a record deal with the German independent label NRT-Records, which will release their debut album"Left" in January 2018.

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SnakeyeS - Metal Monster (2017)

SnakeyeS, the band started by José PinedaJusti Bala, and Carlos Delgado (from the former Spanish band SPHINX) together with Romanian singer Cosmin Aionita (9.7 RICHTER).

"Metal Monster" was released on November 25th, 2017, on both CD and digitally, and available for download and streaming through all major music digital distribution platforms. The album's cover artwork was designed by Spanish artist Francisco Garcés. The album will feature 11 brand new songs, recorded and produced by bassist José Pineda in his own studio:
1. Into The Unknown
2. Evolution
3. (Point of) No Return
4. Cyberkiller
5. Metal Monster
6. Edge of The World
7. Sign of Death
8. Facing The Darkness
9. Your Own Shadow
10. Circus of Fools
11. Rise Up (The Red Plague)

The band comments on new the album: "Metal Monster is our «creature», our most ambitious project yet, a true Heavy Metal burst of energy, a declaration of intent which aims to seal the band's own style and consolidate SnakeyeS both nationally and internationally."

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SnakeyesMetal 
official website: www.snakeyes-metal.com.

Vane - The Prologue (EP 2017)

Vane is the newest brainchild of Mateusz Gajdzik (Witchking, Saratan) & Roberta Zembrzycki (Acid Drinkers, Corruption, Saratan). Modern, heavy flavour of metal, full of catchy melodies and spiced up with the history of the Golden Age of Piracy.

Other members include: Marcin Frąckowiak (Percival Schuttenbach, Stos), Marcin Parandyk (Killsorrow, Skyanger) oraz Marcin Zdeb (Skyanger) .

The Prologue is a promotional release, that’s just the beginning of a larger story. It consists of three songs: Born Again, The Edge of Cutlass & Your Pain I Am.
The band is currently working on a full length album.

Music : Mateusz Gajdzik. Lyrics: Robert Zembrzycki & Marcin Parandyk
Vocals: Marcin Parandyk, Guitars: Mateusz Gajdzik, Guitars: Robert Zembrzycki,
Bass: Marcin Frąckowiak, Drums: Marcin Zdeb

Production: Mateusz Gajdzik. Drums recorded at DMB STUDIO, Vocals recorded at STUDIO CENTRUM. Guitars and bass - Mateusz Gajdzik. Mix & mastering : Tomasz “Zed” Zalewski.

Samples: Sowa Sound
Artwork:  Jan Jasiński, based on paintings by J. M. W. Turner. GFX:  Robert Zembrzycki

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vane.band/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vane.band/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/vaneband Bandcamp: https://vaneband.bandcamp.com/

Σάββατο 9 Δεκεμβρίου 2017

WOLFSHEAD - Leaden (2017)

Finnish metallers WOLFSHEAD unleash their new album "Leaden", out December 8th in North America via Rockshots and was earlier released in Europe one October 27th. WOLFHEAD's style is pure old school heavy metal, heavy guitar riffs, growling bass, pounding drums with bluesy, leather-lunged whisky-scented vocals on top. Taking their main influences from such acts as Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Venom and the whole NWOBHM movement, WOLFSHEAD manages to combine almost everything from heavy rock music from between 1967 and 1985 to their own unique blend of doom metal. They write songs about lycanthropy, the living dead, witch hunts, Cthulhu Mythos and of course, heavy metal itself.

Track Listing:
1. Vukodlak (4:40)
2. Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things (4:11)
3. Purifier (4:12)
4 .When The Stars Are Right (6:25)
5. Division Of The Damned (5:01)
6. Haruspex (4:01)
7. Winds Over Potter’s Field (1:54)
8. The Hangman (7:44)
Album Length: 38:08

Wolfshead Lineup:
Tero Laine - Vocals
Ari Rajaniemi - Guitar
Vesa Karppinen - Bass
Jussi Risto - Drums

Album available digitally and CD at the following links:

Amazon: http://bit.ly/WOLFSHEAD_Leaden 
Buy: http://smarturl.it/leaden

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Call of the Awakened - Simulated Consciousness (2017)

Call of the Awakened was formed in 2013 under the name “Mistaken” when drummer/songwriter Jayden Harrison met vocalist Dillon Kuntz playing High School football. Fueled by mutual interest in music, the two began collaborating in Jayden’s garage. They were soon joined by guitarist Lance Rader and Jayden’s younger brother Noah on guitar/bass, who brought raw musical talent and technical chops to underpin their sound. In early 2017 Nathan Ross joined on Bass guitar and Noah moved over to rhythm guitar, and shortly after they hit the studio to record their first album: Simulated Consciousness.

Simulated Consciousness is Call Of The Awakened's first album, produced by Matt Johnson at 4th Avenue Studios. The album is a tribute to Kris Harrison, Noah and Jayden Harrison's dad who was killed in a car accident earlier this year. The band combines a mixture of Dillon Kuntz's unique voice with Sons Of Texas/Avenged Sevenfold style riffing and drumming to create a hard-hitting first album in the band's career.

Dark Hound - Dawning (2018)

Following in the sizable footsteps of their 2014 self-titled debut and 2015 EP Oceans, Tennessee's resident Heavy Metal torchbearers have pulled out all the stops with Dawning. Eschewing genre-blending pablum and trend-hopping futility, the new album finds DARK HOUND proudly display influences from the likes of MEGADETH, IRON MAIDEN, and TESTAMENT without falling victim to uninspired mimicry. Rather, Dawning lands repeated punches to the cranium and leaves memorable marks with its compelling compositions in a way that is familiar, yet refreshing and even unique. Put simply, this is U.S. Metal in all its fiery glory!

All songs written and performed by Dark Hound
Produced by Kaelin Tauxe and Dark Hound
Drums recorded by Kaelin Tauxe at Wiley Manor
Guitars and bass recorded by Evan Hensley at Twilight Cloud Studio
Vocals and additional guitars recorded by Kaelin Tauxe at Upright Mammal Musicworks
Mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio
Artwork by Robbie Ward
Layout and Design by Jocelyn Harms

Since releasing their first album in 2014, Dark Hound has been building a name for themselves in the Nashville metal scene through blistering live performances and uncompromisingly adventurous songcraft. Comprised of ET Brown (vocals/bass), Evan Hensley (guitars), Preston Walls (guitars) and Josh Brown (drums), Dark Hound followed up their full-length debut with the well-received Oceans EP in 2015. And now, the group is poised to bring about their finest hour with the release of Dawning, a new offering containing 11 tracks of the band's most intense and ambitious material to date. Focused yet unbridled and armed with a new statement, Dark Hound is charging ahead in their pursuit to kick asses, melt faces, and lay waste.

Track​ ​Listing:
1. Ashes​ ​of​ ​Your​ ​Worth
2. Guilt​ ​Tripper
3. Carnival​ ​of​ ​Youth
4. The​ ​Answer
5. Crisis​ ​of​ ​Hope
6. Thrown​ ​to​ ​the​ ​Wolves
7. Stripped​ ​Away
8. Balancing​ ​Act
9. The​ ​Jagged​ ​Edge
10. Thrashgasm
11. Here​ ​Lies​ ​Truth




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