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Behind The Sun - Post Solis (2017)

Release: 10 March 2017

South Carolina Progressive Metal quartet BEHIND THE SUN will release the Post Solis EP on March 10. The album was recorded in Winston-Salem, NC with acclaimed producer Jamie King (BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME).

The musicality contained herein is defined by a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. Indeed, were it not for the fact that BEHIND THE SUN has existed barely three years, one might be inclined to believe that the penetrating compositional might and impressive musicianship on display is the work of a veteran group with a decade's worth of material to its name. And yet the band's approach is a deceptively simple one: "a 4-man group working to create our own blend of metal from the music we love." Talent and a passion for one's art more often than not leads to great achievement: the case in point is BEHIND THE SUN. 




Jesse Hanak - Guitar, Vocals
Nathan G. Day - Drums,Vocals
Brian Sisk - Bass
Morgan Murray - Guitar, Vocals




7HY - Stories We Tell ( CD version 2017)

Release: 3 March 2017
7HY (Seven Hard Years) are excited to announce that they will release the CD version of Stories We Tell on March 3rd 2017. The album is a tour-de-force of hard rock/traditional metal that features Alan Kelly of Shy and Shawn Pelata of Final Sign.

About 7HY:

7hy is a band with a sterling pedigree and unchallengeable history in rock. The band’s accomplishments speak for themselves and need not be recalled here.
Seven Hard Years, or 7HY if you like, is the brainchild of ex-Shy drummer Alan Kelly and while he draws upon his experience from being a part of Shy and a part of the now legendary 80s music industry, 7HY is no mere Shy clone. 
Expanding upon his capabilities as a songwriter (Kelly penned lyrics for several Shy classics), Alan took to the guitar and keyboards and set about finding his own path. Once he had songs in hand, he made contact with then Line of Fire vocalist Shawn Pelata to set about making the debut 7HY album.
Alan handled the bulk of the instrumentation himself while calling upon Dave Martin (ex-Marshall Law) for some guitar solos and his former Shy bandmate Roy Davis for some additional bass work. Martin Walls and Alan's wife Claire also contributed bass tracks while Alan's son Eliot contributed solo work as well. The resulting album, 'No Place in Heaven' released on Davis' Lynchburg Music in 2014, was well-received across the globe amongst rock fans and established the act as a melodic force to be reckoned with.
Alan was not about to stop there. Once release details were sorted for the debut, Alan and Shawn set about preparing the next release. Armed with 12 brand new songs, the duo wanted to do all they could to top the debut. It appears they have risen to the challenge. 'Stories We Tell' is packed with more energy, more melody, more intense performances, and will no doubt squelch the sophomore jinx.
Songs such as "Break the Spell", "Don't Believe a Word", "Driving Me Crazy" and "I'll Survive" showcase the palpable chemistry between Alan's musical muse and Shawn's vocal prowess. The vocals carry the melodies and hooks with intensity and swagger. 'Stories We Tell' is certainly a jewel in the crown for these two veteran artists. 
Once again featuring contributions from Dave Martin and Eliot Kelly, as well as Calle Hammer (Houston), Pete Fry (Farcry) and Danny Beardsley (Emperor Chung), and his brother Paul Kelly, the guitar solos on 'Stories We Tell' are scorching! Bass duties were split between Alan himself, Martin Walls, and Dave Martin's Marshall Law cohort Tom Dwyer.
Packed with undeniable hooks, deft solos, massive vocal melodies and a stunning hard rock punch, 'Stories We Tell' will no doubt please rock fans across the world and further solidify Alan's songwriting ability amongst his peers.  
I’ll Survive 
Break the Spell 
Don’t Believe a Word 
One More Day 
Only Human 
Into You 
Broken Man 
Driving Me Crazy 
I’ve Been Waiting 
Sweet Sensation 
Wasn’t Always Like This 
Driving Me Crazy Duet (Bonus Mix)
7HY is 
Alan Kelly – guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, backing vocals 
Shawn Pelata – lead and backing vocals 

Skeletoon - Ticking Clock (2017)

Release date: March 03 2017

"SKELETOON" were born in 2007, as a Helloween (Kiske era) Tribute Band, by the Singer "TOMI FOOLER", under the Previous Name "JACK o' LANTERN". After a long period playing live over Italian Stages & Shows, with different changes in Original Line-Up, TOMI decided to record his own Music, sharing studio with many musicians he knew during Live Shows with the Band.
"THE CURSE OF THE AVENGER" was Born in 2015, with a Sound Half way between German Power Metal an a Classic Heavy, maintaining the original Mood of Making Fun of everything, as much as possible. "HAPPY METAL MUSIC" can be a right definition of their Sound.THE CURSE OF THE AVENGER, is written as it was a real, nowadays "NERD" Secret Diry, telling all the struggling battles a Geek has to Challenge in everyday Life, not forgetting to quote some typical "clue" like 80's Videogames (Title Track is dedicated to the Lucas Art Masterpiece "THE CURSE OF MONKEY ISLAND"), Superheroes Movies or Tv Series like "THE DOCTOR WHO".
Their first Album saw participations of Great Musicians like ROLAND GRAPOW from MASTERPLAN, DIMITRI MELONI from ENSIGHT and CHARLIE DHO, from THE FALLEN ANGEL, while Mixing and Mastering have been developed by Mr. DENNIS WARD (UNISONIC, PINK CREAM 69).

Jonne Järvelaä / Korpiklaani / voice on "Drownig Sleep"
Piet Sielck / Iron Savior / voice on "Watch over Me"
Jens Ludwig / Edguy /  2° voice, Acoustic guitar and solo on "Ticking Clock"
Guido Benedetti / Trick Or Treat / all songs (Composer, guitar)
Line up
Tomi Fooler:Vocals
Andy "K" Cappellari: Rhytm/Lead Guitar
Davide Piletto: Rhytm/Lead Guitar
Charlie Dho: Bass Guitar
Henry Sidoti: Drums

01 - Dreamland
02 - Drowning Sleep
03 - Night Ain't Over
04 - Watch over Me
05 - Chasing Time
06 - Ticking Clock
07 - Mooncry
08 - Falling into Darkness
09 - Awakening


Serpico - Ain't Better To Leave (Single 2017)

Fast speed, danger and dancing "slow dances" to Bon Jovi; rewarded with tobacco and beer
- Serpico release new single and music video for "Ain't Better To Leave"

Finnish Hard Rock group Serpico have released a new single and music video for their track "Ain't Better To Leave"

The music video reminisces the bygone era when music videos were viewed from VHS tapes recorded on by older relatives that had cable TV, and when heavy rock grew in popularity amongst the youth culture yet was disproved by older generations.

The video was inspired by the band's previous visit to the U.K. Serprico wasn't that organized with their tour planning and found themselves in a strange city without a place to sleep. After several twists and turns they found themselves in the company of local suburban-princesses. They had to sway intimately to Bon Jovi songs in exchange for accommodation, beer and cigarettes. Of course in the video you cant see any swaying to Bon Jovi songs and it doesn't make any reference to that previous story. But it was a trip to be remembered!

Release date: February 22nd 2017

Ain't Better to Leave @ Spotify
Serpico @ Facebook

Serpico Youtube -channel

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Mawcore - Where Breaking Begins (EP)

Life can be disappointing and difficult. Music is an avenue by which man can find hope again. Mawcore does just that. From the Hebrew word, meaning “Wellspring”, Mawcore taps into the central line of the hopeless, with a continual supply of hope and life, through faith-based lyrics and a mended-heart filled message. It is a Modern Hard Alt. Rock band pulling in core elements of grinding guitars, pulsing bass, pounding drums, layered electronica sounds and soring vocals. It draws upon musical influences from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and carries into the present day, stretching and barreling onward towards eternity.
Mawcore was formed from the ashes of the former internationally distributed band, Blushing Well, who shared their music with thousands all around the world. They shared the stage with Skillet, Red, Disciple, Seventh Day Slumber, Jeremy Camp, Pillar and countless others. Their music was distributed internationally through Nightmare Records and played by radio stations in The Philippines, Yugoslavia, Norway, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Italy and the United States.
Although the past had crumbled, the three remaining members Joshua, Jeremy and Jeff found themselves with wounds being healed by the music within their core. Being joined by a variety of other musicians and eventually now permanent guitarist Ben, the programming talents of Chris, and the drumming skills of Paul, they crafted a sound uniquely their own. Each member brings their own reason to keep them going:  Jeremy: “For me, life without music is no life at all. I breathe it. I live it. Being in Mawcore is an amplifier for the music in my head”; Ben: “Music has shown me that there is a way to overcome fears and insecurities. When faith is tested, there is strength to be found in music with a message”; Jeff: “There is new life when the musician gets to share the journey with his offspring. The journey grows deeper and the passion more fervent when you are fighting for the life of others”; Joshua “If you cut me, I bleed music! This is such a deep part of my healing and knowing that we are sharing this healing with others, has made it all the more intense”; Chris: “The things that once made me feel undone and hurt, I now use to embrace others in their healing. This new journey has played a part in helping me believe that there is always hope and redemption”; Paul: "Music has been a constant in my life. It's one of the few ways I can express myself without limitation. However, God's glory is the chief end!". These passionate members are fueling the forward motion that is Mawcore!
Mawcore brings forth their Modern Hard Alternative Rock that blends grinding guitars, pounding drums, pulsing bass, soaring synths and Melodic Vocals into one full body rock experience. "Where Breaking Begins" is the first of 3 EP's that take the listener on a journey from failure to freedom.

My Own Ghost - Life On Standby (2017)

My Own Ghost, a rock band from Luxembourg and the Finnish record label Secret Entertainment continue their cooperation. The second album named "Life On Standby" is released April 7th 2017. The album is produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Apocalyptica, Amorphis, etc..) and mastered by Svante Forsbäck (Rammstein, Sunrise Avenue, Bullet For My Valentine, etc.)
Their critically acclaimed debut album "Love Kills" was released in 2014 also by Secret Entertainment.

The band just released a music video from the album and it can be seen here: 

The band comments the single, music video and tour:

"'Life On Standby' tells the story of quite a lot of people, who spend their life looking at life passing them by, but not living life to the fullest. Sometimes they try to break out, but that seems to get harder and harder the older they get and the more they get caught in everyday life.
The videoclip for 'Life On Standby' shows us a man, who's lost all and every connection to reality, and who, little by little breaks out , which, in this case, is quite a painful process.
We're really happy that we found in Francis Majerus an actor who's able to transmit all these conflicting emotions and who was ready to engage himself fully into the storyline. Also, big thanks go out to Scumcrow Production s, who've done an amazing job.
My Own Ghost will embark on their 3rd UK Tour in order to promote the release of the first single from the new album. 'Life On Standby' will be presented to English audiences live on 4 dates.
This stint in the UK will be followed quickly by a return to Manchester and London as main support for Finnish singer Tarja Turunen on her Shadow Shows 2017. The tour will comprise 6 more dates in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland. It is a great honour for My Own Ghost to support the former Nightwish singer on her tour.
What makes it even more special is that, after having found a home at Secret Entertainment and having Hiili Hiilesmaa and Svante Forsbäck working on the new album, touring with Tarja strengthens their ties with Finland and really makes it their second home. "

Confirmed tour dates:

18.2. @ Level III Swindon/UK
20.2. @ Alley Cat Bar London/UK
21.2. @ The Horns Watford/UK
22.2. @ New Cross Inn London/UK

9.3. Support Tarja @ O2 Academy Manchester/U
10.3. Support Tarja @ Koko London/UK
11.3. Support Tarja @ Neushorn Leeuwarden/NL
13.3. Support Tarja @ Cacaofabriek Helmond/NL
14.3. Support Tarja @ Atak Enschede/NL
15.3. Support Tarja @ KUFA Esch-sur-Alzette/LU
17.3. Support Tarja @ MS Connexion Mannheim/DE
18.3. Support Tarja @ Kulturfabrik Kofmehl Soleure/CH
25.3. @ Mix N'Kawa Belval/LU

23.4. @ FemMe Eindhoven/NL
28.4. @ Release Party KUFA Esch-sur-Alzette/LU
Track list:
01. Life On Standby
02. Everytime I Break
03. Alive
04. 10 Weeks Of Summer
05. If I Stay
06. Don't Say You Love Me
07. No Air
08. The Night Before I Die
09. When Love Is Not Enough
10. Hope

Julie Rodesch - Vocals
Fred Brever - Guitars
David Soppelsa - Guitars
Joe May - Bass
Michael Stein - Drums


NASH B.C. - Burning Babylon (2016)

ROCKSHOTS Records proudly present NASH B.C.  debut album “Burning Babylon”. 9 Powerful TRACKS of hard hitting guitars and catchy choruses!
NASH B.C.  sound will please both fans of sleazy hard rock and modern heavy rock!
D.A.D meets ALTER BRIDGE and you’ll get the picture of this Power-Trio hailing from Thessaloniki – Greece!

“Burning Babylon” was recorded at Valve Studio (Firewind, Gus G) by Stratos Karagiannidis and mastered by Steve Nagasaki. Cover Art and layout was designed by Alan Fall.

BURNING BABYLON will be released on DIGITAL AUDIO and CD on December 9th, 2016.

NASH B.C Line Up: Nash-Guitars | George -vocals | Costas Matis - drums

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Skyline - Nowhere Here (2016)

SKYLINE is a modern rock band formed in 2004, aiming to play modern and melodic rock influenced by the big modern rock bands coming from USA. The debut album called “The Other Words” has been self-produced in 2010 followed by extensive touring. In 2014 there’s another fundamental change of line up because immediately after the band found new strenght and inspiration to work on the second album called “Nowhere Here”, a perfect mixture of energy and melody influenced by such bands like Breaking Benjiamin, 30 Second To Mars and 3 Doors Down. “Nowhere Here” is the video single where all the highlights of the Skyline sound has been presented, “The Game” and “Everything is Wrong” shows a sound more influenced by pop/rock sound.

Deathwhite - For a Black Tomorrow (2017)

Release: 10 March 2017

American dark metal outfit DEATHWHITE has set a March 10, 2017, release date for their first full-length album, For a Black Tomorrow.

The follow-up to the band’s two well-received EP’s (2014’s Ethereal and 2015’s Solitary Martyr, respectively), For a Black Tomorrow finds DEATHWHITE weaving emotive clean vocals with melodic, sweeping riffs, and elaborate drumming under a depressive atmosphere.

For a Black Tomorrow was recorded from August to October 2016 at Cerebral Audio Productions under the careful supervision of producer/engineer Shane Mayer.

Pre-orders: https://deathwhite.bandcamp.com/album/for-a-black-tomorrow-release-date-3-10-17

For a Black Tomorrow track listing:

1.       The Grace of the Dark
2.       Contrition
3.       Poisoned
4.       Just Remember
5.       Eden
6.       Dreaming the Inverse
7.       Death and the Master
8.       Prison of Thought
9.       For a Black Tomorrow


Achiote - Loneliness of Endles Days (2017)

Finnish metal band Achiote to release their second album 'Loneliness of Endless Days' - a painful work of grief followed by a severe illness of a band member, death wish and helplessness. Check out the new music video yet filled with a dash of hope – It's a Trap!

V.R. Label Finland proudly presents Achiote's new upcoming second album. The album is all about sadness and leaving things behind - the original female bass player-singer Anu has been forced to leave the band due to an illness caused by a typical Finnish household mold problem. Divorces and drifting apart have forced the reformed band 'to deconstruct their obstacles into an emonationally strong and diversely fascinating metal.' (M.Meriläinen, Soundi 2017)

Achiote is a Finnish metal band combining melodic heavy and soulful 90's rock spiced up with northern romanticism. The debut album 'Deimos' was very well received in sincere praises by both critics and fans. The band is on the road with the following shows and more to be announced:

10.2. Baari, Turku, Finland
24.2. Bar Loose, Helsinki, Finland
25.2. Fubar Rock Club, Tallinn, Estonia
21.4. Bar 15, Seinäjoki, Finland

The band's comments on the album:

'The 'hard second album' was indeed hard this time! Making the music was almost easy, but other parts of life seemed to drive a few of us insane while making this album. Divorces, drifting apart and longing have led the band to fight the evil and suffering with their music and art all bristled up. With this album we say our farewells to what we so deeply loved.'

Achiote - Loneliness of Endless Days
Music & lyrics: Janne Salminiemi, Timo Toikka, Tuomas Riihimäki, Jussi Vuola
Production: Achiote, Anu Marttila
Recording: Achiote, Severi Peura
Mixing: Jussi Vuola, V.R. Studio
Mastering: Svante Forsbäck, Chartmakers
Catalog nr: VRDIG109 / VRCD025
ISRC: FIV2U1700011-20
Distribution: Playground Music Scandinavia.

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RADIO FREE UNIVERSE - Casa Del Diablo (2017)

 Out : March 17th

We live in a world where everything, including music, is itemized and made into a genre (indeed the sub-genres grow daily!). Yet rock is all about rebellion plus rejecting norms and Hamilton, ON’s marvelous award nominated RADIO FREE UNIVERSE are very much their own creation. In vocalist George Panagopoulos’ words, they are “genuine, honest, heavy, sonic…liberating.”
Panagopoulos explains liberty is a big part of the inspiration behind RADIO FREE UNIVERSE’s unique name.

“It is inspired by Radio Free Europe, which began as part of the resistance against tyranny in World War 2. Now its journalists report the news in 23 countries where a free press is banned by the government or not fully established. We apply this to our music. Trying to break free of the chains of genres and just focusing on the song and serving it."
RADIO FREE UNIVERSE’s debut album ‘Casa Del Diablo’ is set for release on March 17th, 2017 via Jet Pack Records and features twelve infectious rocking tunes. The album was mixed and mastered by Glen Robinson (Voivod, Gwar) along with him producing tracks American Gun, Disclosure, 18 Wheels and Six with the rest of the release produced by RFU vocalist George Panagopoulos and Mark McMaster. 

Their new single ‘Disclosure’ is hitting radio across Canada and is now available exclusively for FREE download via PureGrainAudio.com.

Download it at the following link: http://puregrainaudio.com/audio/radio-free-universe-disclosure-free-song-download

1. American Gun (2:53)
2. Disclosure (3:13)
3. 18 Wheels (3:37)
4. Butterfly(3:26)
5. DMT (2:55)
6. Six (3:56)
7. Magnolia Girl (3:09)
8. The Rest of Us (3:50)
9. Dirty Little Things (4:47)
10. Rhythm and Bones (2:26)
11. Happy (2:44)
12. Armageddon Road (2:28)
Album Length: 39:31

– George Panagopoulos – Vocalist/Lyricist
– Ryan DavieBackup – Vocalist, Guitarist
– Ashton Norman – Drummer
– Adam Neumann – Backup Vocalist, Bassist
‘Casa Del Diablo’ will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all major online retailers as of March 17, 2017.

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Burnt Out Wreck - Swallow

The eagerly awaited debut album from Burnt Out Wreck featuring ex-Heavy Pettin’s Gary Moat is now available! “Swallow” is a huge slice of full on, punchy classic hard rock with guitar riffs galore! Released via Cherry Red Records, this album is every bit as good as you would expect from one of Scotland’s original rock n rollers, Gary Moat!
Says Gary, “I went in to the studio to record a set of songs. Before I knew it, ‘Swallow’ had been created, and now here it is. I thoroughly enjoyed being in the studio but it was never my intention to become a recording artist again but here I am. It is crazy but I’m loving it. The album is a culmination of all my influences. It has been 30 years in the making and it seems it’s being received very well everywhere…which is fantastic.”
Gary has a colorful history as the drummer and main songwriter for metal legends Heavy Pettin’. The band were signed to Polydor and Warner Chappell in 1983 with help from Def Leppard’s manager Peter Mensch. They toured extensively until 1988 with Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Ratt, Motley Crue, Saxon, Accept and Magnum amongst others, as well as headlining their own tours. They recorded three albums with different producers: Brian May, Mark Dearnley and Adrian Lee/Tony Taverner. Heavy Pettin’ also played the likes of Reading Festival, Loreley and other major festivals, as well as recording The Friday Rock Show for Tommy Vance & Tony Wilson.
Gary created Burnt Out Wreck in the summer of 2016. After penning songs for an album, he ventured into the studio under the watchful eye of acclaimed sound engineer Steve Rispin (Asia), and with Gary’s determination to create good time classic rock, “Swallow” began to take shape. For Burnt Out Wreck, Gary has traded the drum stool for the microphone. He has his own imitable style, and is frequently compared to Bon Scott and Marc Storace.

Burnt Out Wreck’s “Swallow” is co-produced by Gary Moat and Steve Rispin (Asia, Inglorious), mastered by Pete Maher (U2, The Killers, Jack White, Rolling Stones etc).
Watch Burnt Out Wreck’s “Swallow” video: https://youtu.be/rX_BZmd7LSI
(The video was created by Mark Leary at ASYLUMseventy7)
Burnt Out Wreck features:
Gary Moat – vocals, rhythm guitar
Adrian Dunn – guitar, backing vocals
Alex Carmichael – bass, backing vocals
Miles Goodman, guitar
Paul Gray – drums
The band played their first live show at the Giants Of Rock in Minehead in January 2017, alongside the likes of Steve Hackett, Ian Anderson, Iain Paice, Phil Campbell, Focus, Gun, Dare and many more.

Upcoming UK show:
23rd March, Underworld, Camden
To purchase Burnt Out Wreck’s “Swallow”:
Amazon CD: http://geni.us/swallowalbum
iTunes: http://geni.us/BurntOutWreckSwallow
For more information:

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BOSTOK - Dichotomy (2017)

BOSTOK is the result of a big effort done by a group of young lovers of metal music. It all started in the little village of Castalla (Alicante) in summer of 2013 as a parallel project given the fact that most of the musicians were part of another project at that point. Influenced by bands such as Trivium, Dream Theater or In Flames, BOSTOK is located in the alternative metal genre, but it is not limited to this, because the creativity and innovation are always present.

Their debut full-lenght “Land Of Fire” has been received with much praise from fans and media and the band has been determined to grow on a daily base, both on a musical level, as well as learning the ins-and- outs of the music industry.
BOSTOK proudly presents “Dichotomy” to the world. Next steps have been made and it’s now time to present all music where it belongs: on stage!


Vacant Image - Before 12 (2017)

Vacant Image are a fast-paced alternative rock outfit formed in Melbourne, Australia that aim to bring something new to the Australian music scene.

You'll be seeing us rip up the stage in an effort to leave an imprint in the music scene - delivering a fusion of hard rock, a dash of pop and a sprinkle of metal !

Debut Album 'Before 12' available February 25th

Josh Vanek - Vocals/Guitar ┊
Chris Sheppard - Drums ┊
Andrew Gilbert - Bass


Atreides - Neopangea (2017)

After 10 years, 4 albums and more than a hundred shows with his previous band ¨Skydancer¨, Dany Soengas decides to start a new musical adventure, ¨Atreides¨. This band is pure power metal, the style that let him into music. The debut album ¨Cosmos¨ shown power, pomposity, and an overwhelming passion with no need of orchestral arrangements.
Now, Atreides present their second album ¨Neopangea¨. Despite the good reviews received for their debut , the band hasn’t chosen a continuist attitude. Always bearing the power metal flag, this new album will open their full range of influences, from thrash tracks to dark and intimate metal.

The songs had been written & produced by Dany Soengas, also on guitars. They got life through the vocals of Ivan Lopez, the Bass lines of Antonio Orihuela, and the drums of Adrian Moa.

With a clear direction, Atreides will be fighting for metal to make a name of themselves on the Spanish metal scene.


Σάββατο 18 Φεβρουαρίου 2017

Druids - Druids (2017)

English hard rock/Glam band DRUIDS will release their self-titled debut album on March 3rd 2017. The album's catchy blend of hard rock infused with pop hooks makes for an intoxicating experience.  Even though the band is relatively new, they have already created a huge buzz in their local scene and managed to make an appearance on the BBC.

About Druids:

Created in the deep depths of Suffolk, Druids are a band described as “Space Rock” on DJ Tom Robinson's BBC 6 Music feature, Mixtape.  With their infusion of titanic hard rock with glam-pop hooks, Druids have played a live BBC Introducing Suffolk session and among other shows in 2016, Druids also featured on the BBC Introducing show at The John Peel Centre for Creative Arts.

All songs written by Druids
Druids is
Jay Goodrich-vocals, bass, keyboards 
Joel Kurta-drums/Vocals 
Richard Tyler-Guitar
Mixed and Mastered by Druids and George Perks at Punch Studios and Crypt Studios, U.K.  
Artwork by Lois Cordelia

  • 1. Mission
  • 2. Stuart Slater
  • 3. Reflections
  • 4. Time
  • 5. Pulling the Trigger
  • 6. Honey Pie
  • 7. Jog On
  • 8.When You're In Love
  • 9.Fantasy

TRIGON - Fed Up (2017)

Ottawa, ON's TRIGON are inspired by artists as diverse as Volbeat, Crobot, David Wilcox, System of A Down, Nirvana, Megadeth, Black Sabbath and Slayer, yet already they have forged their own unique sound. Set to debut their album 'Fed Up' on March 24th, the 11 track release is self produced by the band with Anders Drerup.

Vocalist and bassist Emanuel Viau sums up TRIGON’s sound as "Rock and roll ain’t dead. Lemmy would be proud! 
‘Fed Up’ is about living in the millennium, day-to-day challenges, high and low points of life, religion, the corrupt world we live in, and being brainwashed by our leaders. The album will grow on fans with its crafty riffs, good lyrics and good beats. We wanted to make fans feel like they are the ones who wrote the songs!’"

TRIGON have teamed up with PureGrainAudio.com for the exclusive premiere of the album's first single 'Talk To Me', which can be heard at the following link: http://puregrainaudio.com/audio/ottawa-rockers-trigon-debut-new-album-with-talk-to-me-single-exclusive-premiere 

Fans can expect a lot more out of TRIGON. They are just getting started. Their dedication to their fans is always there and the number 1 priority to them.

"We are a positive band hoping to reach out to people and give them songs they can relate to. At our live shows they can expect maximum energy and excitement. We aim to make the people at the back come to the front!" says Viau.

TRIGON's debut album 'Fed Up' will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and all major online retailers as of March 24, 2017.

1. Intro (0:20)
2. Talk To Me (4:17)
3. Addiction (5:37)
4. Weak Mistake (3:46)
5. Jaded (4:38)
6. Obsessed (4:58)
7. Apocalypse (3:33)
8. Mother (4:55)
9. Your Life (4:43)
10. Seven (5:17)
11. Nightmare (5:41)
Album Length: 47:49

NEWMACHINE - Karma (2017)

  Release: 17 March 2017 NEWMACHINE is a peak of talent that blends all the right elements of rock and pop music into a standard that not only stands the test of time but taps into today. A rock band that delivers a memorable musical experience with amazingly strong songs full of hooks, laced with soaring vocals and guitar harmonies.

NEWMACHINE is currently in the studio working on their debut release ‘Karma’. World renowned engineer/producer Howard “Doctor” Lindeman (John Lennon, Roberta Flack, Natalie Cole, KISS, Blue Oyster Cult, Stevie Wonder, and Stephanie Mills) has been tapped to produce the project. ‘Karma’ is slated for an in early 2017 on HighVolMusic and will be distributed by MRi/Sony Red in North America. A full promotional campaign with radio and a tour to support the release are also being prepared.

The band was formed by Ryche Green and includes Jimmy MillerTommy WilliamsPolo StaberLorenzo ‘Zo’ DelVecchio. Each member has a deep rich history in music scene, are no strangers to touring, and are the consummate professional when it comes to their music. Realizing that the sum of the parts yield something greater than anyone has recently achieved on their own, it was time to position all the parts in to NEWMACHINE.

Striving for success and reaching a mass audience with the music is what it’s all about for NEWMACHINE. With the perfect songs and their team behind them that goal isn’t too far of a stretch. ‘Karma’ is brilliantly crafted. Every detail is being checked three times over. With everything falling into place, now it is just taking it to the people for all to hear.


TwentyDarkSeven - Momentum (2017)

Release Date: 10.03.2017

TWENTYDARKSEVEN is a brand-new band founded by former PUMP singer and founder Marcus Jürgens (also ex-Brainstorm) and guitar wizard Peter Wagner (ex-Wicked Temptation, Piledriver) in January 2013. They are completed with guitar monster Marcel “Selly” Berhardt (ex-PUMP), bassist Christoph Renner and drummer Markus Herzog. Their musical goal is guitar oriented Heavy Rock like OZZY OSBOURNE, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, DIO, ACCEPT or DOKKEN combined with modern elements. Fans can expect timeless Rock with big hook lines, monster guitar riffs and outstanding vocals.

“Momentum”, the second album of TWETYDARKSEVEN, marks a new start in the bands career. Through some line-up changes and the commitment to a second guitar player their sound got more power and more space for guitar melodies.

Mixed and mastered by Alexander Brusencev (V8 Wankers, Gloomball) the album shows all elements of the TWENTYDARKSEVEN universe! The first single and video, “Shotgun Heart”, was chosen to be part of the Hollywood movie “Diary Of a Fatman” from Director/Producer Steve Ravic himself. The film had its debut at the international Film Festival in Cannes. Parts of the film will be shown in the video!

Marcus Jürgens – vocals; Peter Wagner – guitar; Marcel „Selly“ Bernhardt –
guitar; Christoph Renner – bass; Markus Herzog - drums

1 Stranger Than Fiction, 
2 Falling Away, 
3 The Devil’s Doom Delight, 
4 Shadows On The Sun, 
5 Heaven In Black, 
6 Coming Home, 
7 Shotgun Heart, 
8 Spoke In The Wheel, 
9 This Side Of Hell, 
10 Through Hell And Back, 
11. Heart Of A Lion (US Single Mix – Bonus Track), 
12. Shotgun Heart (Dutch High Voltage Remix – Bonus Track), 
13. Stranger Than Fiction (Steelpreacher Remix – Bonus Track)

Roar (2014), Momentum (2017)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Twentydarkseven-499074630150705

Black Diamonds – Once Upon A Time (2017)

out: 24.03.2017

Black Diamonds, formed in 2004, are a hard rock band based in the Rhine Valley in
eastern Switzerland. Musically and stylistically orientates on 80s rock music, which they
pack into an energetic stage performance.
In 2008 the group released their first, self-produced album «First Strike». It contained ten
original songs plus a cover version of Chuck Berry's classic «Rock n’ Roll Music». “First
Strike” today is out of print. A couple of songs however were completely repolished and re-
recorded and found their way to the latest album «Once Upon A Time».
Black Diamonds were asked to compose a club anthem for the local Black Thunder MC in
2011. This song is available as digital single.
2013 saw the recording and release of the second long player «Perfect Sin». It was
followed up by the extended «Perfect Swiss» tour, which brought the band through their
home country and the adjacent countries. The two videos for «We Want To Party» and
«I’ll Be OK» were shot and released during the tour. In addition another digital single, a
cover version of the Rolling Stones' classic «Jumpin’ Jack Flash», was released.
The quartet took part in the official TV spot for the Swiss railway company (SBB) in 2013.
On the set they made acquaintance with the producer of the Swiss TV serial «Pimp it or
kick it», who offered them to appear in a complete episode. The show was broadcasted in
the same year.

The new album «Once Upon A Time» was recorded in the band-owned studio and mixed
by Tobias Lindell. Dragan Tanaskovic from the Bohus Sound Studios in Gothenburg
Sweden (ABBA, Europe, In Flames, H.E.A.T., and many more) took care of the mastering.
The only exception is an additional piano version of «Vampires Of The Night», which was
completely produced by Andreas Frei (Fäaschtbänkler)

Track listing: 1. Tales Untold,
2. The Ghost And The Shadow,
3. Love Stick Love,
4. Romeo & Juliet,
5. Pieces Of A Broken
6. Love, Lies, Loneliness,
7. Thrillride,
8. Vampires Of The Night,
9. Not Going Home,
10. Hard To Let Go,
11. Years,
12. This Is A Love Story,
13. Rock N’ Roll Music (Bonus Track),
14. Vampires Of The Night (Piano Version – Bonus )


Tour dates:
18.03.2017: CD Release Party, Utzenstorf (CH)
25.03.2017: Black Point, Oberriet (CH)
08.04.2017: Sportgaststätte SV Riedmoos, Riedmoos (DE)
29.04.2017: Chillout, Boswil (CH)
06.05.2017: Hells Angels Update Party, Messehalle Dornbirn (A)
13.05.2017: Baragga-Fäscht, Sennwald (CH)
10.06.2017: Rock The Wolves Openair, Wolfhalden (CH)
12.08.2017: Openair Plandadein, Fanas (CH)


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