Πέμπτη 21 Φεβρουαρίου 2019

Sebastien - Behind The World (EP 2019)


Only a year after their successful third album, "Act Of Creation", SEBASTIEN are back with a brand new EP "Behind The World"!

This four-track digital release will be out worldwide on the 1st February 2019 via German record label, Pride & Joy Music. The mini-album contains a catchy duet-song "Fight For Love" with an outstanding Greek singer Yannis Papadopoulos from the international heavy metal beast - BEAST IN BLACK!!!

The cover artwork is traditionally made by Slovakian DisArt Design graphic studio. A video for the track “Behind The World” will also be released on February 1st, 2019. A lyric video for “Fight For Love” will follow in Spring.

All music by George Rain; lyrics for "Behind The World" and "Fight For Love" by George Rain

Lyrics for "Sweet Desire" and "Mirror On The Wall" by Gabriela Rain
All songs arranged by George Rain, Petri Kallio and Pavel Dvorak
Recorded by Petri Kallio in "DARK CHAMBER SOUNDS" studio, Úpice (CZ)
Mixed and mastered by Andy Mons

George Rain - vocals, guitars; Andy Mons – guitars; Petri Kallio - bass, backing vocals; Pavel Dvorak – keyboards; Lucas R. – drums


Web: www.sebastienofficial.com

Τετάρτη 20 Φεβρουαρίου 2019

CYANIDE SUNDAE - Blinded Generation (2019)

On the back of their last release, Nothing To Lose, British alternative rockers Cyanide Sundae wanted to develop further and make the best possible album of loud and fast songs. They are a 3 piece hybrid of alt-rock and metal and many bands have inspired each of them to deliver the music they have create (a lot 90s grunge and alt-metal!) on their new album Blinded Generation.
The band’s sound and work progress has always been raw and with high energy and they wrote about 6 of the songs in two weeks; it was very organic, felt right and was in keeping with the attitude for this constantly evolving band.
For the album’s artwork, the idea was to have a fractured eye with the reflection of today’s news and social media and the way it programs into your head. Hence the title Blinded GenerationCyanide Sundae’s front-man, Paul, with help from an artistic friend (Alan Walsh), designed the cover and artwork.
All in all, Blinded Generation is an in-your-face guitar noise-fest containing heavy rhythm, pounding drums, and distorted bass combined with angst ridden and intense vocals. Blinded Generation is a musical roller coaster of anger, fear, love and hope and is a soundtrack perfect for a chase scene, a fight scene, extreme sports, or an underground rock club.
Blinded Generation | Released January 29th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track listing:
01. Can’t Run Can’t Hide | 02. What Can I Do | 03. Cycle By Design | 04. Let Me Out Of Here | 05. Dead End Desire | 06. Born Ready | 07. Under This Disguise | 08. Bleed | 09. The Rebound | 10. Better Now | 11. The Hatch (Bonus Track) | 12. Rage (Bonus Live Track)
Recording, Mixing, Mastering: Russell Plowman at SoundByte Studio,
Guest (on Bleed): James Dawson (Bleed Again)
Composer(s): Paul Fielder, Andre Andrews, Lewis House
Cyanide Sundae are:
Paul Fielder – Vocals/Guitar | André Andrews – Bass/Effects | Kev Terry – Drums/Live Backing Vocals

Mortanius - Till Death Do Us Partb (2019)


Release: 22 February 2019

Philadelphia’s progressive power metal outfit MORTANIUS have posted a new lyric video for their next single “Facing The Truth” off their upcoming debut album “Till Death Do Us Part” set for release via Rockshots Records on February 22, 2019 to follow EPs ‘A Voice From Beyond’ (2016), ‘Savage Garden’ (2015), and ‘Ethereal Waltz’ (2014).
“‘Facing the Truth’ is a straight forward power metal song with Leo Figaro singer from Minstrelix / Dragon Guardian as a special guest. It is the shortest song on the album and is straight to the point, featuring energetic and driving rhythms, and catchy melodies.” adds vocalist Lucas Flocco.
Listen to “Facing The Truth” at https://youtu.be/CAsNWaM6SMs

Pre-save on Spotify – http://smarturl.it/Mortanius_SPOTIFY

MORTANIUS, a progressive power metal band with symphonic and neo-classical elements was formed in 2013 by ex-Outlander vocalist Lucas Flocco and drummer Victor Cardone who were joined by guitarist Mike Gissi and bassist Jesse Shaw. From 2014 to 2016, the band recorded 3 EPs, each one steadily increasing the band’s online presence and fan base. In 2016, after the release of their third and most successful EP at the time, “A Voice From Beyond”, drummer Victor Cardone departed from the band.

A year later in 2017, MORTANIUS returned to the studio to create their first full-length album, “Till Death Do Us Part”. Ollie Bernstein (Ousiodes) recorded all lead guitars on the album, while AJ Larsen (of Madison Rising, Vicious) handled rhythm guitar duties. MORTANIUS also reached out to renowned power metal singers, Leo Figaro (Minstrelix, Dragon Guardian) and Jonas Heidgert (Dragonland) to provide guest vocals. “Till Death Do Us Part” featured the longest production cycle out of any of MORTANIUS‘ previous releases, finally wrapping up production a year later, in the fall of 2018. This album features MORTANIUS‘ most fully fleshed out and dynamic compositions, tightest performances, and highest quality production to date.

Vocalist Lucas Flocco comments:

“The album features a mixture of progressive and power metal. The songs all have melodic vocals that sing catchy lines. Choirs and harmonized vocals are featured heavily. Lead guitars shred fast and harmonized beautifully with each other, and the rhythm guitars are tight and intricate. Keyboards play an integral part to the sound of the album, providing atmospheric flavor and sometimes carrying the main melodies.”

Track Listing:

1. Facing the Truth (feat Leo Figaro) (5:11)
2. Disengage (10:17)
3. Jaded (feat Jonas Heidgert) (9:02)
4. Till Death Do Us Part (18:23)
5. Last Christmas (Wham cover) (5:56)
Album Length: 48:50

For More Info:https://www.rockshots.eu

Τρίτη 19 Φεβρουαρίου 2019

MALUM SKY - Diatribe (2019)


Welsh progressive metal band Malum Sky hit the road running with their new mini-album Diatribe. A bold statement of intent full of fire, style and melody.
The title Diatribe is based on the idea that the whole world is engaged in a Diatribe via the numerous forms of communication available to us today. Whether it’s your TV, your phone, or face to face with someone, there is a constant stream of information happening around the clock. The lyrical themes on the mini-album deal with communication on all levels and the different ways in which information is interpreted and acted upon by individuals and society as a whole.
Musically, the mini-album sees the Malum Sky sound continuing to evolve, retaining the melody and precision showcased on 2015’s self titled debut and combining it with something darker and heavier. The result is a sprawling juggernaut that shows the band’s creative energies flowing together to create something epic. With this the band are poised to take their unique brand of progressive metal to the next level. The music video for the track Borrower, released in October, is a perfect example of the passion, quality and craftsmanship that the band have put into this new body of work.

Diatribe | Released January 15th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records
Track listing:
01. Year Of The Rat | 02. Borrower | 03. The Coil | 04. Eye Above | 05. Diatribe
All songs written by Malum Sky
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Michael Jensen Després (MJD Audio)
Mastered by Mike Kalajian
Artwork & Layout by Ben Honebone (Stone Letter Media)
Photography by Melanie Honebone (Stone Letter Media)
Malum Sky are:
Ben Honebone – Vocals | Michael Jensen Després – Guitar | Jon Evans – Guitar | Athanasios ‘Saki’ Patsiouras – Bass | Joe Wilkes – Drums

Zero Fire - Second Sun (2019)


Canadian hard rock/Alternative metal band ZERO FIRE will unleash their new EP Second Sun on March 22nd 2019.

The band commented "We're very excited to release our new EP, Second Sun, on March 22nd, 2019. We've worked long and hard to try and craft something that captures the essence of what our band is about. We've tried to draw from our influences like Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age and The Mars Volta to create something that's full of heavy riffs but also stays stuck in your head. We hope everyone enjoys this record as much as we do."

About Zero Fire:

Zero Fire is a band whose music strives to combine hard hitting riffs with soaring vocal melodies, all wrapped up in a package where feel, groove and flow is paramount. Born from a collaboration between singer/guitarist Graham King and drummer Erik Thorkildsen, this band conjures up a hard rock sound reminiscent of the 90s and 2000s, yet still has a style all its own.

After sharing the stage with bands like Silent Planet, Hail the Sun and Mandroid Echostar, Zero Fire's new release, Second Sun, shows them expanding and evolving. With riffs to make you bang your head and melodies that won't leave your brain, the band hopes this is an EP that makes you say "Damn, I want to listen to that again" right after it's finished.



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MERIDIAN - Margin Of Error (2019)


Release: 22 March 2019

Denmarks melodic heavy metal band MERIDIAN are releasing their third album “Margin Of Error” as the follow-up to the critically acclaimed “Breaking The Surface” from 2016. It's the bands third album, but it contains a couple of firsts. It's the first full album made with guitarist and producer Marco Angioni, and it's the first album written and recorded with a stable line-up, all sharing the same musical vision.

Work on the album began in 2017 where various writing sessions resulted in the basic foundation for eight new tracks. The band went straight into Death Island Studios to try out, and test drive the new working relationship with Marco at the helm. Four songs where recorded and released as the digital EP “The Fate Of Atlantis” in March 2018. In early 2018 Martin and Marco took some time off to write and record a new album with former Accept singer David Reece. The album “Resilient Heart” is a big success and showcase, apart from Reece as the great singer he is, also Martin and Marco as the talented songwriters and performers they are. In the summer of 2018 the band finished off the songwriting and headed back into the studio to record the remaining seven songs for the album.

Musically the songs varies from melodic rock like the first single “Second Best”, over hard hitting metal anthems and slowpaced heavy monsters to the all out thrashy “Disconnect”, which contains guest appearance from Steve Smyth (One Machine, Nevermore, Testament etc.) on lead guitar.It's a varied musical landscape, but all 11 tracks are well crafted songs with strong vocal melodies and memorable choruses you can sing along to.

Lyrically the songs deals with important topics like war (Off To War), death (Circle The Drain), global warming (The Fate Of Atlantis), over personal topics like mental illness (Fragments Of A Life) and fighting inner demons (The Devil Inside Us All), to dealing with modern day life where everybody is constantly online (Disconnect). “Margin Of Error” is the new album from Meridian. It's the most coherent and well crafted collection of songs from a band that's better than ever. Meridian is heading out on the road in 2019 to support the album.

“Margin Of Error” is recorded at Death Island Studios.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Marco Angioni.
Cover artwork by Lena Angioni.
 Band photo by Lena Angioni.

 Lars Märker –vocals
 Martin J. Andersen –guitars
 Marco Angioni –guitars
 Peter Bruun –bass
 Klaus Agerbo –drums


STATEMENT - Force Of Life (2019)

Release: 1 March 2019

* Toured Europe with Diamond Head and Pretty Maids.
* Produced and mixed by Soren Andersen (Mike Tramp, Glenn Hughes).
* Melodic rock/metal for fans of Disturbed, Metallica & Pretty Maids.
* Artwork by Jobert Mello/Sledge Hammer (Sabaton, Primal Fear).
* 3rd album from one of Denmark’s hardest working new bands.

The Copenhagen based hard rock band Statement is a living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty can still prevail in an ailing music industry. The backbone of their work? Old school Hard Rock songs with a new twist.

Statement recently returned home after a European tour with British metal legends DIAMOND HEAD. “This tour was the first real tour for us and we met new friends and had a good spirit between all four bands. Diamond Head (UK) was the Headliner act, and Gin Annie (UK) Statement (DK) and Blinding Sparks (F) were the three support bands the tour. We have been playing a lot of shows in these last 5 years but never so many in a row, but we are sure that this tour was just the beginning and one out of many more. Tour life is focus on only one thing, and that’s your performance and that is what we are there for”, Niels Alex (Statement).

The first two albums were recorded and mixed by Tue Madsen/ Antfarm Studios (Sick Of It All, Moonspell etc.) The new album “Force Of Life” has been produced and recorded by Soren Andersen at Medley Studio (Glenn Hughes/Mike Tramp/Artillery). “Force of Life” was recorded in Medley Studio in two sessions. The first session was tough and a “feel kinda thing” to see if we should continue the new work with Soren Andersen behind the desk. We quickly found out that our minds melted into one, and it totally changed the sound of Statement to something we never expected”. Jannick Brochdorf (Statement).

On the Diamond Head tour we found ourselves some very good friends in Gin Annie from the UK. They have an album recorded and are doing a release tour in the UK and Statement is invited to play all the shows together with them. We are looking forward to play in UK – it’ll be the first time for us! We’ll be playing 10 shows and we are looking forward to meeting the British audience”, continues Niels Alex (Statement).

More shows are planned for Scandinavia and the rest of Europe this Spring and Summer.

Upcoming shows
Past shows
Sat 29.12-2018 – Amager Bio (supporting PRETTY MAIDS)
7ER Club (DE) 30/10-2018 (Supporting DIAMOND HEAD)
Matrix Rockpalast (DE) 29/10-2018 (Supporting DIAMOND HEAD)
Bambi Galore (DE) 28/10-2018 (Supporting DIAMOND HEAD)
Roxy Concerts (DE) 27/10-2018 (Supporting DIAMOND HEAD)
Podium De Flux (NL) 26/10-2018 (Supporting DIAMOND HEAD)
Little Devil (NL) 25/10-2018 (Supporting DIAMOND HEAD)
Banehuset 6/10-2018
Kulisselageret 5/10-2018
NEXT Kbh. 15/9-2018
High Voltage 24/8-2018
Give Festival 4/8-2018
Korsoranerne MC 14/7-2018
Protectio MC 2/6-2018
Buffalo MC 19/5-2018
H9 29/3-2018
Sons of Freedom MC 12/8-2017
Devastators MC d. 5/8-2017
B.A.D Summerparty 6/8 2017
Protectio MC 24/5-2017
Nordic Noise Festival 12/5-2017
Metro Musik 2/4 2017
Kongebryg 1/4 – 2017
High Voltage 9/12-2016
Ørestad Skøjtehal 29/10-2016
Viften 10/9-2016
Morgenhaar MC 9/9-2016
Rock på Kasernen 27/8-2016
Rampelys 26/8-2016
High Voltage (Album Release) 17/6-2016
PH Caféen 6/6-2016 (Supporting DIAMOND HEAD)
Kongebryg 31/10-2015
Viften 3/10-2015
Mosten Racedays Festival 29/8-2015
Bølle Festival 8/8-2015
Posten 31/7-2015
High Voltage 25/7-2015
Rockstage Tongersee Feesten (BG) 24/5-2015
Café Elpee (BG) 23/5-2015
Moonlight Music Hall (BG)22/5-2015
Lygten Station 9/5-2015
Paramount 8/5-2015
Paletten 28/2-2015
Zeppelin Bar 26/2-2015
High Voltage (Album Release) 14/3-2014
Backstage, Aarhus 16/5-2014
Nordic Noise Festival 24/-2014
Amager Bio 6/6-2014 (Supporting TESLA)
Zeppelin Bar 28/6-2014
High Voltage 8/8-2014
Forbrændingen 10/10-2014
High Voltage 20/12-2014
Dæmonens Port 27/12-2013

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Imperial Jade - On The Rise (2019)

Imperial Jade is a rock band born in the Maresme province, in Barcelona in 2012 by five young friends and rock and roll lovers. The band is formed by Francesc López (Drums), Alex Pañero (guitar), Arnau Ventura (voice), Hugo Nubiola (guitar/keyboard), Ricard Turró (bass) and it is characterised by itssound that bring us back to the times where rock music ruled the world: the 70’s. In November 2015 the band released their first record “Please Welcome Imperial Jade” which was acclaimed for the specialized press, setting it on numerous top lists of best releases of the year. Throughout 2016 Imperial Jade toured all through Spain presenting the album by giving numerous gigs booked by themselves, what brought them to open for the Californian band Rival Sons in Barcelona and the Swedish EUROPE in their two concerts given in Madrid and Barcelona among other great bands such as Ten Years After or Michael Monroe. In 2017 the band decides to bet hard on the recording of two new singles in analog tape at Music Lan Studios, then mixed in Nashville, USA by sound engineer John Netti: (Rival Sons, Europe, Black Stone Cherry, Bon Jovi…) and mastered at The Room Studio by Gorka Dresbaj. All through the year, Imperial Jade keeps playing gigs at different venues and appears for the first time live on TV at Los conciertos de Radio 3 of RTVE (Spanish TV channel), also playing in the main stage of Rock Fest BCN sharing stage with bands like Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Airbourne or Alice Cooper, heading numerous small festivals through Spain and playing in renowned festivals such as the Afro-american music festival Enclave de Agua being the first hard-rock proposal of the festival in its ten editions. Currently the band is setting up new material for their upcoming album, that is planned to be released at 2018, and starting up the last stage of their “Please Welcome Tour” on which they will go throughout the country once more.

Reference Links:

Vermillion Heights - Losing Sleep (2019)

With the release of their new single Losing Sleep, Vermillion Heights takes the best parts of a few classic genres and breeds a sound current and familiar, but their own.  Laced with an emotionally charged vocal approach, an edgy chorus, and plenty of pop undertones, the record boasts the aesthetic of alternative rock anthems.
“The song is about writing to help with depression, but I think any form of coping mechanism could take the place of writing for other people. It’s about the confusion felt in creating something appealing out of sadness or pain. Taking depression and turning it into something constructive, then using that outlet as a way to assure yourself that you will be okay eventually.” explains songwriter Sam Fassler of the band’s single.
Although the singles do speak volumes for the band, to get a real understanding for where Vermillion Heights is coming from, their previous Self Titled EP release is a necessary listen.
“We released our self titled EP in November of 2018 after being a band for only a few months. Vermillion Heights is still wet behind the ears, but due to playing in previous bands together, we all jive very well. We are hitting it hard from day one and not cutting any corners. Our sound seems to evolve every time we practice. Someone will have an idea for a song that is so wildly different from the last one we wrote, but by the time guitar leads are added and everyone else throws in their ideas, the ‘difference’ of the song stands out but still sounds like a Vermillion Heights song.” says Fassler about the progression of the band’s songwriting.
So where did Vermillion heights get their start? Made up of Sam Fassler, James Dotzler, Cody Blackwood, and Cody Oachs, the lineup consisted of players that met through performing in other bands together. Oachs ended up having instrumentals written for the Self Titled EP and was looking for a vocalist for the project. Recruiting Cody Blackwood to write vocal parts for the songs, everyone realized pretty quickly he was there to stay. Soon enough Blackwood filled the spot as full time vocalist. Once their vocalist was on board, the two Cody’s convinced Sam Fassler to join, and shortly after came James Dotzler on bass.
“Losing Sleep” is a prequel to several more singles set to be released through the first half of 2019 while the band finishes work on their full length album. The band agrees that the song is a testament to where they are at with their sound right now.


Σάββατο 16 Φεβρουαρίου 2019

Mankind's Remedy - Faceless (2018)

Each member of the band has been involved with music from an early age. Once the 3 came together, the chemistry was right and the creativity was instant. Within the first 3 months together, they put together a 12 track album and soon thereafter began working on the next. Both Travyn Hargrave and Mason Dugas are avid songwriter/composers, while Bennett Price hungrily awaits them to feed him the music to bang out the beats.
Their debut album "Faceless" is available through the website mkremedy.com, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify...just type in Mankind's Remedy on your preferred music site and your sure to find them. And if you like this first collection, new material for their 2nd album is underway. Follow us on Facebook and let us know what you think


Pierced - Pierced (2018)

"PIERCED” was formed in August 2017 with former members of NJ bands Division 1.1, Lion-Hearted and Freak of the Day. 
Initially, the band was the brainchild of vocalist Rob Middleton and guitarist John Barone, who began writing music in December 2016. It was the music they always wanted to play - aggressive, groovy metal - blistering vocals and riffs.  The last piece of the puzzle was a punishing rhythm section which they found in Mike Thomas on bass (from a mutual friend), and Joe D’Aqui (Rob found on BandMix). Their first rehearsal/tryout was instant chemistry - they played the first song Rob and John wrote - Warchief. From there, all the music initially written by Rob and John took on a life of it’s own - heavier, challenging and well thought out.
Fast forward to Mid 2018, their DEBUT album was recorded and mixed by the infamous Eric Rachel of Trax East Studios in South River, NJ. It was recorded old school - full takes, no digital wizardry or “corrections", under pressure and with full on aggression!  What you hear on this album is what you will hear live and their live shows are always an event - expect the unexpected. The album release show on Dec 29th was a huge success with excellent turnout and opening acts - truly a night to remember (captured on Facebook). The album is available at CDBabyiTunesApple MusicAmazon, Google Play. Spotify and etc.


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Heavy Feather - Débris & Rubble (2019)


Release: 5 April 2019

Longing for bands like Free, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Cream? Heavy Feather (SWE) serves up that late 60s and early 70s rock vibe that will bring listeners back in time yet still offer hope about the future of rock n roll.  It´s retro rock filled with air and honesty.

Heavy Feather takes it back to the roots on their debut album Débris & Rubble, set to release April 5, 2019 via The Sign Records.  It's raw, real, and heavy riff-based rock.  While the band is influenced by the greats of the 60s and 70s, they have created their own unique style.  Their high ambition has pushed the quartet forward, making them proud of the roughness they perform on stage.  Featuring former members of Siena Root, Lisa Lystam Family Band, Diamond Dogs, Stacie Collins and Mårran, Heavy Feather believes that organic roots rock deserves more attention in the world's rock scene today.

And with Débris & Rubble, Heavy Feather is sure to garner some of that attention.  Their airy riffs packaged in a heavy sound, full of rawness and authenticity, will leave listeners with an ardent desire for more.

  1. Débris & Rubble
  2. Where Did We Go
  3. Waited All My Life
  4. Dreams
  5. Higher
  6. Tell Me Your Tale  
  7. Long Ride
  8. I Spend My Money Wrong
  9. Hey There Mama
  10. Please Don't Leave
  11. Whispering Things

Live Dates
  • 18 April - SE - Harry B James - Stockholm
  • 19 April - SE - Lilla Helfvetet - Mora
  • 20 April  - SE - House of Blues - Borlänge
  • 26 April - ES - Madrid 
  • 27 April - ES - Veneno Stereo - Castellón
  • 28 April - ES - Café del Teatre - Lleida
  • 30 April - ES - Urban Rock Concept - Vitoria
  • 1 May - ES - La Nube - Bilbao
  • 2 May - ES - Sala Impacto - Plasencia
  • 3 May - ES - La Alquitara - Béjar
  • 4 May - ES - Salason - Cangas do Morrazo
  • 5 May - ES - El Zagal - Aldeamayor de San Martín
Connect with Heavy Feather


Κυριακή 10 Φεβρουαρίου 2019

MIKE TRAMP - Stray From The Flock (2019)

* New studio album from Mike Tramp (the voice of White Lion and Freak Of Nature).
 * Tramp is staying true to the roots of rock’n’roll on this album and no fans of his previous albums will be disappointed.
 * Tramp will kick off 2019 with a large USA tour in Feb and March, there after an extensive tour of the U.K, and returning to Denmark for May shows and Summer festivals. Tramp will also visit other European countries during the Summer and Fall and a large tour of Germany in October.
 * Big international marketing, PR and advertising campaign will be supporting the album.
 * First single "Dead End Ride" will be released on the 25th of January and a top notch music video.

 Mike Tramp has spent a significant portion of the last twenty years studiously carving out a solid solo career for himself as a singer/songwriter. Having long turned his back on the temptation to dwell on former arena-filling glories and extremely comfortable with his chosen path, it matters not to the Dane these days, whether he’s playing a small café in some far flung town in France or a large outdoor Summer festival in his native Denmark. Mike Tramp is happy being Mike Tramp. “Many years ago I realized that going back to basics, demanding nothing and being surprised if there was a tray of sandwiches in the dressing room was the way forward,” he smiles.

 “I’ve played a role on stage in the past – my upbringing on Freddie Mercury and David Bowie allowing me to stand on stage and perform – but you can’t carry that rock star stuff off in tiny clubs. You have to be the same guy on stage who came in the front door, went through the crowd to get to that stage and leaves through the same route afterwards. Maybe,” he laughs, “selling a T-shirt on the way out

 “The audiences embraced that approach” he adds. “It was the real deal. Besides, I’m just a kid from Copenhagen who never really felt comfortable in the back of a limousine. I want to be the guy who goes out on stage and is simply the person I am, with the ability to pull the songs out of my pocket in the spirit of the moment and not just the songs I have to play.

 Since first embarking on his solo journey in 1997 with the excellent “Capricorn” album, Tramp completely re-invented himself as a singer/songwriter in his own right with 2002’s “Recovering The Wasted Years”. “More To Life Than This” and the double live album “Rock ’N’ Roll Alive” both followed a year later; with “Songs I Left Behind” appearing in 2004. However, in 2009 Mike reappeared seemingly fronting a new band with 2009’s “Rock ‘N Roll Cirkuz” project. Yet appearances can be deceptive....

  “Once I had started recording that album it took a different turn to the more recent albums I’d been making at that time. That band I’d assembled took things to a different level. It was almost akin to having a Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers feel to it, a little more energetic but not that far away from my other albums. But I was reminded on the second album (2011’s “Stand Your Ground”) as to what it takes to keep a band together, especially when you’re no longer a 21 year old kid. So that’s why I took charge again on “Cobblestone Street” and in order to fully establish myself on my own again

  2013’s “Cobblestone Street” began a run of albums that has subsequently included “Museum” (2014), “Nomad” (2015) and “Maybe Tomorrow” (2017) that have been consistent in their look, feel and a sound that although centres on some of the finest, acoustic based yet hauntingly melodic songs you’ll ever hear also – refreshingly so - make the odd diversion into previously unexplored territory. In the case of “Museum” that just happened to be a fantastic slice of funk rock in the brilliantly rendered “Down South”.

  “Cobblestone Street” is one of the most important albums I’ve ever done” states Mike. “That’s because it took me back to where I came from.  As a kid I had no plans of becoming a rock star in a rock band, it just happened, as I had, in a way, almost a folk background. Each album I’ve recorded since “Cobblestone Street” hasn’t really run too far away from it, other than the production on the subsequent records may have just got bigger; perhaps because there’s a fuller sound”.

  Mike’s new album, “Stray From The Flock”, essentially takes that “Cobblestone Street” template one step further. It’s also an album that pretty much wrote itself. “I picked up the guitar and the songs just started flying out of me. I thought ‘fuck! There’s an album that wants to come out of here!’”, Tramp laughs. Mike will, of course, be touring in support of “Stray From The Flock”, but as with his previous solo excursions there won’t be any explosions, moving drum risers or confetti bombs on stage. There will just be a guy standing in the middle being the real deal. That guy is Mike Tramp.

 "Stray From The Flock" is the new studio album from Mike Tramp. Released on the 1st of March on CD, LP, digital and cassette (!).

  Recorded at Ark Studio in Denmark and mixed in Sweden by Peter Masson.

 "Why do you write another song when you’ve already written 500? Where do you find passion when you’ve done it all, and what is the point to record and release and new album, in a time when nothing is like it once was. I tell you why! Because it is who I am and it is what I do. I am a singer, I am a songwriter and I am a rock’n’roller. I have said this before and say it again. I am a torchbearer of my musical heroes. The seed they planted in me keeps growing and I keep going on and on”.

  “The songs on “Stray From The Flock” simply poured out of me. There was no way I could stop them, I simply had  to record a new album for the songs to have a home. “Stray From The Flock” continues where “Maybe Tomorrow” ended. I have no plans of steering away from the sound and songs I have made on now 11 solo albums. I want the fans to know that when they reach for a Mike Tramp album on the shelves, no matter which one, they will always get who I am, and each and every album represent who I am, and “Stray From The Flock” is where I am at in 2019. When I recorded my first solo album 22 years ago, I made the point that I would always stand by my lyrics and my lyrics is my stand in life”.

  “The musicians on the album are all my close friends who lent their talent to my music, and this time I asked many of the guitar players I have worked with through the many years, to each leave their stamp on my songs. It made it fresh and interesting
.", Mike Tramp, January 2019

Mikael Erlandsson - Capricorn Six (2019)


Release: 22 February 2019

Mikael Erlandsson is back with his 6th solo album “Capricorn Six”. The Swedish singer is a true Aor/melodic rock legend that with his amazing voice which has been one of the best  in this genre for more than 25 years.
Erlandsson had success in Sweden already in 1990 when he was the  frontman in the band N´Gang where he had several hits incl. a Swedish song in the Eurovision Song Contest. The breakthrough in the Rock scene happened in 1993 when he released his first solo album. The album topped that year’s best of melodic rock charts and had an impact all over the world – but especially in Japan. Later on, 4 more solo albums saw the light of day and Erlandsson guested as singer on albums with Phenomena, Radioactive, Salute, Love Under Cover amongst others. During the last fifteen years Mikael also led his own band “Last Autumns Dream” who released 15 albums and did some touring in Japan, Germany and England.
Now, Mikael Erlandsson is back with a new album filled with songs in his classic style. Musicians on the album are Sayit Dölen (guitar), Pontus Engborg (drums) and Joel Starander (bass). The record was produced by Claes Andreasson and Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumns Dream, Heartbreak Radio) and mixed and mastered by Martin Kronlund (guest guitar themes on ”Eye of the hurricane” , ”Break another heart” & ”I just wanna love you”.


Σάββατο 9 Φεβρουαρίου 2019

Blood Red Saints - Pulse (2019)


Release: 22 February 2019

2019 brings the release of the third album by British rockers Blood Red Saints.
The album, released through AOR Heaven is entitled 'Pulse' on February 22nd, 2019 and sees the band modernising their sound whilst still retaining the big choruses.Guitarist Lee Revill is the man tasked with mixing and engineering the album as well as co-producing alongside Pete Godfrey.
“Pulse” features 11 tracks all written by Revill/Godfrey and the album has a more contemporary edge, trying to push the boundaries of Melodic Rock. Songs such as “Cross to bear” and “Crash into me”, edge into radio friendly territory whilst “I'm your Devil” has a more raw punky feel. The title track “Pulse” is all about the chant and should be a great live number, “Animals” and “Message to God” being full on rockers.
The band says: “This album is more personal, dealing with life events of the past year but still maintaining a positive stance, everybody brought their best to this recording, no compromises, no excuses, simply the best 11 songs we could write and we are proud of the results, after all, without music and fun, what is there?”


DeVicious - Reflections (2019)


Release: 1 March 2019

DeVicious is an international Hard & Melodic Rock band with home base in Germany. After the success of their debut album “Never Say Never”, released in August 2018, the band didn’t want to take a break and went straight back into the studio to record their second album “Reflections”.

Founded in 2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany by longtime friends for over 20 years, DeVicious was able to get the Serbian powerhouse vocalist Zoran Sandorov as a steady member into the band. The group consists of Alex Frey (bass, song-writing, production), Radivoj Petrovic (lead guitar), Denis Kunz (keyboards), Lars Nippa (drums), and singer Zoran Sandorov aka Mister Sanders.

On “Reflections” DeVicious follows into their own footsteps. Fans of the band will continue to love their catchy melodies and thriving grooves. “Reflections” is not just a copy of “Never Say Never”. The new album contains more riffing, more rhythm and more punch without losing focus on the melodies and the DeVicious trademarks. Producer Alex Frey unlocked all the energy of singer Zoran Sandorov and created a musical environment that supports his powerful range. The second single “Never Let You Go” is a duet with none other than renowned singer Åge Sten Nilsen (AMMUNITION, WIG WAM) from Norway.

DeVicious is better than ever and the band is looking forward to play the new songs and the hits of their debut album live on the road. A tour with AMMUNITION starting March 1st is booked and the band is already confirmed for the HEAT Festival, the Indoor Summer Festival and the Rock & Loc Festival in Germany.

Mister Sanders – Vocals
Radivoj Petrovic – Guitar
Alex Frey – Bass
Dennis Kunz – Keyboards
Lars Nippa – Drums

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deviciousband/
WEB: https://www.devicious.band


Παρασκευή 8 Φεβρουαρίου 2019

Velvet Insane - Velvet Insane (2019)


Release: 22 February 2019

 VELVET INSANE from northern Sweden is centered around guitarist Jesper Lindgren and singer Jonas Eriksson. It was founded out of the ashes of Jesper Lindgrens short-lived band PURE FAITH back in 2013. He brought his new friend Jonas Eriksson to the band and they started to rehearse. After the first gig Jesper discovered that Jonas could not only play drums very well, but he is a hell of a singer with a charismatic voice.

Words of the band quickly spread among Swedish rock fans and they started recording some demos to see if they could capture the electric energy that bonded the band together on stage. 2014 began with a tour in the north of Sweden and high-profile gigs in Falun and Stockholm. More songs were written, more demos were recorded and in April they went into ESTA studios in Stockholm and recorded their first EP, which was released in May 2014. After some lineup changes, they recruited two new members in the summer of 2014 to the band, Tobias Reimbertsson (drums) and Niklas Henriksson (bass).

With a new lineup and a new lease of life, they went down to Stockholm again and recorded their official debut EP "Youth on Fire" which was released worldwide on October 25th, 2014. The release of the EP sparked an enormous interest in the band as fans, promoters and record companies worldwide caught wind of what they were doing from their Swedish base and they finished 2014 with their eyes firmly on the year ahead. An upcoming tour in Australia was about to be made and the dreams about making and playing music started to get real. So they started touring in Japan and UK followed by tours that took them to Spain and the United States.

After nearly four years rocking together, Niklas and Tobias decided to quit the band and when that happened, Jesper and Jonas took some new steps into a new era when they decided to continue as a duo. A new era with their self-titled album VELVET INSANE in their hands, ready to rock the world and to get the awareness they deserve. Because their high octane driven Hard Rock, influenced by classic rock bands like MOTT THE HOOPLE, HUMPLE PIE, T.REX or THE HELLACOPTERS is a perfect example for a fresh sounding new breed of musicians!



Marc Durkee - Remain In Stasis (2018)


Yarmouth, Nova Scotia's solo atmospheric prog artist Marc Durkee is a big fan of Swedish metal hit makers GHOST. Covering their songs over the years, he's has posted his latest acoustic rendition of 'He Is', which can be viewed on his youtube channel where other past covers from personal favourites can be watched. 

"I really enjoyed Ghost's "Prequelle" album they released this year. I'd already done a few acoustic covers of songs from it, which were well received, so I decided to throw it back to one of my favourites from their previous album."

Marc Durkee - 'He Is' (Ghost cover) - https://youtu.be/6-JjP53F9rk 
he is (acoustic ghost cover)
Inspired by Katatonia, Tesseract, Anathema, Devin Townsend, Coheed & Cambria, Marc Durkee's music can be described as "a blend of progressive, metal/rock, doom metal, post-hardcore, and post-rock."
Durkee's new album 'Remain In Stasis' will be out on out January 18th, 2019 and is loaded with deep meaning to this courageous and talented solo artist, as he explains.
"The first meaning of this release is personal. I've been stuck in a state of depersonalization for almost five years now. For me, it's been a chronic symptom of dealing with years of depression and stress, and it's unrelenting. When it's at its worst, it removes mostly all motivation and enjoyment from my life. While that is unfortunate, it does serve as a major source of inspiration for song-writing…The second meaning is more political and universal. I feel that humanity is at a unique point in our history, with technology and social media allowing us to communicate and express ourselves in ways that were previously unimaginable. And yet, nobody really DOES communicate. It seems as though it's mostly used as a platform to bicker over political ideals and agendas and create discourse, or for anyone to use as their own personal performance venue. Everyone wants to be seen and heard, even those who really don't deserve to be."
Marc Durkee is one artist who really does deserve to be heard, and when 'Remain In Stasis' is released, all the world will hear him.
Album pre-order available on BandcampiTunes, AmazonDigital download and stream of single 'A Way To Escape' available on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes.

Music Video - 'A Way To Escape' - https://youtu.be/-g0vWXpaD6E

Guitar Video - 'The Dark Dimension'https://youtu.be/QB0hJjpbBXo

Track Listing:
1. The Dark Dimension (5:05)
2.  A Way To Escape (5.22)
3.  Mimesis (3:55)
4.  A Great Disdain (3:58)
5. Redesign (In Stride) (4:45)
6. The Mind Flayer (4:36)
7.  A Number Of Years (4:02)
8.  Not Without Sin (1:51)
9.  Meteor (4:56)
10. Stasis (5:03)
Album Length: 43:37
Album Credits:
– All songs performed, written, produced, and mixed by Marc Durkee.
– Mastered by Matthew Hemeon.
2018: Remain In Stasis (LP)
2017: Traveller (LP)
2014: Singular (EP)
2013: Gatherings (EP)


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