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 “5 CARAT ROCK”– the fifth release from fifteen time (and counting) Detroit Music Award winning rock band SWEET CRYSTAL is shining even brighter, thanks to their ongoing collaboration with engineer/producer  Chuck Alkazian (Christina Aguilera, Mitch Ryder, Pop Evil).
The new 7 song, 8 track (more on that later) EP features all the stellar guitar tones and solos, keyboard melodies and arrangements  and dynamic vocal performances of previous SWEET CRYSTAL releases, but it’s the addition of Pearl Sound Studios (Canton, MI) signature live drum tracks and Alkazian’s bass playing that makes this the most powerful and poignant project to date for the band – and that’s saying a lot.
 “There are some pretty sweet themes behind the original songs on 5 Carat Rock” says founding member Marq Andrew Speck. “The opening track “Even Now” is based on how our lives parallel the story of Lazarus in the Bible. “Come As We Are” is the first full out praise-n-worship song we’ve ever written. “Jericho” equates the walls we build in our lives to those of that ill-fated city in the Old Testament and “Can’t Turn Back” is a reflection on how we react as we encounter the world around us. There will be a song or two (Ed. Note: or more) in 5 Carat Rock that touches everyone right where they live.”

The physical CD (released on the Nightcrier Music label) also contains bonus tracks not available as downloads: SWEET CRYSTAL not only covers music from two iconic artists (Bob Dylan and Motley Crue), but perhaps the most interesting cut is Track 8 - “Sgt. Penney 1945 (Live)”. This historic audio archive is a restored live recording from a young soldier, originally broadcast in 1945 from the Pacific front during World War II back to a Detroit radio station. “There is a very unique connection between this decorated warrior and the band that made this well worth documenting on this release” says Speck.
The core trio of musicians that make up SWEET CRYSTAL - Marq Andrew Speck (lead vocal, anything with keys), Bill Blatter (vocals, anything with strings) and Steve Wieser (anything hit with sticks) remains standing strong on the front lines of the Michigan music scene. Their music, message, mission and ministry continue and show no sign of slowing down any time soon. 
SWEET CRYSTAL and 5 CARAT ROCK – still “Reaching The World, One Song At A Time ™”!

Follow SWEET CRYSTAL  on Facebook, Twitter and at www.sweetcrystal.com

 # # # Previous Releases Also Available At http://sweetcrystal.bandcamp.com/

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The  return  of  eleven  time  Detroit  Music  Award  winners  SWEET  CRYSTAL  with  their  latest release  “QUAD” finds  the  band  sounding  larger  and  more  powerful  than  ever,  thanks  to  the  collaboration  with award-­‐winning mixer/engineer  Chuck  Alkazian  (Christina  Aguilera,  R Kelly, Mitch  Ryder, Pop Evil)  and  Pearl  Sound  Studios,  Canton, MI.
From  the  opening  flourish  of  “Fanfare”  right  into  the  slide-­‐guitar  driven
progressive  rock  anthem  “Foot  Of  The  Cross”,  these  songs  will  satisfy  the
cravings  for  more  SWEET  CRYSTAL  from  even  the  most  demanding  fans.
Featuring  performances  by  special  guest  vocalists  Amy  Susan  Heard  and  David
Perez  ,  there  are  storylines  and  soaring  musical  lines  on  QUAD  for  every  taste
and  situation.
“We’ve  really  upped  our  sonic  onslaught  with  QUAD”  says  founding  member
Marq  Andrew  Speck.  “There  are  songs  here  about  desperation  and  redemption,
asking  questions  of  faith  and  finding  real  answers  for  our  lives  as  well  as  some
mighty  sweet  instrumentals.”

As  and  added  surprise  to  the  band,  the  song  “Foot  Of  The  Cross”  has  already  won  a  2015 Global  Music  Award  in  the Rock  category,  even  before  the  EP  has  officially  been  released.
The  physical  CD  also  contains  a  14  minute  bonus  track:  an  in-­‐depth  interview  with  the band,  giving  listeners  more insight  into  SWEET  CRYSTAL  and  what  QUAD  is  all  about;  a must  have  for  new  and  classic  fans  alike.
SWEET  CRYSTAL is  a  very  rare  group  of  musicians.  Not  only  has  the  band  remained  in existence  for  an  impressive  40 years,  but  also  the  core  trio  of  Marq  Andrew  Speck  (lead vocals,  keyboards),  Bill  Blatter  (guitar,  vocals)  and  Steve Wieser  (drums)  has  remained  intact for  the  entirety  of  that  time.  Perhaps  most  importantly,  the  band  has  remained standing strong on  the  front  lines  of  the  Michigan  Christian  rock  scene,  even  before  that  music  genre had  a name.
SWEET  CRYSTAL  and  QUAD  –  still  “Reaching  The  World,  One  Song  At  A  Time  ™”!

Follow SWEET CRYSTAL  on Facebook, Twitter and at www.sweetcrystal.com

 # # # Previous Releases Also Available At http://sweetcrystal.bandcamp.com/

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Πέμπτη 23 Ιουνίου 2016

Ravages of Time

Ravages of Time originate from the small, isolated town of Concrete, Washington in the Great Pacific Northwest. Eager to share their music with the world they wrote powerful lyrics of anger, loneliness, redemption, and rebellion coupled with catchy hooks and riffs which immediately connected with their listeners.
The fans call them ROT and they kick ass with their unique brand of high-energy rock and roll. Once you see them perform, you soon become a ROT-N-FAN for life as they make new friends wherever they go. If you are seeking a band that delivers satisfying, face melting performance from start to finish, then .. "Come On Down... Welcome to the Show...."

Ravages of Time:
Ticker Twizted-Lead Vocals,
Cody Sins-Guitars and Vocals,
Hëll Mütt- Bass and Vocals
Mick Sins-Drums


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Δευτέρα 20 Ιουνίου 2016

The Flux Machine

Punk-infused alt-rock from New York City. Influenced by the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Ramones and The Foo Fighters, this new act is ready to claim its stake in the arena of rock and roll music. Audiofuzz.com called them “Exile on Main Street Revisited”.
With a powerful 5-piece live ensemble, the band has been playing all over NYC with it’s electrifying and energetic stage show. Mesmerizing to watch as they deliver punchy, catchy punk songs repeatedly. Arlene’s Grocery, The Bowery Electric, The Delancey are just a few of the venues that have repeatedly hosted The Flux Machine. Planetstereolive reassures: “The Flux Machine seamlessly blends a classic bluegrass feel to their gritty, alternative rock attitude that will have you bouncing around your room like you’re in the middle of a concert.”
Luis Accorsi, a veteran rocker with many musical styles under his belt (Cracked Latin [Latin], Man’s Laughter [Rock] and Petty Merchants [classic rock]) has teamed up with the fresh, new rock producer Raphael Sepulveda to create a varied, yet cohesive collection of adrenaline driven, heartfelt, contemporary songs which they’ve called “Louder!” Musicjunkiepress.com raved “Their music rings out with old punk flair, infectious pop vibe, and a modern edge that is sure to kidnap the space in your head”.
Familiar but yet like nothing you’ve ever heard before, The Flux Machine.
Read album review here: http://stitchedsound.com/album-review-the-flux-machine-louder/


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Κυριακή 12 Ιουνίου 2016


At first glance, DASH|TEN could seem perplexing.  Fueled and funded to enlighten concert-goers to the bigger picture of the U.S. Army, that band could easily be confused for a shrewd promotion or a selling stake. Yet buried beneath their training and combined 40-years of active service in the armed forces, the collective, consisting of drummer Peter Greenberg, guitarist Steve Ebert and the enigmatic front-woman and chief songwriter Corrin Campbell, is categorically like most young bands, who’ve merged their lifelong love of music to create, record and release their self-titled debut, Dash|Ten, before hitting the road to play the entirety of the 2016 Vans Warped Tour.

However, the band’s unique military experience has equipped them with a series of distinctive qualities, irreplaceable and essential to the band’s vigorous charge and demonstrative framework. Driven by Campbell’s hindrances while trying to rebuild herself during a paralyzing period of her life, the songs echo her resolution to shove through the snags and thorns that slow us down. “People can feel stuck in life, and it takes a certain kind of energy to push through,” Campbell reflects on the makeup of the album. “The album is made up from my feelings, both positive and negative. It was reflecting on where I would go and how long it might take me to get there.”

Ultimately, Campbell’s struggles and experiences have prepared her to thrive in an industry often monopolized by men. “My first station was at Foot Hood, Texas. So as a woman, I was outnumbered 20-to-1,” she recalls. “So I always felt like there was a responsibility to speak up and give a path for anyone who wanted to fall in line with me. “I think that being a minority of any kind, let it be gender or race or sexuality, you have an alternate viewpoint from a majority of the people around you. I think that there are two options in that situation. You can either hide or you can stand up for it.”

It is her candid emphasis and avid desire to flourish, combined with an overpowering drive to establish a sincere relationship with the world that powers Dash|Ten. “I want people to find us authentic,” Campbell admits, reflecting on the exceedingly “live from the floor” process in which the band recorded.  “The album is meant to sound like when you walk into a garage where your favorite band is practicing. It intentionally lacks glitz and glamour. It is raw. We’re not out there to be a polished packaged item. There is a real story behind every song. There is real heartbreak behind every song. They’re very vulnerable and soaked in truth.”

Her energy, combined with the technical training of Greenberg and Ebert, who spent years jet setting to places like Seoul, South Korea, and Hawaii as hired musicians, explodes as it hits the tape. “Vocally, I have very little traditional training. The guys have done technical training for most of their career. They were drilled into knowing what they were doing. I’ve gotten to self-indulge. I can make the vocals sound the way that I want them to. So in a way I got to invent my own sound. The combination has allowed us to make our sound.”

That sound detonates in tongue-in-cheek vivaciousness, piercing tendencies of persistence and demonstrative lyrics wedged over jagged, biting guitars and belligerent percussion.

Dash|Ten is Corrin Campbell (Vocals and Bass), Steve Ebert (Guitars) and Peter Greenberg (Drums).


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Sure, we all have our bumps in life, but NewClue has been through the trenches. As formed in the very late 80’s, (and after about 7 years) all disbursed and went their separate ways. Neil (the vocalist) almost died, when he slammed his motorcycle into a telephone pole back in 2000. With TBI, he had to learn to walk & talk (as well as sing) all over again. With the reformation of yesteryear’s "NoClue", the band rejoined into today’s "NewClue" in 2014. The guys came back, full circle. Neil's heartwarming story, and his willingness to never give up on a dream, fueled the fire and sparked the embers for pure passion and the love for music. Here is the reason that he lived and what they have to give…


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Δευτέρα 6 Ιουνίου 2016

Single Greatest Revelation - Wasn't it You (2016)

SGR is a band from Tucson Arizona. SGR stands for Single Greatest Revelation. They have a wide variety of influences from rock, alternative, vintage retro and edm. Their sound is a mix between New Years Day, Marilyn Manson and You Me At Six.Their latest single is "Wasn't it You".

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Singlegreate...
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sgr_music/
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/sgr8

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Κυριακή 5 Ιουνίου 2016

Praise The Fallen

Praise The Fallen is an all-original hard rock band, based in South Bend Indiana. The lead singer Jammie Bosstel has seen the band evolve since 2010 with previous members from Brand New Machine and Lillian Axe. Jammie has been instrumental in keeping the project alive, and moving in a new direction. He has extensive experience in the Michiana and Chicago area, having opened for over 80 national touring acts. The lineup solidified in 2015 with addition of Bryan Almaguer on guitar, Patrick Bayless on drums, and Steven Moore on bass. Bryan comes from the Cleveland area music scene, bringing his musical perspective and penchant for textures and riffs into the mix. Bryan was previously with the rock band Jetdriver, and has an extensive catalog of solo material. Patrick’s previous experience includes playing and recording two albums with the band Powerhead, and work in various cover bands as a sought after drummer. Steven has experience in various projects around South Bend, most recently with the cover band House Arrest. Patrick and Steven add years of experience to the rhythm section, providing tight grooves and a solid foundation for the band. Together, we are Praise The Fallen.


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Infernal Outcry

Infernal Outcry is a technical and progressive extreme metal band based in Hobart, Tasmania. Punishing drums, maliciously methodical guitars, and deathly screams lure the listener into a diverse musical landscape of weighty, multi-textured, and brooding compositions. Drawing on such influences as Death, Dream Theater, Cynic, and Meshuggah, Infernal Outcry’s unique twist of contemporary progressive death metal is a fusion of complex rhythms and sinister melodies teeming with intensity.
Infernal Outcry’s debut, Mass Extinction Requiem I, produced by Joe Haley (Psycroptic), was released in March 2016, thanks to a grant from Tasmanian Regional Arts Fund. The band was also awarded a grant from Arts Tasmania to produce a music video with James Harmsworth of Harmless Pictures, who won best film clip at the Australian Metal Awards in 2009 as director of Psycroptic’s “Initiate” music video.

Since early 2012, Infernal Outcry has played many live shows in Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales. These performances have been very well received as a result of the band’s exciting and engaging live show. The biggest highlights to date include playing at Faux Mo (part of the MONA FOMA festival) in January 2014, at Falls Music & Arts Festival in December 2012, and supporting Thy Art Is Murder on the “Hate Across Tasmania” tour in March 2013. Infernal Outcry has also shared the stage with numerous other well known metal bands including Psycroptic, Mephistopheles, Black Majesty, Synthetic Breed, and Intense Hammer Rage.
Infernal Outcry began playing together in late 2010 and features Bachelor of Music graduates David Lawson (guitar), Daniel Hill (guitar), and Liana Eriksen (vocals). Infernal Outcry’s rhythm section consists of current Bachelor of Music student Paul Sharp (bass), who also plays bass in progressive metal band Create the Crayon, and the versatility of Luke Wright (drums), who previously played with metal band Sinnister Valley.


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Soul Chatter

"Cleveland, back in the stone ages. The early 1980's. Dark and dusty warehouses, long rehearsals, no money and trying to play only original music in a town with very few venues straying from a cover band format, especially with no local connections and certainly no pedigree. Modern music was hitting the radio. MTV had stumbled across its video format.  We had real drums, a battered Wurlitzer electric piano, a couple of battle scarred fender amps and no ability or desire to play synth bass or a drum machine.
A band with three core members (keyboards, guitar and vocals) begins assembling original works.  Ill-paid live performances, wallet-emptying studio projects and a revolving cast of support musicians straight out of The Commitments come and go. After a few years of long rehearsals, late night trips to Irv's Deli and lots of very bad attempts at humor, the trio becomes a duo (the duo made this dubious mistake, but it has finally been rectified by the time of this writing). An ever-changing crew of characters join us for more studio sessions (whenever money other than that earmarked for rent was available) and the occasional 'live' performance.
Every so often an independent label (usually very obscure and very far away, like that out of town girlfriend no one ever seemed to meet) picks up one of our cuts for a compilation CD. Thus our songs were often re-produced in dark, damp, probably ancient and leaky cellars throughout Europe, selling literally dozens and dozens of recordings across the globe!
One day a very small indie label from deep in the Carolina woods gets a hold of some of our demos and decides to issue a full CD of our work, but the true intent of this 'partner' appears to be to market us and other unknowns to larger labels. We agree on absolutely nothing; what cuts to include, song titles, the color and cut of our underwear during live performance. Working to promote any actual airtime, exposure, or distribution seemed to be out of the question, or more likely, beyond their financial or political means. We could certainly relate.
Oh yeah, we also have a handful of classic (and true, I swear) stories about A&R calls from Geffen, Inner City Records, etc. that came ever-so-close to a real recording deal. You know; the kind of anecdotal stuff that re-surfaces when you are hanging out with your ‘professional’ peers in a dark tavern after a few after-work beers.
After years of working ‘real jobs’, raising families, mortgages, etc. we could never quite shake the fact that we really missed this music thing. So our ragtag band of veteran musicians pull the covers off the studio gear, write and rehearse like we never too a break, and get back to work on a fresh new batch of songs."


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Τετάρτη 1 Ιουνίου 2016


HARD EXCESS is a Heavy Metal Band from Tyrol/Austria.
Kaspar Zanon - Vocals, 
Patrick Ingruber - Guitar, Edi Ingruber - Drums, Lukas Lukasser - Bass

The band exists, since january 2012.
The style of the band is near to the Heavy Metal bands of the 70s and 80s.
They released their first EP in May 2016.



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